Apple Announces Record-Breaking Mac Sales for Q4 2011



Apple today announced its most recent quarterly earnings for the fourth fiscal quarter. Despite missing Wall Street projections for the first time since 2002, Apple saw incredible growth in multiple areas, including record-breaking sales for the Mac.

760,000 more Macs were sold than any other previous quarter. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that sales were largely fueled by MacBook Air and MacBook Pro sales, with growth in Asia also contributing to the Mac’s continued success.

4.89 million Macs were sold in Q4, beating the previous record of 4.13 million sold. This brings the fiscal year’s total Mac sales to 16.8 million.

Over 6 million copies of OS X Lion have been downloaded. Apple is approaching 60 million Mac users worldwide.

Tim Cook noted that Mac sales were “almost unbelievable” when compared with continued growth in the iPad market.