Pixelmator 2.0 Launches Tomorrow With New Image Editing Features



Pixelmator is a very popular image editing tool for the Mac that serves as a much cheaper alternative to Photoshop. The app sports a gorgeous interface that looks like it could have been designed by Apple itself.

Version 2.0 of Pixelmator will launch tomorrow in the Mac App Store with a host of new image editing features, including content-aware fill and support for OS X Lion’s Versions and Auto Save features.

Enjoy perfectly precise, full-featured drawing tools that allow you to easily create and edit any vector shapes, whether simple or advanced…and some more sophisticated Photoshop tools like content aware fill and a more advanced type tool.

Pixelmator 2.0 will only cost $29.99 initially in the Mac App Store. Existing customers will be able to download the update for free. The price will be raised to $59.99 soon after the launch, so make sure to grab it tomorrow at a discount!

(via The Loop)

  • Gamrcobe

    Can’t wait! Another Pixelmator community member and myself have some great resources and tutorials for Pixelmator for everyone http://www.pxm-tuts.com/

  • maxaudet

    Can it be used to apply Instagram-like filters easily ?

  • Mark Holmes

    Nice! Finally! Been waiting months for this. Pixelmator is my favorite photo editing and layering app. I have the entire Adobe suite, but nothing matches Pixelmators speed and intuitive interface. 

  • Gamrcobe

    So looking forward to it! Myself and another Pixelmator community member have started a great tutorial site for this awesome application http://www.pxm-tuts.com/ 

  • Mitchell Currie

    You’d be better off getting something else from the app store i that’s all you’re after, there are some Quartz filters, but not exactly what you’re after.

  • Ray

    How does it compare to GIMP aside from GIMP being free?

  • gregbraddock

    JESUS! they said summer, THIS IS FALL! But I’m just thankful it’s here…

  • sebzar

    Fun to see everybody so exited about the Pixelmator upgrade. Hope it was worth the wait for everybody. The tutors at http://pixelmatortutorials.net are ready to show existing and new users that image editing in Pixelmator is fun, fast and exiting. 

  • Wolfos

    GIMP is terrible. It uses X11 and is because of that very slow, it also suffers from open source disease and thus has a terrible interface.
    It also doesn’t use the Mac ‘taskbar’, so there’s another Windows like bar on your screen because of that.

    Pixelmator is fast, has many functions, but not too many. It’s not bloated.
    I wrote an article about it on my site:

  • YourDigitalSpace

    Good news.

  • Al

    Is it good enough to ditch Photoshop yet?

  • maxaudet

    That’s what I was thinking..  Too bad.  Thanks

  • iTibz

    @maxaudet:disqus, you should try the great Analog app, from Realmac Software. Not only is the app great, it’s more than perfectly respectful of the OS X environment in terms of design and functionality! :)
    Check it out at: http://www.realmacsoftware.com