Check Out This Completely Unrealistic, Yet Still Awesome, iTV Concept [Gallery]


Apple iTV concept

Spotted by 9to5Mac, artist Guilherme M. Schasiepen has posted a gallery of concept iTV images. The images depict a multi-touch TV set with 3D that doesn’t require glasses.

Color us skeptical, but the idea of a touch-screen television seems absolutely unrealistic. This concept is still pretty gorgeous, however.

While the TV itself looks great (check out this awesome 360 degree pan), no one is going to want to walk up to their TV set and touch the screen to control it. Besides that aspect and the ambitious no-glasses 3D technology, we think this concept has some worth.

Here’s what Steve Jobs told Walter Isaacson about the future Apple TV:

‘I’d like to create an integrated television set that is completely easy to use,’ he told me. ‘It would be seamlessly synced with all of your devices and with iCloud.’ No longer would users have to fiddle with complex remotes for DVD players and cable channels. ‘It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine. I finally cracked it.’

  • Steve

    Nope. Apple elements, but not Apple style.

  • Stuart Otterson

    People seem convinced that ITV (a big TV channel in the UK) are going to roll over to Apple when it comes to the naming issue just like CISCO did with the iPhone and whoever had the iPad name.

    The difference is that I don’t recall CISCO selling millions of iPhones prior to Apple’s iPhone unveiling.

    And I don’t see Apple calling the product something else in the UK, it doesn’t seem their style to have products with two different names.

  • Werneck

    And whats that stand? I guess Ive would freak out. It seems neckless. And touch is totally not ergonomic at all for a tv.

    And where would the speakers fit in these ipad-thin concept?

  • prof_peabody

    That’s an incredibly tiny TV by today’s standards.  Who would buy that?  

    If Apple makes a TV it will be more impressive looking than this.  Most likely a giant wall-mounted slab.  

  • Chase Fegan

    What makes you think it’s tiny?  That could be a 75″ screen.

  • m_el

    Exactly. ITV is the second oldest British TV station, Almost 60 years old. There’s no way a TV from Apple will be called iTV

  • m_el

    and those TVs look like HP monitors

  • fluffballjo

    I agree, I’d expect a more iMac/thunderbolt cinema display type screen.

  • prof_peabody

    It looks tiny.  It’s presented in such a way as to make one think it’s tiny (looking down on it from above, lots of white space around it etc.)  Most of the larger screens are too large for stands nowadays also.  

  • Stuart Otterson

    The most frustrating aspect I find in people believing it will be called iTV is the gross ignorance involved.

    Ok so they may not have heard of ITV before, but even when we Brits repeatedly mention the fact, they ignore us, making excuses about Apple finding a way round and just generally dismissing it out of hand. It just seems to show a degree of disrespect. Even John Gruber of Daring Fireball, who’s a pretty smart guy, doesn’t seem to think it’s an issue, using the flawed CISCO example.

    You know if it was some small African nation with a channel called ITV I don’t think it’d be such a problem, but we’re not a small nation, we’re in Apple’s top 10 if not top 5 biggest markets.

  • MarioWario

    Looks like the disgusting poser laptops – 100% useless glossy displays (btw I want to replace my 2006 iMac that’s next to my 2011 15″ antiglare MBP – but again apple ignores customers)

    Another thing is: Who needs TV sets anymore ? Even for me (close to 50 years old :)))) it’s seems to be the new grandfather’s clock to have a TV …

    Btw 2 big (avg.) TV sets in Germany cost the same as an iPhone – in this area it would make no sense to sell TV’s (except you buy SONY’s premium manufacturing plants – I think SONY hates this biz already…)

  • CharliK

    I think that is what we would get if Apple made the full hardware. Basically a 40-46“ display that works in Apple TV mode (with that hardware built in) or as an actual computer display or even blu-ray etc display. It would come with the regular stand and a wall mount adapter. You can use either the basic silver remote or pair it with an iOS device

  • CharliK

    More like people are dumb and either don’t know there is such a thing as iTV or don’t get the notion of trademark conflict

  • likethepear

    It looks like some kind of cheap garbage HP would make. If that’s what the final product is going to look like, I’ll pass. 

  • likethepear

    They should just call it the “i”. That’s it. Just i. Be done with it.

  • John_woo

    great post i like this

  • Andrew

    What about using a trackpad instead of a remote/touchscreen?

  • Hoser Man

    If the proposed TV isn’t larger than 55″ and doesn’t cost more than $1500 then I’ll buy it. But if Apple does what it normally does and charge $3000 for a 42″ screen then they will loose their butts.

  • Hoser Man

    If the proposed TV isn’t larger than 55″ and doesn’t cost more than $1500 then I’ll buy it. But if Apple does what it normally does and charge $3000 for a 42″ screen then they will loose their butts.

  • Tseug

    I’d naturally assume the remote would be the iphone or ipad that the owner would undoubtedly own, which would mirror the TV display until content shows.

  • ben scarborough


  • PuckDaddy

    55″ for less than $2k and I’m interested.
    42″ for more than $3k and I’m not.

  • Custom

    Behold the iTV with a Yellow Tinge…

  • poppa1138

    42″ ipad = Apple  iTV 

  • Moctavian

    MultiTouch screen? No.

  • Moctavian

    They either buy the name from that TV station of yours. Or they register it as “iTV” (with lowercase “i”) or “Apple iTV”. Contextual trademarks are the easiest to approve.

  • Moctavian

    They can easily register it as “Apple iTV”. Not to mention that “iTV” is not the same as “ITV”.

  • Clovis Delmotte

    what program would you use to create this?

  • marcwitteveen

    The graphical user interface is not Apples, it looks like Ericsson IPTV middle-ware or maybe Dreamparks. TV “maybe” Apple inspired. Hard to say on a 3d render.

  • csman

    This will definitely not be called iTV as there is this major British channel called ITV (1,2,3,4) where you can watch Doctor Who =)

  • Guest

    Doctor Who is on the BBC not ITV.

  • fluffballjo

    Damn I meant stand, the cult of mac top bar covers the top of the screen on iPone while you try to post a comment -_- 

  • Alan Darbin

    Apple TV was called iTV in prototype why would apple go back to an old name and FYI “that TV station of yours” isnt actually a station its the umbrella name for the 3rd analogue channel (which has a number of regional stations and company’s broadcasting) and the brand used by the largest franchises for there other 6-8 channels not to mention their production company and studios so Apple would have to “buy” it from a lot of people including the government. 

    love the concept in the photos but seriously doubt it will be called iTV for the same reasons we have appletv STB now.