This Gross Swarovski MacBook Air Mod Is For Cheap Pimps Only



Even just looking at the picture, it’s easy to see this 11-inch MacBook Air “luxury mod” is a grotesque mockery. Crystallize-Your-Design would probably have you believe that recreating “Angel of the Chapel Sistine” on a MacBook Air in Swarovski Crystals took some sort of artistry, but this is the high-end equivalent of smearing your laptop in glue and then rolling it in crushed glass and glitter.

Here’s where you’ll want to lose your lunch, though. This frickin’ thing is being positioned as a product that pays tribute to the life of Steve Jobs! A man whose obsession with clean zen aesthetics would have caused him to suffer some sort of rectal prolapse just looking at this glittering pile of faux-diamond puke. The audacity!

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16 responses to “This Gross Swarovski MacBook Air Mod Is For Cheap Pimps Only”

  1. Bleumoon says:

    Fitting that the cherubs pictured are actually “death angels” (black wings). They are actually leaning their elbows on a coffin!

  2. Georgi Georgiev says:

    A biased article, not a good read

  3. dR435t4 says:

    Biased as hell! quit sucking his dick, he’s dead….


  4. prof_peabody says:

    right.  you criticise his writing but you use *that* phrase?  unless you’re twelve you have no business criticising.  

  5. Nonoche says:

    The angels are not from the Chapel Sistine, but from Raphael’s Sistine Madonna

  6. Justin Gilbert says:

    Regardless of bias, that thing is atrocious.

  7. Brian Dunbar says:

    Agreed. Steve would HATE that.

  8. Four Nick Hater says:

    Cheap? So you can afford one, then..?

    Also, who gives a fuck about Steve Jobs? He’s dead.

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