Siri Co-Founder Leaves Apple Just Days After Its Debut on the iPhone 4S [Report]



Siri co-founder Dag Kittlaus has reportedly left Apple just days after his sophisticated voice-recognition technology made its debut on the iPhone 4S. It was an ‘amicable’ departure, according to sources, that will allow Kittlaus to focus on “new entrepreneurial ideas.”

Kittlaus founded Siri back in 2007 and his software has been hailed as one of the most innovative voice-recognition technologies to date, with a unique ability to understand natural language rather than just predefined voice commands. The company was sold to Apple back in April 2010 and the Cupertino company has since integrated it into its iOS software with a beta launch on the new iPhone 4S.

Despite its recent acclaim, however, Norwegian-born Kittlaus has parted company with Apple for “several reasons,” according to an All Things D report, but sources do insist it was an “amicable” departure. One of those reasons is believed to be a desire to take time off to be with family in Chicago, and to focus on new entrepreneurial ideas.

Apple is yet to comment on Kittlaus’ departure.

  • Gursty

    Probably left to shop out his ‘services’ to MS or Google. Man, Apple has more backstabbers..

  • darttabb

    Probably because Apple removed the Siri app, which was available to all recent iPhone owners, not just the 4S.
    Who thinks up these things?

  • Mark

    Presumably he had a ton of money, perhaps linked to the successful launch of the product as an integrated feature, and he’s booked some time off to enjoy it. I know I would.

  • aga

    Siri app removed from app store, Siri not available in iOS for iPhone4 even though CoM reports cracked version will run on it.

    Come on Apple, give your loyal customers a break. Maybe that is the answer, if Apple won’t let me have it, perhaps time to jailbreak and leave the “walled garden”.