Get Your Bass Kickin’ With Twelve South’s New USB Subwoofer for Mac


Screen Shot 2011-10-25 at 4.07.53 PM

Popular accessory maker Twelve South has announced the “BassJump 2” USB subwoofer for Mac. Packing 8 more decibels of crystal clear sound and a sleek, aluminum build that Apple would be proud of, the BassJump 2 is an excellent Mac accessory for music lovers.

The BassJump 2 works with the Mac’s built-in audio to enhance the user’s listening experience with deeper and richer sounds.

“Designed exclusively for MacBook Pro and Air, BassJump 2 is a sweet, one-of-a-kind, go anywhere, USB-powered subwoofer that turns your MacBook into a mini-sound system. One single USB cable delivers power and sound. Custom software blends the music coming from your built-in MacBook speakers with extra bass. The result is dramatically improved MacBook sound performance.”

Mid and low frequencies from the Mac’s built-in audio are enhanced through the BassJump. The 77mm subwoofer speaker can be paired with Apple Cinema and Thunderbolt displays as well as all Mac computers via USB.

Twelve South is pushing out an update to its System Preferences app for BassJump. The update will bring several interface tweaks and compatibility with the BassJump 2.

The original BassJump has been well received by the Mac community, and the product comes at a reasonable price. You can pick up the BassJump 2 for $69.99 at the Twelve South website.

  • Jordan Clay

    I feel that anything that is wrapped in aluminum is now “made for mac.”

    Now that your Lows are taken care of though, what about your mids and highs coming from those crappy speakers built in.

  • MacRat


    A portable set of left/right speakers would be more useful.

  • Bigbrohem

    that laptop appears to be running Pro Tools.  gonna need reference monitors for that.