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Samsung Uses iPhone Screenshot in Galaxy Player 5.0 Promo



Sometimes is seems as though Samsung puts its greatest efforts into causing a ruckus with Apple’s legal team. The Korean electronics giant is already involved in countless legal spats with Apple for allegedly copying the iPhone and iPad, but it continues to closely follow Apple’s products… or just rip them off completely.

It’s USB charger, for example, is an exact replica of Apple’s, only in black instead of white. It recently littered one its retail stores with a bunch of Apple icons for the App Store and Safari. And its latest trick? Using an iPhone screenshot to sell its Galaxy Player 5.0 media device.

The screenshot Samsung has used is an “ever-so-slightly modified rip-off” of the Maps app on Apple’s iPhone, which was taken from a blog post by Laura Scott published in 2008. And when we say “slightly modified,” we mean all Samsung has actually done is remove Apple’s status bar from the top of the screen and replaces it with a status bar of its own.

It was first picked up by Daring Fireball’s John Gruber, via Jeremy Phillippe, and we’re still trying to work out what on Earth Samsung is thinking. With all of these allegations from Apple that it is ripping off its iOS devices, Samsung isn’t helping itself by… well… ripping off Apple’s iOS devices.