“Siri, Will You Marry Me?” This Is The Funniest Siri Video Yet [Humor]



According to the iPhone 4S Siri Operating Manual, “Siri is a learning computer that adapts to your environment and personality, answering your requests as it identifies your wants and needs.”

But what happens when Siri makes an evolutionary leap in intelligence while you and your drunken buddies are goofing off with her? As this hysterical video from LaughPong makes clear, it can lead to a moment of extreme awkwardness.

Seriously, if there’s one Siri humor video you watch, watch this one. I think it’s the funniest Siri gag yet.

(Thanks, Brittany!)

  • Pete Mortensen

    This remains a big “if” for me…

  • Nobodyhome

    I didn’t think it was hysterical. Actually I didn’t even laugh.

  • Gerson Goulart


    And here is the funniest Siri Cartoon:


  • rockinrors

    Surely this is just fake.
    That is too funny.

  • BoostHungry

    I wish I could have the last 120 seconds of my life back. I enjoy the Siri humor that’s been circulating around, even though I’m personally an Android fanboy, but this video was just plain stupid.

    Sent from my Motorola Xoom.

  • Guest

    Stupid as usual his article

  • DrunkReport.com

    that was awesome!! hahaha

  • darthdurden

    About as funny as a heart attack.

  • Aaron

    You know, there ARE other sites that might be more pertinent to your interests… might I suggest http://lemonparty.org ?

  • Neil Anderson

    Guess that means she wants to get siri-ous.

  • Evan Benford

    is it just me or does any1 feel some legal trouble is going to pop up in the future with siri telling people where to hide dead bodies?

  • Qlock

    I didn’t understand the “his article” bit until I read the entire sentence in a British accent.