Apple Fans Unite To Counter Protest Westboro Church in Cupertino [Photo]



The hate-mongers of the Westboro Church are out with their profane placards in Cupertino today, as we said they would be.

Right now, they’re outside Cupertino High School, where Justin Li snapped this pic of a counter protester dressed in all black (is that a Jobsian turtleneck?) and sneakers with a sign making a mockery of the church member’s display.

Later, Westboro has said it will try to ruin the Steve Jobs memorial service by brandishing the same trademark awfulness outside Apple headquarters in Cupertino.

But Apple fans are on the case. As you can see in the picture above, Apple fans are uniting to counter-protest Westboro’s homophobic, hate-filled picketing.

We don’t think even the counter-protesting is what Steve would have wanted, but you can hardly fault Apple fans for their anger. The memory of Steve Jobs’ legacy is widely cherished, and it is revolting that Westboro is trying to spread their off-topic bile through his memorial service.

In a rambling online statement, the church cited the immorality of “some nerdy people possessing ONLY what God loaned them for a very short while, have stolen God’s glory and given it to themselves.”

Earlier, the church announced plans to picket Jobs’ funeral on October 6 – via an iPhone.

We’ll keep you posted as events unfold.

Via Justin Li

  • prometheus1981


    That is all.

  • RonBlatto

    Of course there’s no reasoning with these douchebags but if Christianity is to be Christlike, WWJD? What happened to love your enemies? Pray for those who persecute you? This is the best example of why organized religion always eventually fails.

  • Al

    What happened to “don’t feed the trolls”?

  • Chrisoptherantonylewis

    that guy’s sign is amazing. I’m no religious expert but I’m guessing Jesus wasn’t into hate?

  • paul

    love it… fuck westboro they are in no way shape or form a religion..they are a bunch of ignorant fucks.. the people who god really hates hahahahhaha im gonna protest your funeral dumb bitch..

  • Ibelieve

    Dear God! Please tell me that you don’t love me less because I’m different.
    Why is it that there are these people who attend the so-called Christian Church out there portraying “Hates” against the fellow human beings? Are these your fellow Christian worshipper? or are they in disguised of the Lucifer himself? 

  • David Clark

    Why…? Why would they picket Jobs’ funeral? Did Jobs enable “faggery” by allowing homosexuals to purchase Apple products?

  • Austinmk92

    Man, I can’t stand those people too. All the things you said are true. They give Christians like me a bad name.

  • imajoebob

    If I could be there I’d dress in a Jesus costume with a sign asking, “I died for this?

  • Clark Wallace


    As in, What would Jobs do?

  • Andy Murdock

    These are the absolute worst scum that ever lived. Please pay no attention to them and they will go away.

  • al friede

    reason # 1986805086987+1 that i’m an atheist!!!

  • Andy Murdock

    This is NOT a religious group, they are a team of lawyers and idiot helpers. Their goal is to provoke someone to attack them, then they sue everyone in sight. They are motivated purely by want of easy money.

  • MacGoo

    CoM, please stop writing about these idiots. They hate and condemn everyone but themselves. They’re attention-hungry hate mongers. We get it. Now stop giving them what they want – as Alfred pointed out, you’re simply feeding the trolls.

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

  • Guest

    Because religion is cult.

  • likethepear

    They got kicked out of Canada once. Some people don’t know this, but technically there is no “freedom of speech” in Canada. It’s sorta like we can say what we want here, but the moment it crosses the line and encourages hate toward a group of people, or is threatening to anyone in any way, or goes against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, you get the boot! That was a good day seeing them come here to protest and Fred wasn’t even allowed in the country, while his daughter was standing outside a funeral in Winnipeg too damn terrified to take out her signs because the RCMP were lined up standing there just waiting to arrest her fat ass. Bitch didn’t say ANYTHING against anyone. She just walked away with her tail between her legs. 

  • MacGoo

    Please expand your mind beyond ridiculously confined generalizations about Christians and their associations with these people – as has already been said repeatedly, they are not Christians by any measure and are most likely infuriating God, rather than gaining his favor.

    Run-on? Yes. True? Absolutely.

  • Lol

    Trolls are mostly 13 year olds who get bullied at school and take it out of the Internet, or the grown-up unemployed likes thereof who smoke weed all day.

  • Lol

    WBC, on the other hand, are far more than that.

  • Lars Pallesen

    So according to these Westboro lunatics we should thank and praise GOD for the iPhone?
    I thought that’s what we already did?

    Thanks for the iPhone, oh Steve who art in the heavens!

  • Crossphire Dev


  • jamesbarsby

    Please expand your mind beyond the ridiculous concept of a human-like god who favours one person over another.
    If it wasn’t for these primitive and short-sighted religious ideas, we wouldn’t have groups like the Westboro Church in the first place.

  • Jefferson RFO

    OMG, really? So our Republicans can come visit Canada, as long as they don’t open their mouths? Because it’s pretty much hate that they have to offer. Yours IS a better implementation of freedom of speech.

  • JoshObra

    I know a troll when I see one and there’s a troll on the right side of this picture. -_-;

  • Jeffrey Kranenburg

    Ha yup true he may not like what they stand for, but he doesn’t hate anyone. The signs that they use are actually wrong. Not turning this post into a debate, just saying that what they are protesting about is actually not true.

  • m_hardwick

    Most “members” of the “church” are also banned from entering the UK too.

  • Sam Parmenter

    There are certain groups that will simply never achieve popularity or acceptance. This is one such group. They could be on the news every day for a year and they would still not benefit. Their message is so batty and their leaders so stupid that I don’t think we have much to fear. Personally I prefer to take the piss out of them.

  • TheDigitalPimp

    So, is this directed at Tim Cook now, since rumor has it he’s gay? Shame on these people for being so damned stupid. How many gay pastors have been exposed in the last decade? Please. Stop the nonsense.

  • Wendell Sharp

    Probably because his successor is gay and nobody else cares.

  • CharliK

    The trouble with this is that the Apple Fans are acting with hate. That sign is just as bad as anything that Westboro uses. 

    The way to defeat groups like this is to ignore them, or if you can’t stand that then don’t stoop to their games. Don’t cuss or use hateful language. Kill them with kindness. 

    Or kill them with legalities. File a lawsuit against them for committing a hate crime. Find a law that says they have to have a permit to gather wherever they are and then find out if they have it. If they don’t, they are trespassing. If you have kids at said school, file for a restraining order to keep them away from  your kid (get a bunch of fellow parents to do the same).  If you happen to be an Apple Employee at one of the stores they like to protest outside of, file for a restraining order to keep them from your work. Especially if you are openly gay. You can always say that you are fearful that they won’t stick to their signs etc and might physically assault you. Could work. 

  • bondr006

    I’m no Christian or Jesus believer, but anyone that sticks their wanker in a shit hole or takes one up theirs, gets no respect from me. I don’t hate them, I just don’t have any respect for them. And, BTW….all you Westboro haters out there….Is your brand of hate better than theirs? Fucking hypocrites!

  • izziebot

    This is why Steve was buddhist. 

  • CharliK

    Actually they do. They are getting free press that could reach the ears of someone that agrees with their agenda. 

  • CharliK

    Dangerous game. As trying to tussle with an Apple Fan means there’s at least one iPhone recording the whole thing. Probably several. Nothing like getting the story on live video and in ‘stunning 1080p’

  • CharliK

    RUMORED to be gay. No proof.  Maybe he is or maybe he isn’t and isn’t married because he didn’t want to subject anyone to his work load or just hasn’t found the right woman. 

    As for why the hate, it came long before the rumors that Tim Cook is gay. One big issue is that Apple allows ‘fags’ to work for Apple. They also allowed gay and lesbian domestic partners to get benefits long before the states made it official and even in some states that still don’t recognize same sex DPs. 

    Add to this that they cut so called religious apps that speak out against homosexuality etc. They do allow same sex dating apps. And so on. 

    Free press is another huge reason for any of that they do

  • CharliK

    “Pray for those who persecute you”

    That’s what I”m talking about. Could you imagine what would happen if Westboro set up camp somewhere to protest and a crowd of gay and lesbians set up camp on the other side of the street with banners of love and peace and pulled out a bullhorn and started yelling prayers for “those with hearts filled with hate, those that would gather in the name of Jesus in so called churches not to preach of love but of hate. That live their lives mired in the Old Testament fire and brimstone forgetting that God sent his only son to teach the world a new way of living — with love and compassion”

    The press would be all over the love protest. And if Westboro tried anything there’d probably be dozens of recordings (most of them on iPhones) of what went down for the courts

  • MacGoo

    How is it a ridiculous concept that God favors people who accept his Word and practice his teachings over those who defy Him? Of course he does. The ridiculous concept is the opposite: a God whose universal ambiguity and forgiveness allow whatever behavior his creations deem acceptable.

    WBC is an apostate church who cannot possibly be pleasing to God, because of their hateful practices. Yet I’m not claiming that God hates THEM – It is never the people that God hates, but the sin. Yet they (like everyone else) are responsible for their own actions, and will be held accountable for them.

  • MacGoo

    I agree that they are almost universally hated and lacking in credibility. Yet credibility isn’t what they seek – they’re wanting their message spread, and CoM is assisting in that simply by posting about them. It’s classic playground politics – bullies bully to get a reaction; to get attention. Mom was right: ignore them and you take away their power. Ignore them, and they’ll go away.

  • von moore


  • jamesbarsby

    Look you have fallen for religion, so I really don’t expect you to grasp what I am saying… But I will bang my head against your brick wall, just to humour you.

    Think for a second ‘why’ you assume the entire natural world… and by that I mean the hundreds of billions of galaxies, each containing hundreds of billions of stars like our sun… was created by a being with a human-like brain, who supposedly behaves like… and has emotions like… A HUMAN BEING.

    Now think why HUMAN BEINGS might have jumped to the conclusion that a person ‘like them’ was in charge of the universe, before they had access to the scientific knowledge we now have of how natural processes actually work and form.

    Look I’m sorry, maybe I shouldn’t be saying this… Your parents have programmed you into a religious way of thinking and it can come as quite a shock to realise everything they ever told you about the world is wrong. Forget I said anything ;0)

  • Ryan Romine

    These people are ridiculous!  They also protested the miners who were killed in a coal mine explosion here in WV!! They are not Christians by any stretch, they just enjoy getting a rise out of people.  

  • MacGoo

    Read my past comments. I’ve not been programmed by anyone; I’ve done my research. Please don’t patronize me or treat me like a child. Of course I live in a world where people constantly assert that I’m mistaken or misguided in my beliefs. This is no “shock” to me.

    That said, I’ve discovered time and again that it’s fruitless to debate something as seemingly inscrutable as the likelihood of God (or in this case, the chance that he and human beings are of a similar persuasion) in a comment thread. There isn’t enough time in the day, unfortunately. So I say my piece, and if it leads someone to question and investigate for themselves, I’ve done my job.

  • jamesbarsby

    Fair enough… At the end of the day, you realise that 99.99% of the gods we have invented over the millennia, were completely made up and just the result of humans thinking about things from their own very limited emotional perspective.

    I just happen to go 0.01% further than you do.

  • jamesbarsby

    Fair enough… At the end of the day, you realise that 99.99% of the gods we have invented over the millennia, were completely made up and just the result of humans thinking about things from their own very limited emotional perspective.

    I just happen to go 0.01% further than you do.

  • bondr006

    I’m no Christian or Jesus believer, but anyone (gay or straight) that sticks their wanker
    in a shit hole or takes one up theirs, gets no respect from me. I don’t
    hate them, I just don’t have any respect for them. And, BTW….all you
    Westboro haters out there….Is your brand of hate better than theirs?

  • Robert X

    I doubt it.

  • Robert X

    When your life it over. You will know if you were right or not. One way or another. Live it the way you want to. Just don’t patronize people that don’t share your belief system.

  • Asd

    Deep, but accurate.

  • jamesbarsby

    When my brain stops working, I won’t be able to experience ‘anything at all’ funnily enough. As our senses and the relationships our neurons build between them, are physical things. 

    I’m sorry if I offended you, but I’m afraid reality has to be defended from constant attack by religion. As demonstrated by the image at the top of this post.

    Some think people should be just left alone to believe whatever they want… but unfortunately some of those beliefs conflict with society and human progress in general. Should we just let racists and homophobes get on with it? No, of course we shouldn’t.

  • JeffCseattle1

    I can’t believe people in this world !!!
    I’m gay and if the people truly understood the gay lifestyle instead of what they seen or been told. Maybe they would have knowledge worth debating
    Either way these protest are wrong and need to be ignored
    These people use God to hide behind and don’t have the Balls to just Admit they are uneducated , narrow minded people raised in the environment that they now live in
    Not worth the time of day or the media coverage given to them
    This just shows why this country is in the condition it is
    Steve jobs did nothing to deserve this treatment nor his family !!
    This still shows racism is alive in this country and why church and state needs to be separate .
    Jeff C
    Seattle , wash

  • Samuel Shallenberger

    I don’t agree with gay beliefs, and I am a Christian, but a true Christian would never in their right minds say anything about God hating people. These people need to stop now, before this gets ugly. It’s ridiculous.
    (And yes, I realize that it has gotten pretty ugly, but still.)

  • Chris

    The whole “church” is about 75 people, most of them being from the same family. Almost ALL of the members are lawyers and have fought numerous court battles and won. They go through any and all legal hoops to do the things they do and as far as I know, have never gotten physical with anyone.
    Even though I agree they are hateful and disgusting, free speech is free speech and limiting one group based on what they say (good or bad) is a direction we don’t want to go as a country.

  • Jwgibbs44

    Don’t know what your missing :)

  • James

    That “don’t be intolerant of my intolerance” argument is the Bigot’s Fallacy. You’re a homophobe and your intolerance is sad.

  • bondr006

    You have got to be kidding me. Disagreeing with or not respecting a chosen lifestyle is intolerant and makes me a homophobe? You are as intolerant as anyone I have ever come across bud. 2 of my very good friends are gay and they respect that I don’t agree with their lifestyle choice. My best friend was also gay. He died from aids almost 5 years ago. I cried for days when he left. Another good friend of mine that was also gay died from aids a few years ago for whom I also cried. So, even though I don’t agree with or respect the gay lifestyle, I am not a bigot or a homophobe.  You in fact are the bigot that is intolerant to anyone else’s point of view. Political correctness is a bunch of rubbish. People have the right to disagree with anything they want to and not be labeled intolerant for it. It’s all about freedom of choice dude……A privilege you don’t seem willing to grant to others who disagree with you.

  • DRM Free

    What exactly are gay beliefs?  Do they all go to the same church?  Sexual orientation is not a belief system, doctrine, or  dogma.  I’d ask for your logic but people who think like you don’t seem to have any.

  • Famous

    You spelled AIDS wrong.

  • Famous

    I guess they don’t realize that the bible was written by man……read Aesops fables and compare the two ;)

  • Dantron

    Whenever I see pictures of these Westboro bumpkins, they’re all wearing shades, even on cloudy days like in the picture above. They’re such self righteous robots, why are they afraid to go without shades? Cowards.

  • Wil

    He probably means that the beliefs that homosexuality is inborn, genetic, and can’t be altered, and several other fallacies.

  • Wil

    And you have no rebuttal. Pun intended.

  • Wes

    If these guys thingk they’re doing something for God…they’re sorely mistaken. These people give Christians a bad name and are the exact OPPOSITE of who God is and His LOVE for his people.

  • Sbc1

    Your Gay friends may “respect” your “Lifestyle choices” but your delivery on how you feel about it was pathetic and classless.  

  • likethepear

    Well, yah, but there’s a difference between expressing an honest opinion you hold and inciting hatred. They’re very different things, and our laws do respect that people are allowed to hold their own beliefs, so long as it doesn’t infringe on someone else’s right to live their life free from persecution. So Republicans are welcome here. Nazi’s on the other hand…not so much. 

  • The_pgf

    If they say “Soldiers die 4 fag marriage” and they like dead soldiers, does that mean they now support gay marriage?

  • Gelo Baccobonoga

    God can’t hate.. God our creator never created man if will just do hateful things. Besides, He created us out of Love.. What a bitch that woman is…. 

  • Michael Verrenkamp

    If you ever get the chance you should check out Louis Theroux Doco “The Most hated family in america” to see what these guys are all about. Very fascinating.

  • bondr006

    The content and delivery were only descriptive sir. What is pathetic and classless is the subject.

  • RonBlatto

    No, you’re thinking WWSJD;

  • MacGoo

    I’m not sure where you came up with that number, but I’ll pray that you eventually take the time to examine that supposed .01% chance that you might be wrong. Thanks for your consideration and respect in the midst of our disagreement – it’s rare and appreciated.

  • jamesbarsby

    I may have been a little snarky to begin with, as I took your original comment that the poster should ‘expand his mind’ to be condescending. 

    The percentage I gave was referring to the fact that presumably, you only believe in the Christian god and not other gods such as Thor, Zeus, Ra, etc. 

    I was just pointing out that while the details and mythology may vary, these characters are all essentially based on the same concept of an invisible human-like being controlling natural events.

    …and I don’t consider there to be ‘any’ possibility of your god existing, in the same way you don’t consider those other gods… or even characters like Superman, Santa Claus etc, to be possible.

    To me, this alone is almost enough to disprove gods. But add to that the fact that we know how nature works, without the control of a conscious mind… and we have mountains of evidence to support this. The god concept is not just a poor one, but it is in fact, a totally impossible one.

    Oh well, I can’t change your mind, you ‘want’ there to be a god… and nothing I can say or do will change that. I just don’t think reality is something you get to ‘choose’. It should be something you just have to accept.

    I also feel sad that by choosing god, you miss out on the true beauty of how reality actually works. But until you ‘get it’, you won’t know what you are missing.

  • MacGoo

    It’s ironic that you were offended by the impression of condescension in my original post, yet you tend to stray into that very attitude when you go beyond the initial niceties.

    As far as what I am missing, I could say the same for you. I get to marvel at God’s creation, while acknowledging the way the natural world works. There is no ignoring of facts, simply an inclusion of God in those facts.

    You, by contrast, simply get to observe the natural world and ponder the astronomically minuscule odds that the world around you evolved from a series of random events.

    But you’re happy, and I’m happy. Don’t be sad for me because I’m “missing out”. I’m not. But I fear you are.

  • CDN Lawyer

    It isn’t true to say that we don’t “technically” have free speech in Canada. We do … and it’s constitutionally protected, same as in the USA. What’s different is that we have hate speech laws, that kick in (as you pointed out) whenever speech crosses the line into encouraging hatred toward a particular group.

  • jamesbarsby

    It’s not random, that’s the thing you don’t get.

    A brain making ‘decisions’ is not the ‘only’ system that can cause something to happen. 

    As much as you may not like me and may not want to be wrong. It really is worth your while to think about this.

    Specifically, think about what your mind/consciousness actually is and how it works. 

    You hear a sound and you see an image and a whole bunch of neurons fire in your brain. But it’s what happens in-between these neurons that’s important. They become linked together, forming your concept of whatever it is that you are experiencing.

    Everything you think about is just your brain linking together sensory information. That is basically (in simple terms) all it does. 

    Now why on Earth would a system like that be responsible for the creation of nature itself?

    Nature allowed for things like minds to develop. Not the other way around.

  • MacGoo

    What exactly is it you believe again? This was (quite ironically) a very random reply. And I can disagree with you without disliking you.

    “It’s not random, that’s the thing you don’t get.” Please explain – the universe is either the result of intelligent design or the culmination of a vast series of random mutations. What is the third option that removes “random” from the equation?

  • Mb

    Fallacies? Wil, you’re talking just as much nonsense as Samuel. Think before you post.

  • iMunkie

    I hope a tornado hits their “church” one Sunday while every single one of them is in it.



  • jamesbarsby

    These thin comments are getting silly now, so let me widen things out a little.

    At any given moment, in any given situation, the things that can happen are very limited by the factors at hand.

    Saying nature works by ‘random chance’, implies anything could happen, but that really isn’t the case.

    For example, take a look at how stars form new elements… A star starts out as nothing but hydrogen, the most basic element with just one proton in its nucleus. But the as matter is made from energy and energy distorts space time… i.e. gravity. The collective ‘weight’ of all the hydrogen atoms in the star causes enormous pressure at its centre. This causes the nucluses of the atoms to ‘fuse’ together forming helium… a new, more complex element.

    This process then repeats with the helium forming yet more elements, like carbon, oxygen, iron etc.. In fact most of the know elements in the universe. Eventually, the star will use up its fuel and explode, scattering the elements it has created out into space.

    This cloud of elements then starts to clump together into rocks, planets and new stars, again, due to the effects of gravity. Astronomers just took a photograph of a planet forming in this way, the other day (look it up), just as the scientists had predicted. 

    Now on the surface of these new planets chemical reactions become possible. The electrons around an atom tend to fall into the most stable and symmetrical configurations (for obvious reasons)… and it just so happens that the most stable number of electrons in the outer shell of an atom is 8.

    So if an element like sodium with 1 electron in its outer shell, comes into contact with an element like chlorine with 7… they will ‘share’ their electrons, as this makes them both more stable. This results in them ‘sticking together’ and forming a molecule… in this case salt.

    A whole bunch of different molecules will form in this way, and the molecules will start to stick to each other as well forming even more complex structures like amino acids, RNA etc. 

    But never, anywhere in this whole process is anything truly random. The structure of these elements ‘forces’ them to behave in the ways that they do… and at no point is there any requirement for some kind of intelligent intervention.

    Now this is a long post and I have explained many of the processes that have led to the world as we see it today. Obviously, I have simplified a lot of things and left a lot out, but rest assured, everything in nature works like this… and the answers are there if you want to find them.

    It isn’t really surprising that by default, human beings think in terms of a person making ‘decisions’ and planing out how things should work. But in reality even human intelligence relies on the same trial and error that nature uses. 

    Things that work will continue to work and things that don’t, don’t. It really is that simple and the inevitable consequence of this, is that over time (yes, billions of years) one system will allow for other systems to develop… and things get more and more complex… and at the same time, better and better at what they do.

  • MacGoo

    And how does this natural world eliminate God? You’re talking about quantifiable, verifiable science – we both agree that this exists. I wouldn’t think to contest that.

    But using quantifiable scientific laws to illuminate the issue, and then relating it to much less concrete subjects like evolution and the origin of life is stretching the concept past its breaking point.

    You seem to think I’m ignorant about science, when I’m not. I understand it quite well. I just happen to give credit to God for its origination, where you (no matter how much you try to avoid it) must give credit to chance.

  • jamesbarsby

    How can a god create science, that doesn’t make any sense.

    Science is: “the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment”.

    It is the way humans find out what is actually true. As opposed to religion, which is jumping to conclusions or just making stuff up and then using various psychological tricks to get other people to agree with you. Like praying on their fears and insecurities, and making sure you teach them the idea of god from an early age. 

    The point I was making in my last comment, was that things like stella nucleosynthesis and chemical reactions, have to happen in the way they do… there is no other possible outcome. If you insist on calling inevitability ‘chance’ then how am I possibly going to argue with that kind of wilful denial of the facts?

    Talking about wilful denial… Evolution is observed scientific fact. Unless you are an American republican or an Islamic extremist pretty much everyone on Earth (including some of the greatest scientific minds in human history) accept that.

    Science shows (and backs up with evidence) how everything we observe in nature works and came about, without the intervention of a human-like mind. So what exactly did your god do? We know he wasn’t involved in the formation of the stars, the galaxies, the planets, the elements, chemicals, self-replicating molecules, the countless forms of life. We have much better and rational explanations for all of those things.

    It’s also obvious why humans have difficulty coming to this realisation as we have conscious decision-making minds and have a really bad habit of assuming everything has to work the same way we do. We’ve been doing this for millennia. If a volcano erupts, primitive man assumed we must have ‘angered’ the mountain god. See what I mean? 

    We project human emotions and reasoning onto inanimate objects. But emotions make absolutely no sense outside of an individual with a physical body, and a brain that releases neurotransmitters, adrenaline etc.

    The idea of God basically stems from humanities ego problem. We just can stand the idea that the universe wasn’t created by someone like us. We also want there to be someone that we can defer responsibility to. We really don’t want to be in charge of what happens in our lives, we don’t want to grow up, we want a father figure to look out for us and be nice to us when we mess up.

    But it just isn’t true. All the thousands of gods that we have invented to fill that role in our lives are all made up.

    Especially the psychotic ego manic Yahweh, who supposedly insists on forcing people to worship him and follow a very obscure and often contradictory rule book, filed with prejudice, sexisum and hate… and even if you are the kindest most loving person in history, you will be tortured forever unless you believe in him with zero evidence.

    Even if I could believe such ridiculous nonsense, I wouldn’t worship Yahweh on generally principle, as he is clearly the most evil character I could possibly imagine.

    Look, I’m going to give up now, because religion has absolutely nothing to do with logic. It is about personal desire… and you simply don’t ‘want’ to live in a world without magic. 

    It is clear that you will not even consider the purely natural world that I have described. To be honest I don’t even know why you have carried on this conversation. It’s been interesting for me at least, so thank you for that. But this probably isn’t the best place for such a detailed debate and we (..well mostly me ;-) have well and truly hijacked this post. ;0)

    Enjoy having the final word. I hereby concede defeat.

  • Ben

    Remember, she may be crazy, but God loves her too.

  • JeffCseattle1

    Lmao.. In regards to the photo above … I sure did read of any takers or see anyone forming a line behind her ….. Ewwww that be a job I’d never wish on anyone
    So glad I’m gay :)
    Jeff c

  • JeffCseattle1

    Maybe I explained my point wrong
    I guess what’s the difference between me being in love with someone and you being in love or having feelings for someone and really it’s no one business what another persons sexual belief are
    As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone
    I guess I’m saying you and I are NO different in gods eyes ! And neither one of us should judge the other one

  • JeffCseattle1

    He has probably tried it and just trying to hide his real desire from his fellow protesters and church Members
    But Any given week night he sneaks off the the local bathhouse and joins in with his wedding ring hidden in his pocket

  • JeffCseattle1

    You are sooo two faced , but God said not to judge so I can’t.
    But read what you wrote and then read your reply !! And hopefully you will understand what everyone is replying about
    How you can say you loved your gay friends and make a statement like you did is very sad!!!
    I pray if you have children that your able to teach them not to judge and make the comments you made
    I have 3 kids who know I’m Gay and they have No problem with it !!
    All 3 of them are straight and my daughters husband and my sons Girlfriends accept me

  • bondr006

    You sound like one of those people with an entitlement attitude that thinks the world owes you something. Respect is earned my friend. Love is freely given. Just because you love someone does not mean that they are entitled to respect for everything they do. I love my wife dearly, but she has a few disgusting habits that I sure don’t love. And since you mentioned that you believe in God. Is he two faced for loving the sinner, but hating the sin? Like I said, everyone has the right to like or dislike anything they want.

  • JeffCseattle1

    No I don’t believe that 100% but I do feel that’s true in someways and besides why are people so afraid of gay people !
    We are no different then anyone else except we are attracted to the same sex
    Our dreams desires and needs are all the same !!
    Why don’t people move out of the dark ages and realize all this effort is just fueling protester like these people holding the picket sign
    I wonder how many of you people at one time had sex with the same sex then afterwards went home too your wife and family ( a lot more then you think ) now that’s a shame !! Living a lie