Need A Last Minute Halloween Costume? Check Out The Fun You Can Have With Two iPad 2s [Video]



This has been all over the place today, but if you’re stuck for a Halloween costume idea and have two iPad 2s lying around, here’s a great suggestion: just initiate a FaceTime call between your iPads, duct tape them to your torso, pull on a ripped hoodie and smear fake blood all over yourself. It’ll look like someone shot a cannonball right through you!

Don’t like your Halloween costume to be so gory? If you’re a fan of Valve Software’s incredible Portal series, you can follow the instructions above and instead of using fake blood. surround the two holes with an orange and blue border. Voila! You’ve been hit with a teleporter gun!

  • Mnight88

    then he gets jacked and has no iPads in his jacket and no cell phone in his pocket..

  • AlecTheFirst

    Pretty awesome, but I think it would have worked better had the holes lined up.

  • Josh Ward

    It’s been done, apparently 5 years ago, too (and posted in 2009). Looks like it took more ingenuity then.

  • iPhone 6 World

    We read the app reviews at” rel=”nofollow”> iPad Instructions
    Guide before purchasing anything new for our iPad 2. There are tips and
    tricks for the iPad in their video download sections that work pretty
    well.  I’m not sure if this one has been
    reviewed there however.  Needless to say there wasn’t anything mentioned about this, lol.  I bet that freaked alot of people out.