Samsung Uses iPhone Screenshot in Galaxy Player 5.0 Promo



Sometimes is seems as though Samsung puts its greatest efforts into causing a ruckus with Apple’s legal team. The Korean electronics giant is already involved in countless legal spats with Apple for allegedly copying the iPhone and iPad, but it continues to closely follow Apple’s products… or just rip them off completely.

It’s USB charger, for example, is an exact replica of Apple’s, only in black instead of white. It recently littered one its retail stores with a bunch of Apple icons for the App Store and Safari. And its latest trick? Using an iPhone screenshot to sell its Galaxy Player 5.0 media device.

The screenshot Samsung has used is an “ever-so-slightly modified rip-off” of the Maps app on Apple’s iPhone, which was taken from a blog post by Laura Scott published in 2008. And when we say “slightly modified,” we mean all Samsung has actually done is remove Apple’s status bar from the top of the screen and replaces it with a status bar of its own.

It was first picked up by Daring Fireball’s John Gruber, via Jeremy Phillippe, and we’re still trying to work out what on Earth Samsung is thinking. With all of these allegations from Apple that it is ripping off its iOS devices, Samsung isn’t helping itself by… well… ripping off Apple’s iOS devices.

  • FriarNurgle

    Samsung wins the Epic Troll award. 

  • Guest

    “Sometimes is seems”
    “is” should be “it”.

  • Fitz

    Wow…well at least the map is of one of the coolest places in Colorado!

  • Wes

    And people wonder why Apple is suing them…..

  • Max


  • Travisharger


  • Phil


  • Ictus75

    Ahhh, Samsung is not helping defend itself against Apples “copycat” law suits & injunctions. Maybe Apple should just buy Samsung and be done with all this…

  • joewaylo

    Apple can’t sue for patent infringement as it’s Google’s property anyways. It’s a lease to run the Maps app. That’s why there’s a Google copyright on the bottom left corner.

    The only thing they can really sue for is the search bar and if they used the bottom buttons which are Apple’s patents. Google owns the main supply for their Maps to Apple and is paid a lump sum of several million dollars to house a service link to Google’s Maps for iOS.

  • supertino

    Even the other pictures used on that webpage are straight ripoffs. For instance, does the battery icon remind you of some other phone’s battery icon:

  • prof_peabody

    Not true technically.  Google “powers” the map app in iOS but the app itself is designed and made by Apple.  The markers on the map, the presentation of it, all Apple design.  But you are totally right that no one is going to sue over this.  

  • Abs223

    Sumsung is teasing apple. but thief is thief.

  • SUSAN7645

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  • Axekoyo

    Samsung is a perfect joke in MBA classroom

  • Rutr000

    Funny. Efrain’s II is probably the best Mexican restaurant in Boulder.

  • God

    Sometimes people like *you* should just shut *your* mouth.

    It’s a blog, that sometimes has spelling errors, not the New York Times. Get a life.

  • Ed_Kel

    In all fairness to Samsung, the picture of the Apple Icons behind a Samsung product display weren’t from a Samsung exclusive store. It was a Samsung display inside a retail store that sold all kinds of phones, including Apple. Someone correct me if I’m wrong on this as I’m too lazy right now to do the research.. : )

  • equalunderthelaw

    The referenced webpage… has
    NOTHING to do with the new Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 and 5.0 released
    this in the US on Oct/16/2011.  Granted, Samsung’s naming convention,
    “50” vs. “5.0”, is confusing because the “5.0” is the newer and more
    advanced product.  Granted, Samsung should have caught the mistake back
    in 2008… 2008 folks.  This is old news.  The new Samsung Galaxy Player
    4.0 and 5.0
    (… both have
    hardware features that trump Apple’s iPod Touch 4th Gen .  Check out the
    specs and see for yourself
    (….  Not even an old “scandal”
    can hide that fact.

  • Len Williams

    The graphic designer got lazy and found a maps screenshot and didn’t bother to verify that it was a Samsung app. It’s yet another black mark against Samsung for their lack of attention to detail–well, any detail that Apple hasn’t already sorted out.

  • James McGhie

    Yeah, but Apple could sue for the use of their UI … see the text entry/search field at the top? iOS.

  • shherr

    lol. clearly this is just an advertising dept fail. Verizon’s done the same shit in the past.

    moving on…

  • Geemeyseven

    Galaxy Player 5. 0 has a very good COPY-PASTE feature..not sure if it is protected by SAME SOON PATENT.

  • Anupam Singh

    Did you by the way know that the MAPS app in iphone Is a google property. Get over the bias. Even if it’s copied, it’s google they have copied from, not Apple