Wow! Jony Ive’s Tribute To His “Best Friend” Steve Jobs Is Truly Great



If you want to hear a really great, revealing and insightful tribute to Steve Jobs, tune into the Celebrating Steve video Apple posted earlier and go to the 48.30 mark.

Here Apple’s long-time head designer Jony Ive starts talking about his “best and most loyal friend.”

Ive’s tribute to Steve is by turns funny, touching and insightful. Unlike a lot of the negative stuff we’ve heard about Steve over the last few weeks, Jony describes Steve’s passion and enthusiasm, his sense of humor, and his great joy in doing things right.

I’d love to post the video here, but it’s streaming only for the moment. Here’s a snippet of what he said:

Now while hopefully the work appeared inevitable. Appeared simple, and easy, it really cost. It cost us all, didn’t it?

But you know what? It cost him most. He cared the most. He worried the most deeply.

He continues:

… He constantly questioned, ‘Is this good enough? Is this right?’

And despite all his successes, all his achievements, he never presumed, he never assumed, that we would get there in the end. And when the ideas didn’t come, and when the prototypes failed, it was with great intent, with faith, he decided to believe we would eventually make something great.

But the joy of getting there. I loved his enthusiasm. His simple delight. Often, I think, mixed with some simple relief. Yeah, we got there, we got there in the end and it was good. You can see his smile can’t you? The celebration of making something great for everybody.

Enjoying the defeat of cynicism. The rejection of reason. The rejection of being told 100 times, ‘You can’t do that.’

So his I think, was a victory for beauty, for purity. And as he would say, ‘For giving a damn.’

He was my closest and my most loyal friend.

We worked together for nearly 15 years — and he still laughed at the way I said ‘aluminium.’

For the past 2 weeks, I think we’ve all been struggling to find ways to say goodbye.

This morning, I simply want to end by saying ‘thank you Steve.’

Thank you for your remarkable vision which has united and inspired this remarkable group of people.

Tor all that we have learned from you and for all that we will continue to learn from each other, ‘thank you Steve.’

  • Isaiah Cruz

    Love when Jonny narrated about the hotel. “Hey Jonny this hotel sucks let’s go” hahaha!

  • The_n

    Thank you Jonny

  • Jlip

    Very nice sentiments

  • Christian Marker

    is there a video ?

  • Steven Zahl

    Jony should be the one to present Apple’s New Products.

    Tim Cook is a bit Creepy.

  • joe_6285

    I think his speech is here

  • R W

    Makes me wanna drop everything I do and do the thing I believe in the most…. Apple !

  • gareth edwards

    I agree about Johnny, Tim isn’t so much creepy though as lacking the fundamental charisma we have come to expect in Apple’s addresses. In any other business Tim would be a really fine front man but Steve set the bar insanely high and it’s an extremely tall order to fill. Johnny is the natural fit to fill Steve’s on stage role. He’s got the charisma, he’s warm and human and I think being English, his accent and style of talking is down to earth and welcoming. The humour in his address, came across as completely and utterly genuine which, at times like these, is a great foil to the sobriety of the situation. After watching the full celebration I’m not sure how they all kept their shit together, Tim almost cracked at the beginning, the ‘Coach’ had a hard time too but they all did Apple and Steve proud.

  • FenTiger

    As an Englishman, I can assure you that Jonny Ive’s warmth and humanity do not come from the land mass he happens to have been born on. I’ll introduce you to many Englishmen who are utter tw@ts, but with a good Welsh name like Gareth Edwards, maybe you know that already. :-)

  • gareth edwards

    Indeed I do, I agree, there’s a lot wrong with our mud bank (I’m British – half Welsh – half Geordie – I apologise for my sins!), what I’m sayin’ though, is his inflection and accent, I feel, added a real sense of solidity and realness to what was being said. I think that because a lot of stuff we see on TV/Video/Film is americanised it sometimes means it can wash over us, maybe it’s because I’m a Brit, maybe it’s because I think sometimes a British accent (take your pick from that bag!) has the right timbre and musicality to drive a feeling home in an understated way.

    What ever the reason though I really found myself listening very closely to his eulogy and found it very enjoyable.

  • ChristopherPayne

    Having watched the whole 80-minute event, I was most moved by what Jony had to say. What a guy. Real humility. A truly gifted communicator. I’m not surprised that Steve rated him to very highly.

  • Michael Verrenkamp

    I have to admit that after going over the whole event, Jonys sentiments really brought home what nobody else has done in the last few weeks. Just brilliant.

  • Tony Martin

    Yes, look for it at the bottom of the apple homepage.

  • JefCostello

    Awesome! I feel this in my core, we all understand the sentiments. 

  • Dilbert A

    Great. Thanks.


    An amazing musical tribute that makes music with Steve Jobs’s voice

  • FenTiger

    I have to say I’m not convinced that the accent’s the thing. Let’s face it, if he was a Brummie, he’d sound as thick as two short planks. Let alone if he came from the Fens! Jonny Ive always struck me as someone who wants to be heading away from the limelight at 110 per, not heading into it. 

  • qoqo

    Seeing someone being real and unaffected is a rarity these days.  What a special person.  +1 Jony Ive.

  • Bob Forsberg

    Having watched the entire great historical filmed event, you can skip Al Gore’s mumblings, unless you want to fall asleep. Everything else is memorable.

  • Adam Jarvis

    I suppose if your not surrounded by perfection in all aspects of your life, how can you apply and learn from it. Even staying at a Hotel was obviously a constant learning experience, in which he sort perfection and ideas. Jonny Ive nailed it, as regard what to say at such an Event.
    Otherwise it appears overly controlled, I think it would have been fun/humorous to have a camera shot towards the crowd when Coldplay were on stage, showing everone holding up their iphones recording the event, and then a shot from the back – showing all the displays – to show how embedded the iphone is in today’s culture.

    It was obvious the mainsteam employees had all been prepped on how to act, and filming the event on your iphone was a no-no.
    So much for thinking outside the box, corporate control has already taken over from the single vision.

  • Pberry73

    Quite obviously you did not grasp the significance of what he said about the scientific proof that Apple products stimulate the same area of the brain that love does, not the section connected to addiction. Very significant and poignant, indeed.