Londoners Go Mad for the iPhone 4S on Launch Day [Gallery]


Image courtesy of Pocket-lint
Image courtesy of Pocket-lint

Londoners who can’t wait to get their hands on the new iPhone 4S have been forming huge queues outside of Apple’s Covent Garden and Regent Street retail stores this morning, hoping to get their hands on the latest device before they’re all gone. Here’s a few snaps from the U.K. stores.

Image courtesy of Pocket-lint
Image courtesy of Pocket-lint
Image courtesy of the Daily Mail
Image courtesy of the Daily Mail
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  • berianlowe

    I was in Birmingham. The queues were insane. They sold out of the 16gb White after 10 minutes of opening, and after waiting 2 hours in the queue, I got to the doors, and was told they had sold out of the 16gb black.

    The staff were brilliant, and although I didn’t manage to get my hands on a 4s from there today, I did manage to get a few iFives from the Apple staff!

  • Laz

    2 months ago they had baseball bats in their hands instead

  • Tom Rymasek

    If I was there I’d buy as a first and smash it on the pavement… and then… probably I’d be lynched by infuriated mob of belivers ;) 

  • Lol

    apple store pakistan

  • James Beer

    O2 are a bloody joke. the moment it hit 8am there phoneliones went down and have been down all day. Do they not think ahead and prepare for the biggest demand in history? I think I might switch to Vodafone today >:(

  • american

    and last weekend they ramraided the Covent garden store, probably cos they didn’t the chance in August

  • MarkJ

    Liverpool pics here

  • Clare Willison

    Anyone else with a regular iphone4 having problems reading this? Reading formatting code isn’t my strongest point!

  • God

    I’m just as excited to get my phone via delivery today as anyone, but does the guy coming out of the store really need to raise the phone to show everyone else he got it. Just screams asshole. Get your phone, enjoy it and let that be the end of. Yeah you dumb Brit, you’re the champion.

  • God

    And now I can catch our ‘Furry’ get togethers in 1080P. Thank you Apple!

  • 5imo

    switch to three, great coverage with great network, Unlimited data, best allowances