Watch This Insanely Smart 6th Grader Give a TEDTalk About Making Apps For the iPhone [Video]




This TEDTalk was given by Thomas Suarez at TEDxManhattanBeach. Thomas is in the 6th grade at a middle school in the South Bay, and he’s made several apps for the App Store and established his own company, CarrotCorp.

Besides his fantastic presentation skills, Thomas is an amazing testament to how the younger generation is shaping the world of technology. What a smart kid. Steve Jobs would be very proud.

And we’re downloading his app, Bustin Jieber, as we speak. It looks fun.

  • Michiel Mac

    If Steve could have seen this… I bet he would have a smile from ear to ear. THIS was, i am sure, one of the things what made him tick.

  • FLPegatha10

    Oh, so true.  His parents must be proud as punch!

  • FLPegatha10

    Oh, so true.  His parents must be proud as punch!

  • Nudsui

    i was amazed by this kid then at the end he said he was interested in android development as well. Busted ma ballz right there

  • Terrance Shaw

    Very well spoken child to be sure, but his app costs $0.99, and of the two visible reviews of it, it’s crap. Yes, he’s a kid. Yes, it’s great that he’s already interested in development, but these types of stories seem to be cropping up more and more lately. It’s… It’s lost it’s appeal, I think.

  • TylerHoj

    Are you smarter than a 5th grader, well…in this case 6th grader? Not anymore. Jeesh, that speech was incredible! This kid has CEO written all over him. 

  • mahimahimahi

    It’s not that impressive that a sixth grader can make an app.  When I was in sixth grade, I created my own instant messaging application that hid on my schools servers. It was able to circumvent my schools block on using instant messaging through the internet (I still hate “websense”).  I’m more impressed by his stage presence than anything else. He’s got character and commands the room.

  • Poopie

    Dude your so jealous of this kid

  • EasyOSX

    If making apps doesn’t work out for him, giving tech presentations is definitely an option.

  • mahimahimahi

    Of his ability to code? No. Of his ability to go on stage and do a good job, yes. But you knew that since I said in my post that his showmanship is really good.

  • LTMP

    I’ve been doing presentations for most of my 25 years in business.  

    I’d like to think that 25 years of study, practice and growing confidence have brought me to the point where I can be as engaging as this young man is… but I’m not sure I’d be right.

  • doro86

    awesome kid so talented in this age to give presentations, i think he can become an another STEVE JOBS..!

  • MoodyRiviera

    Wow. Are we looking at the next Steve Jobs here? In so many ways, he reminds me of Steve…his stage presence at least.

  • MoodyRiviera

    Apple should hire this kid *right now*…to do their product presentations. He’s way better than anything else they (or anyone else) has.

  • cleancutmedia

    i agree, love the stage presence. programming can be learned but stage presence, ability to engage – much harder to teach. Comes very natural for him. Amazing

  • liaonet

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  • Ftribaldos