Apple Updates iTunes Match and Adds Apple TV Support, Still Not Available to the Public


Screen Shot 2011-11-02 at 9.00.25 PM

Apple has sent out an email to developers saying that iTunes Match has updated alongside the release of iTunes 10.5.1 beta 2. The update includes a “number of important stability and performance improvements” and iTunes Match has now been made available for testing on the Apple TV.

Developers that have been using iTunes Match must update to iTunes 10.5.1 beta 2 to continue using the service. Once upgraded, iTunes Match can be enabled on all supported Apple devices. On the Apple TV, select “Music” and then “Turn on iTunes Match.” Your music will then be available for streaming on Apple’s set-top box.

Apple projected the public release of iTunes Match for the “end of October,” and that date has come and gone.

Apple cautions developers to, “Please remember to backup regularly and do not delete the music you add to iCloud from your computer.”

No ETA on a public iTunes Match release has been given at this time.

  • Michael Verrenkamp

    I am really loving all the love Apple TV has been getting these past few weeks. Good to see them really getting behind a great product.

  • crateish

    Sigh. I can wait…


  • YagDoo

    Apple TV is amazing, I wouldnt trade mine for anything.

  • sjsutton

    I just noticed this morning that there is a new “MUSIC” selection on my gen 2 Apple 2. I can turn on iTunes Match. If I chose to turn it on, it tells me to go to iTunes to turn it on. iTunes is still saying it’s “Coming Soon”.

  • simplynutty

    I was able to enable on both the latest beta of iTunes and my Apple TV 2.  I’m still not a fan of how smart playlists work (or don’t work) on iCloud/Music Match but access via Apple TV is a good distraction. Going on vacation next week and plan to bring the ATV so the family can listen to music and watch Netflix in our hotel. :)