How to Put Newsstand in a Folder [iOS Tips]


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Apple released Newsstand as one of the many new features in iOS 5 yesterday. Newsstand delivers subscription content from publications that have partnered with Apple in the App Store.

You can learn more about Newsstand here, but this time around we’re going to learn how to put Newsstand in a folder on iOS 5.

The problem with Newsstand is that you can’t get rid of it if you don’t want it. Although Newsstand looks like an app in iOS 5, it’s actually just a fancy folder that updates automatically with new subscription content you pay for.

A lot of people like Newsstand, but many will undoubtedly want to hide it in another folder. The problem is that, without the handy tip we’re about to show you, you can’t put Newsstand in another folder. Without a jailbreak, you can’t put a normal folder within a folder in iOS.

To put Newsstand in a folder, you need to be fast. You have to create a new folder by dragging one app onto another. As the folder is being created, drag Newsstand into the folder. Presto!

Note that you will have to drag Newsstand while the create folder animation is taking place. If you’re quick enough, you can store Newsstand away in a dark and lonely place.

Once you place Newsstand in a folder, you can’t open it again. If you try to open Newsstand while it’s in a folder, your SpringBoard will crash and your iOS device will reboot. But hey, at least it’s put away in a folder now!

(via The Coding Massacre)

  • George Moore97

    What good is that if it doesn’t work afterwards?

  • Boejurt


  • nthnm

    You expected a useful tip from CoM?

  • Francisco J Leon


    I don’t care is not useful again because I’m not a subscription magazine guy, and this way I can put it away, because having it just standing empty is kinda lame. Besides, by just dragging it out of a folder works again.

  • Kevin Dahl

    Thanks, it worked! Also you cant see Newsstand in the folder unless you opened the folder.

  • fahad Amin Khan

    That is really genius of you to help us get rid of Newsstand, it was UN-necessarly occupying place 

  • Benjamen Scott

    If you don’t want it in the folder anymore, it seems that you can drag it out as if it were a normal app, and it’s fully functional again. It’s just rendered useless while actually in the folder.

  • John Branham

    wow so cool this is useless if I don’t jailbreak…. you could definitely specify that in your titles, I always click to read articles of tips for iPhone and then it barely even suggests i need to be jailbroken. be specific. this article only says “jailbreak” and “springboard” once… 

  • Benjamen Scott

    This was really helpful, I had it put on a back page of it’s own. I think that Apple should include it as an option in a future update since it’s not for everyone, obviously.

  • Carterh63

    Yes, actually.

  • Theyseeyoutrollin


  • ZeeKazim

    No need to jailbreak, I just did it on my iPhone 4!
    It makes it unusable, though…

  • Caleb White

    you don’t need to be jailbroken to make it work. plus, nowhere in here does it say you have to be jailbroken. you should try it before you go hating on the writer.

  • Marty Thurber

    Cotton Pickin it worked.

  • SevanGrim

    thank you SOOO MUCH! How is it that you are always so helpful, and Brownlee is always a migraine inducing tool?

  • Chris Cummings

    Wow… Read the article. It says you don’t have to jailbreak.

  • Anipz Raymond

    merge two apps, quickly hold newstand, invisibly drag newstand into folder and boom !

  • Brian0505


  • joewaylo

    Can’t blame you. I don’t like magazine subscriptions either. $5-10 a month each magazine and $20 a month for newspapers. Forget that.

  • Adileuterio

    I wonder how the first guy figured this out…

  • SSL4AJ

    This works for folder in folder too but still crashes.  

  • Signup7883

    Some subscriptions are much cheaper than $5- $10 a month. You can get them for about $7- $15 a year.

  • Larry Luk

    Thank you so much for this tip! Newstand is totally unnecessary for me. I don’t read content that way and I’m just happy to get this useless “app” off my homescreen. 

  • John Branham

    oh my bad, i definitely read that wrong…. but still lame it corrupts the app..

  • Vilnius Nic

    Great tip-thanks.  And yes, Apple, please make this an optional folder in future.  WHAT is the point of creating a Newsstand folder that doesn’t contain news items such as BBC, UK newspapers etc.  It’s not so much a News folder as a General magazine folder.

  • Nflfan2418

    If you take it out of the folder you can use it again tards