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When the original iPod launched, it was a very different beast to the svelte little beauties we know today. They were large, they only worked with Macs and they synced via bulky Firewire cables. Nonetheless, they were the best music players around at the time, and they made you feel proud to be an Apple fan-boy and to own a Mac.

Back then, the web unboxing meme hadn’t taken off, and yet all the love, care and attention that Apple puts into their packaging was already present. So I thought it would be a fitting tribute to unbox an original iPod as if it was the latest toy to be “Designed in Cupertino, CA.” Enjoy…

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61 responses to “Original iPod Unboxing Nostalgia Fest”

  1. Blackandwhiteracing says:

    That was awesome- kinda like hooking up with an old girlfriend.

  2. oakdesk23 says:

    “bulky Firewire cables”

    Has CoM ever considered having writers that have used, or perhaps at least have passing familiarity with what they’re writing about?

    The cable is slightly less bulky than thunderbolt, and only slightly larger than USB cables. Did CoM similarly pose Thunderbolt cables as being bulky? And what about power cords or VGA cables? Those must be gigantic by CoM standards.

  3. rockinrors says:

    I like how it says ‘poo’ in the CD (4th picture).

  4. moh says:

    I’m certain he means bulky compared to the cables that come with today’d ipods.

  5. Chapeloftrance says:

    You have the box inserted incorrectly with the outer sleeve around it.

    The seam should not be seen from the top. It should like two halves of a cube stacked on top of each other.

    This design won an award, show it respect.

  6. ZeeKazim says:

    wow! That was a lot of packaging!!

  7. McRCN says:

    I still have the original box too.

  8. Nic says:

    everyone is a critic LOL

  9. grahambower says:

    Thanks for pointing that out. Can’t believe I missed it. I’ve re-taken the photo, to correct the problem.

  10. grahambower says:

    I’ve used practically every Apple product in the last 20 years :) The Firewire cable that was supplied with the original iPod was much bulkier than today’s cables, whether they’re FireWire, USB or Thunderbolt.

  11. Travisnorton says:

    Love it! It’s amazing to see that the packaging was done so well-even 10 years ago!

  12. Travis-norton says:

    What ever happened to FireWire?? Aren’t they 5X the speed of USB cables? I mean, I know that USB cables have varying speeds now, but still! Are they faster than firewirewire?

  13. Neil M. Cameron says:

    very nice example that’s been well cared for, kudos my friend, kudos

  14. David Clark says:

    Want one so bad. They’re going for about $400 tho. Keeping my eyes out on craigslist for someone none-the-wiser looking to sell it off to someone. 

  15. LeninD says:

    I ‘liked’ it.. but still ridiculous how nerdy well techies can be!!

  16. Matt Langston says:

    I want one or these so so bad in good condition and in the box where can I find one?! Searching all over eBay no luck, or am I missing them?

    In 5 years time it will be the same but about iPhone!

  17. prof_peabody says:

    “They were large …” They were not!  

    Relative to the devices of the time they were tiny, and all anyone could talk about when they got one was how small they were.  

    I remember all the nerd media and punditry talking about how “useless” they were though and wondering why anyone would buy them.  They were as wrong then as they are today about iPhones.   :)

  18. GiovanniGopaulsingh says:

    All everyone ever says about apple is how much they suck and make useless products…then everyone buys their stuff, apple proves those bitches wrong and the haters just talk shit about their new stuff. Le vicious cycle

  19. Sgrienen says:

    Have you noticed that on the 5th picture, you can see “PoC” in the middle of the CD ? :-)

  20. APPL13D5C13NC3 says:

    I still have my 5gb model that was bought in 2002 and has bob marley on the box and everything is in it :-D if anyone wants it ill be willing to sell it for the right price.

  21. Wgfrose says:

    How much

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