Apple Pilot Program Will Allow You to Collect Online Orders From Your Local Retail Store



Apple is set to launch a new pilot program that will allow customers to make orders through its online store and then collect their purchases from their local Apple store, according to a new report. The program has reportedly been given the name “Sherwood” and will cover any product available online, including custom-build computers, third-party accessories, and products which have been gift-wrapped an engraved.

What’s great about this program is that if you order a product which is in stock in your local store, you can go and collect it the same day, according to sources for MacRumors. For those that aren’t in stock, you’ll need to wait a few days until they’re delivered.

The program will prevent you from missing parcels while you’re away from home during the day, and means that when you’re buying gifts for those at the same address — particularly during the holiday season — you can keep them a secret.

To collect your order from your local Apple store, you’ll need to take both your proof of purchase and some kind of identification, according to the report. However, if for any reason you cannot collect your purchase personally, you can specify one additional person who will be collecting it for you.

The rollout of the Sherwood program will also see Apple retail stores taking returns for purchases made online, finally streamlining the whole returns process, and making online shopping a much more attractive prospect for some.

The pilot program will be initially available in a select retail stores only, with plans to extend the service to all stores in future. It’s unclear at this point when the Sherwood program will begin.

What do you think of Apple’s new collection service?

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38 responses to “Apple Pilot Program Will Allow You to Collect Online Orders From Your Local Retail Store”

  1. KernelG says:

    As someone who has chased down the FedEx truck containing my custom BTO Mac Pro, after the genius driver couldn’t find my house while parked in front of it and marking the package undeliverable, I would use this.

  2. Chris Lerum says:

    #proofreadinglostart gift-wrapped an engraved

  3. Shipeep says:

    This would be great.

  4. DJ says:

    I wouldn’t use it. The whole reason I order online is so I don’t have to go to the store.

  5. Hal Summers says:

    I would use it.   I prefer ordering online but hate waiting around all day for something to arrive.  I hope they roll it out at my local Apple store right away.

  6. MacRat says:

    Just have it held at your local FedEx/Kinko’s for pickup.

  7. MacRat says:

    Just have it held at your local FedEx/Kinko’s for pickup.

  8. VotersRights says:

    Why this is referred to as “Collect” and “Collection” is bizarre. This is “in-store pickup.” Changing the language people have used for a few years is only going to confuse people.

  9. cliqsquad says:

    That don’t work for all of us, I live over an hour South of FedEx location and 32 min North of an Apple Store, which is on my way to and from work.

  10. Shaun says:

    Fantastic. I sent Apple an email months and months ago asking for this. A lot of configuration options are only available online but I hate buying online coz I’m out all day and always end up having to take a day off just to sit and wait for the delivery man.

  11. Jenslynux says:

    Saves alot of annoyances when shopping online and I get the chance to check out the few products thats not allready in the house ;-)

  12. KernelG says:

    Like cliqsquad, our FedEx hub is not close at all (or very cooperative, being a contracted carrier and not actually FedEx). Aside from hindsight and all that, I’d much rather visit an Apple store than a dank shipping warehouse in an industrial zone. So this is a nice option to have.

  13. KernelG says:

    (This bloke’s from “across the pond”, where they drive “lorries” and ride “lifts” all day!)

  14. oldwiz65 says:

    I would absolutely love this!  I hate trying to make sure I sit and watch for the FedEx or UPS truck; it seems if you go to the bathroom they are guaranteed to show up and leave before you can get your pants back up and get to the door.

  15. MacRat says:

    I didn’t say a HUB now did I?

    You can have packages held at your nearest FedEx/Kinkos location.

    They are all over the place.

  16. KernelG says:

    You or it? You mad? How do you know what’s in my area and where I’d want my expensive box to sit and wait? 

    Again, it’s a nice option to have. Feel free to not use it in your life.

  17. Jesse Stewart says:

    Great idea, hope to use it soon.

  18. William Diaz ? says:

    Welcome Apple to the 21st Century, what Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and Sprint have been doing for YEARS!

  19. Gabby says:

    Is that what people want? For Apple to become Best Buy and Walmart? I don’t think so.

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