Apple Pilot Program Will Allow You to Collect Online Orders From Your Local Retail Store



Apple is set to launch a new pilot program that will allow customers to make orders through its online store and then collect their purchases from their local Apple store, according to a new report. The program has reportedly been given the name “Sherwood” and will cover any product available online, including custom-build computers, third-party accessories, and products which have been gift-wrapped an engraved.

What’s great about this program is that if you order a product which is in stock in your local store, you can go and collect it the same day, according to sources for MacRumors. For those that aren’t in stock, you’ll need to wait a few days until they’re delivered.

The program will prevent you from missing parcels while you’re away from home during the day, and means that when you’re buying gifts for those at the same address — particularly during the holiday season — you can keep them a secret.

To collect your order from your local Apple store, you’ll need to take both your proof of purchase and some kind of identification, according to the report. However, if for any reason you cannot collect your purchase personally, you can specify one additional person who will be collecting it for you.

The rollout of the Sherwood program will also see Apple retail stores taking returns for purchases made online, finally streamlining the whole returns process, and making online shopping a much more attractive prospect for some.

The pilot program will be initially available in a select retail stores only, with plans to extend the service to all stores in future. It’s unclear at this point when the Sherwood program will begin.

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