Check Out The Latest Way Samsung Has Shamelessly Ripped Off Apple



Despite the fact that Samsung’s being sued by Apple in pretty much every country in the world short of Xanadu and Zembla, the IP rip-offs just keep on coming from the plucky Korean electronics giant!

This time, as ObamaPacman notes, Samsung isn’t just content on ripping off the design of the iPod touch for their new Samsung Galaxy 4.0 Android MP3 player… they’ve ripped off the iPod touch’s official product image, right down to the way the white earbuds coil around the player!

Comically shameless. What bozos.

  • bplano

    Except I bet that Samsung’s headphones are better than Apple’s stock headphones… :\

  • FriarNurgle

    Danger Zone.

  • infin1023

    This is the way Samsung run their business, they copied Sony’s products and selling at a cheaper price to destroy Sony. If Apple don’t sue them like crazy, soon Apple will follow Sony’s path. 

  • Luxlamf

    Aint that the truth, was So surprised to see those Terrible earbuds show up with my 4GS, just as they did years ago with my 3G and every ipod I have ever purchased. Never made much sense, here is an expensive Great machine to listen to your music with etc… and the worst set of headphones you will ever encounter.

  • Fletchergull

    and a 4GS is what exactly?
    Are you sure you bought a 4GS?

  • vanmacguy

    So refreshing to see Comic Sans make a comeback.

  • Ric

    How is the image a rip off? It’s simply an image
    How else would you display the earbuds?

    Frankly Apple needs some competition and Samsungs the best bet to deliver.

  • Luxlamf


  • 5aga


  • Doug

    Comic Sans bozos!

  • TheWalrus83

    I am writing this as a very big fan and supporter of Android, so yes I am biased. However, I know a lot about both platforms and I will try to be pragmatic.

    Apple has shamelessly ripped off and taken credit for more than its fair share of IP. You only need to look at iOS5, which should essentially be called iCopy. Or Android 1.6. Look at the notification center, which was jacked. Look at the OTA updates, the cloud, the twitter integration (big considering it’s a closed system).

    You can go back to the original MAC and see that every feature from GUI to the mouse was taken from Xerox. Then Apple was mad when Microsoft stole the same ideas and some of Apples.

    “Great artists steal” was out of the mouth of Steve Jobs. Everyone steals, and everyone benefits from it.

    Without Android, would you have multi-tasking? Twitter integration? Cloud synching? A non-annoying notification center? Access to Verizon/Sprint? The list can go on.

    Android is better because of Apple and vice versa.

    Lastly, Google purchased Android in 2005 with the sole purpose of making a mobile platform. Apple launched an iPhone TWO years later. Google did not “Stab apple in the back” or purposely directly compete. That is a myth Die-hard fans need to get over. Google is making a quasi-open source mobile OS for free so that it can guarantee itself a playa in the future of tech (mobile). They would be crazy not to be a part of it, and the idea for it came two years before the iPhone. They are doing the same thing with Chrome. Free & Open.

  • mlahero

    Ha this is hilarious. You’d think that Samsung would understand that everyone is watching and expecting them to rip off Apple again, you’d really think they’d do everything to avoid it.

  • iDaBoss


  • aberaf

    Android stole OTA updates from Symbian S60!!!!!!

  • guest

    cool story, bro.

  • Tushar Saini

    They definitely are way better. :S

  • cliqsquad

    Yeah, but look at the prototypes that Google was working on in 2005 and 2006. They were nothing like the iPhone. They looked like Blackberries just uglier. Seriously if not for the iPhone Android would be dead today.…, Basically this entire statement is bullshit “Lastly, Google purchased Android in 2005 with the sole purpose of making a mobile platform. Apple launched an iPhone TWO years later. Google did not “Stab apple in the back” or purposely directly compete’

  • Hampus

    What’s so bad about them anyone? Sounds good to me and I’ve had my latest pair since I got my iPhone 4 and they still work, most headphones I’ve had before has broken in a few months (one of the actual headphones usually break, most often the right it seems).

    I’d say the old Apple Headphones wasn’t great, they, just like most of their cables at their time did for some reason turn grey, don’t know how they collected all that dirt, and the rubber wasn’t the best and broke after a while, but hey they still worked as headphones.

    But the current ones, I just don’t see what’s wrong with them unless you compare them to in-ear ones like the Samsung ones above or Earphones (over ear or whatever you call them).

  • Hampus

    And widgets from OS X (which took it from the mac app konfabulator) if we are gonna go around accusing everyone one for stealing.

  • Hampus

    It’s composed in the exact same way…
    Now this image is hardly much of an issues, but that’s not the only way you could have arranged it and choosing to do it in the same way as an old Apple ad sure doesn’t help their case :/

  • aberaf

    And multi-touch from Apple!


  • cliqsquad

    “Lastly, Google purchased Android in 2005 with the sole purpose of making a mobile platform. Apple launched an iPhone TWO years later. Google did not “Stab apple in the back” or purposely directly compete”

    That statement is utter crap, please inform yourself that while Google did buy the Android project, which was led by former Danger (sidekick) and Apple Employee Andy Rubin. They were planning on releasing devices that were meant to go against the then current marketshare leader RIM. They would do this with ugly looking Blackberry like devices seen in the image. The iPhone changed that and pushed Google to change course. Nothing innovation or revolutionary about that.

  • TheWalrus83

    Point is, everyone steals ideas. Steve Jobs admitted to it and said geniuses steal. Remember? So why is everyone crying about it. I don’t dislike Apple, I prefer Android. I put on tech news from every site and all I see from mac sites are cry baby posts like this. Who cares? If you know your product is great and you like it, what matters if people emulate you?

    I do think Apple fans think Apple can do no wrong. I at least know that Android has stolen ideas, as has microsoft, apple, nokia, samsung… why is this such a big surprise to everyone?

  • TheWalrus83

    Wrong. ” Publication and demonstration using the term Multi-touch by Jefferson Y. Han in 2005 predates these,
    but Apple did give multi-touch wider exposure through its association
    with their new product and were the first to introduce multi-touch on a
    mobile device”

    Apple makes things works, and they make them work well. Very rarely does Apple invent anything. They make great hardware and seamless services.

  • aberaf

    There were no plans for Android to be used with multi-touch displays. Andy Rubin himself sated that he designed it to be used with one hand. They stole multi-touch from Apple and that’s a fact.


  • Hampus

    Well the concept of a list of notifications is hardly something only android has done, the same goes for “over the air” updates which is very common in operatingsystems.
    iCloud is completely different to any cloud Google has so I don’t know what you are pointing to there and I can’t see I’ve ever seen any kind of Twitter integration on my Galaxy Tab 7.

    I’ll give you the notifications center looks pretty similar to the notification list in Android though it do work quite differently and is clearly the better one (delete all notifications from a certain app, custom sorting, shows upcoming calendar events, for example) even though both systems are pretty bad and need a lot of work in my opinion…

    “You can go back to the original MAC and see that every feature from
    GUI to the mouse was taken from Xerox. Then Apple was mad when Microsoft
    stole the same ideas and some of Apples.”
    That again huh? You see the thing is, Apple paid for the rights to all that (and even then the GUI is hardly the same and the mouse, (even their first ones) is actually very different if you look up the details, cheaper to produce and more reliable for starters), Apple are suing companies infringing on their patents, design and/or intellectual property, which is within their full right (even though I’d admit a few of the cases are a bit stupid), heck they’re practically obliged to, you have to defend your patents and I doubt many share holders would be happy if they let companies infringe on their IP.

  • TheWalrus83

    Yes, it goes back to mac vs. windows in terms of originality. Android stole something from Apple that Apple stole from someone else.

    And you have “multi-touch”, I can raise you a notification center, multi-tasking, and cloud synching.

  • aberaf



  • Mark

    That seemed like a nice rant, except, multi-tasking was in iOS before Android? 

  • Sean Murphy

    The way I see it is like this.
    If someone is stupid enough to buy a Samsung because it looks like an Apple product, then they shouldn’t be allowed to touch an Apple product.
    And.. if they are too stupid to know better, then the Darwin Principle will come into effect soon anyway.

  • WVMikeP

    Anyone who calls it a “MAC” should be automatically ignored as they lack any credibility regarding Apple’s Macintosh.

  • James McGhie

    John, I’m as big an Apple fan and defender as they come. I loathe Android, consider it’s UI extremely dull and unintuitive compared to iOS, but your articles really do not do the Apple community any favours at times. Cult of Mac is turning into a comic book, but the only joke seems to be the articles, rather than being genuinely amusing.

  • WVMikeP

    Comic Sans?


  • TheWalrus83

    No it wasn’t. You never had nor do you have multi-tasking. You have a glorified “pause” feature, and Apple recently gave apps 7 or so API’s that allow them to bypass the OS and remain on (such as music in the background). It’s limited, and not handled by the OS. The OS can NOT multi-task, and apps have to be specifically built using the new API’s to prevent the process from terminating.

  • James McGhie

    Without the iPhone, Schmidt wouldn’t have had the ideas to take back to Google and implement into the (very basic) Android that the company had just purchased and which bared zero resemblance to iOS.

    Yes, Google purchased Android in 2005, but if you’re naive enough to believe Schmidt wasn’t taking the features from the iPhone project and feeding them back to Google, then you’re a fool. There are numerous videos and images of Android, post Google purchase but pre iPhone launch, and it looked more akin to RIM’s OS (which, funnily enough was a market leader at the time).

  • iJake

    Hey it’s quite simple! Apple marketing = success! So why should Samsung have to get off their a$$e$ and come up with something else!? That would be proposterous!!! They’re lazy.

  • TheWalrus83

    Everything is integrated in Google. For example, I can replace my default keyboard with Swype. I can replace my default browser. I can change my entire notification center. All of this without “root”. You need to jailbreak an iPhone to unlock the power of your phone and OS. And no offense, it’s called “Jailbreak” for a reason. Apples restrictions on access to the core of the OS is very tight.

    As for OTA updates – yes, that’s a pretty new concept for entire operating systems. It’s not new for bug fixes, etc.

    Google’s cloud is seamless too. When I try out a new ROM, all of my apps automatically redownload. Wireless network passwords, bookmarks, etc… all saved. That’s not something you would have if it wasn’t for competition. The industry is better when people compete against each other.

    Most tech companies hold onto patents for defensive reasons. Apple has turned into Microsoft 2.0 using them for offensive reasons. They are suing Samsung for about two patents, read into how miniscule they are. They’ll just be a work around if Samsung loses.

    Apple itself has lost a patent lawsuit against HTC and recently to Motorola in Germany. In the eyes of the court, Apple is also an IP thief.

  • Mike Jones

    Everyone rips off everyone.  Apple does it too, says SJobs.  Not sure why this is a story.

  • Clpennz

    Hmmm perhaps they used the same ad agency??

  • TheWalrus83

    The purpose of mentioning the 2005 purchase was to eliminate the constant notion that “Google stabbed Apple in the back” by entering the mobile-sphere.

  • Hampus

    “Everything is integrated in Google. For example, I can replace my
    default keyboard with Swype. I can replace my default browser. I can
    change my entire notification center. All of this without “root”. You
    need to jailbreak an iPhone to unlock the power of your phone and OS.
    And no offense, it’s called “Jailbreak” for a reason. Apples
    restrictions on access to the core of the OS is very tight.”
    Indeed, you can, which is something I myself appreciate about Android, it reminds me of Windows Mobile (all of Android does).
    As for restrictions, well yea… But in my opinion (and many others obviously) it still gives a better experience, the day Android can give me something that works better for me overall I’ll probably switch over.
    But currently it’s a bit like being forced to live in a specific mansion where I’m not allowed to change the kitchen appliances (the iPhone) or live in any shack of my choice in a third world country :p yea ok maybe Android isnt that bad, but with all the options it still doesn’t compare with iOS, nor in my opinion.

    “As for OTA updates – yes, that’s a pretty new concept for entire operating systems. It’s not new for bug fixes, etc.”
    Yea, ok, it’s new for big updates, I’ll give you that… But that’s just because up until lately all major updates to any OS has been an upgrade you had to pay for and get on a disc.

    “Google’s cloud is seamless too. When I try out a new ROM, all of my apps
    automatically redownload. Wireless network passwords, bookmarks, etc…
    all saved.”
    Ah,, yea, if the Google account can save many of the android settings can’t it. Still iCloud backups all app data of installed apps as well as your settings. It also provides syncing of apps between devices.
    And then there is also the mail, calendar and contacts, but right now I’d say even Google does that better and what they have pale in comparison to Yahoo so… :p

    “The industry is better when people compete against each other.”
    It sure is!

    “Most tech companies hold onto patents for defensive reasons. Apple
    has turned into Microsoft 2.0 using them for offensive reasons. They are
    suing Samsung for about two patents, read into how miniscule they are.
    They’ll just be a work around if Samsung loses.”
    Yea, and suing someone who is infringing on your patents/intellectual property is how you defend them. A
    nd yea, in many cases it won’t be a big change for Samsung but that’s also they point, they could have gone that way to begin with instead of infringing on any existing IP, Samsungs tablets are clearly a bit to similar to what Apple has done, specially if start looking at packaging, cables and so on too.
    Samsung could have delivered all of that with a more unique design, something of their own, just look at HTCs and Acers tablets.

  • Salvador Rudy

    Samsung is as cheap as Comic Sans.

  • Hampus

    Well there is taking inspiration or building of the same concept and then there is blatant stealing like Samsung has been doing with their tablets+packaging+cables what in courts is called “trade-dress”.

    As for sites and fans, well…
    It generates a load of hits for the sites obviously, Android focused sites are very good at these kinds of posts (cry baby posts) too.
    The fans, I’m trying to figure it out myself, it seems most fans are feel some kind of need to absolutely hate everything about their chosen brands competition even if they’ve ever actually used whatever the competition is, this seem to be very prominent in the mobile space right now (but there is also the general Apple hatred too).
    Wouldn’t it be nice if people could just accept that others might have different preferences? :p

  • TheWalrus83

    Good overall post. I suggest you pick up the Galaxy SII, Galaxy Nexus, or Droid Razr. You would be surprised to find Android much different than you last saw it. There is no way anybody would compare iOS to a mansion and Android to a shack. There is a reason Galaxy S2 got phone of the year last week, beating out the 4S.

    Don’t get me wrong – Apple makes beautiful, seamless to use products and anyone who uses one will be using one of the best phones on the market. With that said, it is very hard for Apple to compete against EVERYONE else (save Microsoft/Nokia) in the industry. Google can focus on the OS and pump out updates quicker than anybody with its war chest of engineers. Manufacturers can focus on hardware and differentiation (fragmentation/legacy which can also be a bad thing). Carriers can put things in the final product too. That gives you many options, some confusing, but in the end creates a better and cheaper experience. That is why Android phones outsell iPhones and that is why Windows outsells Mac. Apple can not “go it alone” and expect to dominate. It may initially, but market forces will always come in to play.

  • gregbraddock

    Actually, the native iOS apps have always supported multi-tasking. Except for the youtube app i believe. 

  • ericthehalfbee

    Lame. Ad agencies don’t make stupid mistakes like this, nor do they reuse ideas from one client and apply them to another.

  • ericthehalfbee

    Lame. Ad agencies don’t make stupid mistakes like this, nor do they reuse ideas from one client and apply them to another.

  • ericthehalfbee

    Successful troll is successful.

    BTW, your entire post is BS.

  • TheWalrus83

    Yes and no. Multi-tasking is an OS function, which iOS does not have. There are a handful of API’s that can bypass the OS from terminating a process. This means the applications themselves conduct the multi-tasking by bypassing the OS. Each application has to be coded to prevent the operating system from shutting it down. The OS does not and can not handle multi-tasking.

  • TheWalrus83

    I use Pulse to read every major Android site and every major Apple site. I am a tech news junkie. I absolutely do not see these kind of cry baby posts on Android sites. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but it seems to me that almost daily Cult of Mac or any other site is complaining or crying foul about the competition. Either it’s defensive because they are losing potential market share (and fast), it’s jealously, or they are just trying to put some emotion in their posts for the die hard fans.

    I don’t hate Apple products – I recommend the phone to certain people. I just find Google to be a better and faster innovator, and I don’t feel like they “hold back” key features for as long as Apple does. Keep in mind that every new phone is launching with LTE/4G/”Real” Hspa+, much bigger screens, and true multi-tasking. Apple is launching an “inbetween” model that is essentially a spec bump, with a moderately cool new feature (Siri), and has absolutely no cutting edge new features. I think after 16-18 months, they could have done better. I know iPhone 5 will be better, but to me it seems evident that Apple is interested in moving units/making you spend money/holding back features as long as possible, where Google is interested in you using their service. That means their services have to be the best by default. Everything is free, so their interest lies in your advertising potential and not in part of your paycheck.

  • John Lehmkuhl

    If you think Apple’s current headphone are great, then you have not checked out how your music COULD sound with better buds. Try the Klipsch S4’s if you want a real eye opener (even refurbished or used, these are amazing even compared to my studio monitors in my room).

  • gregbraddock

    i think a bunch of this stuff is tomato/tomato. I can understand why people would want multi-tasking but after essentially “not having” multi-tasking in your words, I see no real need for it. The only time I’m bugged is if I’m watching a youtube video and I go out to google something or something dumb like that. Other than that, I find absolutely no need to multi-task on my phone beyond allowing music to play in the background. Why should I leave 10 apps running simultaneously in the background for no good reason other than to drain my battery? 

    I think the pause feature makes a lot of sense. If I’m playing Fruit Ninja and wanna jump out the app to do something, why let all that fruit not get chopped because I’m not there to chop it!? 

    I’ve just never gotten the whole multi-tasking argument. Should people be able to decide what their phones do? Absolutely. But that’s why there are a number of products to choose from. I think people know by now, that if you choose Apple, you essentially do their bidding. 

    It’s like the whole Flash thing, which we rarely even talk about anymore. I don’t even have flash installed on my computer, I damn sure don’t want it on my phone! 

  • weltraumpirat

    LOL … Copy Cat … Or Copy Cat? Two big cats fighting…

    Back in 2006  Apple stole the Samsung F700?s layout for the iPhone.
    The Samsung F700 was first shown at CEBIT in Germany … Later in January 2007 Apple presents the first iPhone with nearly the same F700 design…


    So… Two cats copies things :)

    BTW: Without all the great suppliers like Samsung, Apple Inc. would never be able to design cool stuff… Apple Inc. don’t build gadgets – They design them!

    It’s a win win situation for both sides… Why they have to fight and can’t coexist?
    “I don’t sue you if you don’t sue me…” … Back in the old times Apple was a nice company!

  • Guest

    So says an article on a website which stole it’s design from apple itself…

  • Frankkyd

    and the majority of it’s “articles” from other sites!

  • Custom

    Samsung… You have no pride, no self esteem.
    More and more I despise your company….

  • Hampus

    Well Android as it comes on the Galaxy SII doesn’t deliver anything different from what I get on my Galaxy Tab 7, it also runs Gingerbread. Well the Galaxy SII have a Slightly more updated Samsung Homescreen.

    As a matter of fact we have a Galaxy SII in the house, my stepdad owns one, can’t say I’m very impressed, the battery life is horrible not even two full days idle though that might be a faulty batter. I was excited to see that Super AMLOED everyone has been prasing but wow what a letdown, sure it’s energy efficient (screen barely shows up on the battery usage) but the colours are crap in comparison to my iPhone or the Galaxy Tabs LCD displays.
    This seem to be true for all SAMLOEDs I’ve seen since on phones my classmates own for example.

    Then we have the fact that I still haven’t been able to find a mail app for Android that properly support push mail for Yahoo and the exchange base mail the university I go to use. Even with Yahoos own app mail show up half an our late with push…
    Also can’t find myself any calendars that are very good, though these are less of any issue than mail.

    You’re probably right, or well you are, Apple can’t possibly hope to dominate the market (though the might be able to sustain a decent portion of the mobile market) as they only have one device, a high end device even.
    I strongly believe and have said for a long while that the reason Android is doing so well is that you can get one fairly cheap, you don’t have to pay much more than for a regular feature phone which lets them sell to people with less money to spend or who just want a phone. It’s the new Symbian more or less :p

    Of course, not being dominant is probably OK for Apple (well they don’t want it of course but they’d still survive), Macs have a fairly small marketshare (though it is growing) in comparision to Windows (again likely due to how cheap the cheapest windows PC is compared to a Mac. Lack of games probably doesn’t help.) but they still make plenty of money and have a health community of developers.

  • how about some facts?

    What’s the original source of this image?
    I know you usually just brainlessly repost any other rumor or opinion you find somewhere else, regardless how much truth is in it, but some supporting fact would be nice every once in a while

  • Pedro Rodriguez

    Samsung is trolling apple. Meh, idc. Apple has been stealing stuff for years and calling them “original”. And then making patents on technology that has existed for years. 

    I say, go Samsung! Keep the trolling coming!

  • twitter-28439603

    >You can go back to the original MAC and see that every feature from GUI to the mouse was taken from Xerox. 

    Apple paid Xerox $10 million for the tours/to use the ideas.  Also, Xerox did not have a menubar at the top of the monitor, nor I believe overlapping windows.

    Since you say you know so much about Android, don’t you know about the _two_ versions they were working on?  I believe the names were something like “now” and “the dream”.  “Now” (or whatever it was really called) was to be something like Blackberries.  But after they saw the iPhone, they dumped that, and moved to “the dream”.

  • Len Williams

    Samsung should be going out of their way to differentiate its phone and tablet products from Apple’s products to help support its various litigation, yet it doesn’t seem to know this. Whether or not you subscribe to the idea that Samsung grieveously copied the iPhone and iPad, it’s not doing itself any favors by also duplicating Apple’s marketing images. Unfortunately, this logic seems to be lost on whoever is doing Samsung’s ads–and the Samsung execs in charge need to wake up to this fact quickly, or the company could find its products legally banned in a lot more places.

  • Jakeamber04

    Could you pretty please back this up with a source? Not saying you purposefully are putting out a fake ad, but someone else MAY be. It would be truly stupid for Samsung to make this ad during all the legal battles. They are a very successful company with many products, including many that supply Apple. So please back this up, or just stop spreading hate.

  • Bruno Confortin

    First things first, Apple “steals” as in “BUY what’s already concluded”.
    Samsung is “stealing” as in “ripping off”, IF the ad is true.

  • Kawazoe Masahiro

    Just because Windows can run drivers doesn’t mean it can’t multi-task. When you chose to write a Win32 application, you chose to have a process to run your application. You can also chose to add threads to your application. This is all developer choices and it should stay that way. I would not want of an OS that forces me to do every single loop as a parallel loop or force every thread I spawn to be owned by different processes. iOS way of doing things is the best one you can have in a mobile (thus limited) environement. With a small amount of memory, processing power and a battery life to take into consideration, using only what you need and no more is the most logical choice to take.

    Would you like it if all of the apps on your PC would stay open even if you close them? Do you really need Photoshop, Crysis, Cubase and Excel to continue to process those huge amount of data in the background even when you just want to check your facebook acount? Just call yourself lucky Microsoft chose to quit the apps right away instead of hopping for them to quietly kill themselves when want.

  • Kawazoe Masahiro

    There’s a difference between reusing technologies and coping them down to every pixel of their advertizements.

  • Mostly Nerd

    What’s shameful is what passes off for posts on this blog.

  • Tmvkzm3

    fuuuuuuuuccccccccccccggggggggggkkkkkkkkk samsung

  • baby_Twitty

    can i steal your kids?

  • obamapacman

    My site contains the source of the Samsung image.

    Keep denying the fact the Samsung is copying Apple.

  • obamapacman

    Samsung is the clown that tries to copy everything APple.

  • Dilbert A

    This sounds like a reasonable request.

  • Andy

    Even Koreans are hate Samsung. we hope samsung still insist that their Japanese Company.

  • Andy

    Even Korean hates Samsung as well.. Just like me.. 
    they even hire guys to say bad thing about apple…
    Their copy has long history.. Like copy even usb and package…

  • brodey

    John Brownlee, how do you sleep at night? Your writing is such complete utter shameful garbage that it hurts to read. You are the reason people hate Mac users, and maybe they should hate us if the people at Cult of Mac are stupid enough to keep you employed. How does is writer like this have a job in a global economy like this?

  • gareth edwards

    and your point exactly?

  • Hampus

    I’ve never understood all the hype about true (OS Level) multitasking, I’ve never had a need for a full app to be running in the background, the features in place on iOS makes it possible for apps to carry out whatever small task you would want them to do while in the background.

    Until phones and tablets, or rather Android and iOS start letting us have at least two apps on screen at the same time there isnt much need for several apps to run fully if they aren’t used fully.

  • Shouyoung Shimm

    ???? ????? ???..

    …?? ??? ??????.

  • Shouyoung Shimm

    ??? ????

  • bboysup

    They all copy… Get over it. Apple does as much as Samsung. This competition would only result better an cheaper products for comsumers, but Apple went suing…

  • nbnde

    now that’s complete bs. I own 2 iPod Touch generations
    (3G and 4G)and the Galaxy Player 5. Different formfactor, different
    design, different hardware buttons, speakers, webcams, OS design.
    The guy who wrote this article has just no clue of what he is talking about.
    here is my comparison video of the Galaxy Player 5 and the iPod Touch 3G and 4G

    You know what… i love my two iPads and my iPod Touch 3G and 4G. I also love the MacBook Air but it’s people like you who wrote this articles that makes me want to hide the Apple logo on these devices. 

     Basically i wanted to say that the only Bozo around here is you!

  • Eric

    If on,y that were true, unfortunately it’s just a case of Korean rip-off mentality and they’re probably wondering what they’ve done wrong, just like their shameless copying of the iPhone.

  • Mikey42

    What’s wrong with clowns? Look at McDonalds.. that’s one smart clown

  • M44te

    you tool, you’re the one that added all the text and logos to those images to make them look more similar.
    How else would you expect a photo of a phone/mp3 player/tablet to be taken to show the potential client how it looks? 
    Photos like this have been done for years before apple even created the ipod.

    It’s nice how you keep singling out Samsung, It’s like you’re threatened by them.

    It’s ok though, I understand your bias, it’s quite laughable really if you take a look at the history of your postings.

  • obamapacman

    Why don’t you prove me wrong?

    The text on the left are facts. The images on the right are unmodified. 
    Clueless fandroid drone is laughably clueless.

  • obamapacman

    Super Size Me, now!!! ;)

  • George Wedding

    “…There is no way anybody would compare iOS to a mansion and Android to a shack….”

    I would. Android is a piece of crap. So much for that theory, Brian.

  • George Wedding

    “… I absolutely do not see these kind of cry baby posts on Android sites…”

    That’s because no one is bothering to copy Android, Brian. However, I just have to point out that you’re doing your share of whining about Apple right here on this site. Finally, Google can’t afford to hold back features when it’s trying to catch Apple as it continues the conversion of it’s prototype copy of the Blackberry look-and-feel to a copy of the iPhone concept.

  • M44te

    I own an iphone, mac mini server, 2 macbook pros, and multiple older ipods, so I guess i am a clueless fandroid, right? Must be the same reasoning you use for the rest of your *opinions*, i guess that makes you an iDiot in that case (see i can make puns too). 
    The peak of fanboyism is when you launch your own site to bag out anything that takes on your favourite toy, and does it better. It’s people like you, blogs like this, and comments in you see here that make it embarrassing to be an apple user.Open your eyes, looks around, use your intellect, all phones look alike, most marketing photos look the same, and h since the dawn of consumerism and advertising: http://jarvinian.files.wordpre… the end of the day it’s you that ends up looking like a little cry baby that has a problem with samsung for some unknown reason, at leas get some valid arguments.

  • M44te

    looks like the reply i just posted needs to be approved…

  • Rotten apples

    None of this would be an issue if Apple didn’t copy the LG KE850 with the iPhone to begin with

    Douchebags… who copied who?

  • question

    Hi, Your postings are interesting

    If you are not manipulated, let me know the source of Samsung advertisement

  • Adam Walter

    Apple is a huge innovator, in gadgetry but also in design. I dare say that their styles are among the most copied in the last decade. All the way back to transparent colored plastic in 2000. Yeah, Samsung copied that ad, but they’re only getting this scrutiny because of the lawsuit. A hundred other designers just copied Apple in the time it took me to write this.

  • Gordon Pavlovic

    You are an idiot! I’ve had Prada, and is got nothing to do with iPhone!

  • Scott Duval

    hey they used a different font

  • Anonymous

    As much as I love Apple this wasn’t witty or funny. :(

  • Anonymous

    Samsung you have no pride, no self esteem, I despise your company yet I love my Apple products with your chips in it.

  • Anonymous

    If you believe that I have some beachfront property to sell you in Arizona.