Early iOS 5 Installation Problems Surface As Upgraders Cannot Restore/Update Their iPhones [Updated]



Users are reporting problems when they try to update their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to iOs 5 today. A plethora of reports are popping up about the problem this afternoon as many users complain about the problem they are encountering.

The problem according to reports is during the process wherein iTunes contacts Apple’s server to verify and activate the iOS 5 update process. It appears that the main problem is due to Apple’s servers being overwhelmed by the number of requests being made at the same time. Apparently some users are reporting successful updates while others are not, but only after trying 10 or more times.

If you are getting “An internal error occurred” along with a code of (3200) while upgrading to iOS 5.0 it is because Apple’s servers are getting slammed and you’ll either have to wait until later or keep trying to update your iPhone.

If you haven’t already started to update your iPhone you might want to wait until either tomorrow or later this week. If you decide to wait why not sit down with your favorite beverage, browse through our iOS 5 coverage and read our iOS 5 review.

Updated 10/12/2011 at 5:52 PM PDT: It looks like Apple TV users trying to update to the latest version of iOS for their devices are looking at download times of up to seven or eight hours. In my case the last time I checked my Apple TV stated the restore would take eight hours. What an incredibly insane week it has been for Apple and its customers.


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651 responses to “Early iOS 5 Installation Problems Surface As Upgraders Cannot Restore/Update Their iPhones [Updated]”

  1. pfobes says:

    I keep getting error 3194 on my Verizon iPhone 4. any help?

  2. Guest says:

    BlackBerry and Apple crumble

  3. Connor Tubridy says:

    iPhone 4 update worked perfectly.
    iPad 2 update hit the error. Switched USB ports. Restarted everything. Hit Restore. Worked.

    Now if I could only get MobileMe to migrate to iCloud. Still getting an error there.

  4. Therreria says:

    It took me 3 tries and two hours to finally upgrade to iOS5.  It’s still in the “restoring iPhone apps” portion.  I hope to be using iOS5 shortly…

  5. Cody Frisby says:

    Very frustrating.  I’ve tried three times with iPad 2 and four with Verizon iPhone.  Still no luck

  6. Cosmin Paul says:

    it works just fine if u update ur mac to the latest version of the OS. I had the same problem and the moment my mac updated to 10.7.2 it worked like a charm

  7. randall says:

    Just another reason I’m glad I download the GM last week :] but I’ve had a couple friends with this problem. Good luck to everyone updating today, keep trying :]

  8. Wayne_Luke says:

    No problems updating or restoring but everytime I try to login to something iCloud related it asks me to input my email twice then tells me it is already in use and can’t be used.

  9. ksdulin says:

    If I downloaded the iOS 5 GM last wednesday, is there any need for me to update? as in is not the same stuff? I’ve tried updating and it just says that I am running the current version… 

  10. Miron Pingel says:

    have the same problem … ill keep trying …

  11. Joaquin Naranjo says:

    Just keep trying, i was able to upgrade after 20+ tries :P / http://cl.ly/Au3Z proof.

  12. T_raghubar says:

    yea this sucks apps does not work at all

  13. Miron Pingel says:

    Third try now it works :)

  14. Anthony Fear says:

    I ‘UnSynched’ everything with my device – so it freed up all the memory – then it worked! 

  15. Luke says:

    trying once again…. hopefully it will work this time 

  16. prof_peabody says:

    If you don’t know the answer to this question, you shouldn’t be running iOS betas.  

  17. mika says:

    worked for me after 3.5hrs, 4 attempts. worth the wait!

  18. Matt says:

    I updated the Lion update. Then I uninstalled everything from my phone. After trying about 20 times to get the update to go through, it finally did. I’m up and running now on iOS 5.

  19. prof_peabody says:

    This is the “same old story” to some degree.  launch day is always full of people having enormous problems and blaming it on Apple without giving any real details.  

    When the details come in a day or so later, it usually turns out that they didn’t follow the directions, were using an inexpertly jailbroken device or any of a hundred other reasons that are basically their own fault.  

  20. prof_peabody says:

    This is the “same old story” to some degree.  launch day is always full of people having enormous problems and blaming it on Apple without giving any real details.  

    When the details come in a day or so later, it usually turns out that they didn’t follow the directions, were using an inexpertly jailbroken device or any of a hundred other reasons that are basically their own fault.  

  21. Raja Nerella says:

    put in airplane mode, turnoff your security and upgrade it worked for me

  22. Johnny Vanhyfte says:

    I gave it up. Tried about 150 times but keep getting error message. iPhone is bricked now. Will try to get some sleep and try again tomorrow.

  23. Fitz says:

    Im trying for the 3rd time…I’m also on a public school (work) connection, so you can only imagine how long it’s taking me!  Ahhh, go faster please!

  24. MarkBoston says:

    UGH! I’m having this problem.  Have tried several times, and now all the apps seem to be all over the place.  Should I just keep trying?  I’m glad that at least I’m not the only one having these issues.

  25. erfon elijah says:

    i finally got it working but there issues don’t stop there.  now iCloud is dumping all my folders and putting all apps on screen after screen

  26. Pakclarke says:

    About the eight try … downloading now :)

  27. Andy Murdock says:

    Everything worked perfect on the first try, ios5 and iCloud.

  28. rolffz says:

    no problems here….mine is running 100%

  29. Gunsur says:

    i updated and backed up but when i started again iTunes backed up from my august back up not  todays backup. i found my original back up but i don’t know how to restore from there 

  30. David Salzberg says:

    Dang….It bricked my iphone 4.  I am having to do a complete restore.  I wish I waited.

  31. DavidWMartin says:

    Just an FYI…iOS 5, iTunes Match and iCloud  or some combination of the three made me have to recreate my icon and folder placement on my iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Additionally problems with Music Match forced me to rebuild portions of my iTunes library which would no longer sync with my iPad classic.

  32. DavidWMartin says:

    I don’t think so, but I haven’t seen the build number on the version of iOS 5 everyone is downloading yet.

  33. MarkBoston says:

    Tim Cook- this is very very bad.  I’m sure IOS5 would be great, if we could download it.  Failed for the fifth time.  This time I couldn’t even get to the server- all this after spending 20 minutes backing up.  UGH.  Nightmare.

  34. Francisco J Leon says:


  35. ifuckyourmind says:

    gm is final. as a developer you should know your build versions you use..

  36. Alex says:

    kept getting error 3004 after 10+ attempts and has just now forced my phone into recovery mode and won’t allow me to restore to iOS 4. any similar stories?

  37. Muyxy says:

    starting to hate Apple. had the same frustrations with the Lion upgrade

  38. Christopher Martone says:

    Maybe they’re just updating it wrong :)

  39. Rhon says:

    It took me at least 20 attempts. Downloading was fast, but upgrading seemed impossible because of an “internal error” which obviously had to do with the verifying process. Finally it worked all out.

  40. ksdulin says:

    well it was the GM so I figured it was close enough to release for me to download with out know much about this stuff!

  41. Francisco J Leon says:

    Since this is a big update to the iOS, I decided to do a full restore and set up as new device, giving up all my backups and data. I want it to run error free.

    But I was having some problems… After downloading the update software (about 15mins), the installation or update just doesn’t work. After the third fail attempt, I unplug everything from my laptop (Windows 7 with SP1 and all updates) and then disable antivirus and firewall, then the installation or update was finally successful.

    So… if you are having problems with the update of your iDevice, unplug everything except the iDevice USB and disable your antivirus and/or firewall. After the update and setup of your iDevice you can enable your security software and plug-in all your stuff.

    Hope this was useful ^_^

  42. James Stacy says:

    I was getting an error message when it came to installing the update, after 3 times, left the iphone plugged in, did a rest (hold power & home button) and that fixed it.  Might help some!

  43. doucie1 says:

    Mine works fine now. It took about 8 tries though. I guess we should all be more patient!!

  44. josephgobbels says:

    if you don’t update to final, you won’t get over the air updates

  45. Vicente says:

    PERSISTENCE and patience are key on Launch Day.

    Had to try 6 times but got my iPad 1 to upgrade.
    Same with iCloud, took about 6 tries.
    Still working on the iPhone 4.

    Sadly, the “check with server” step only occurs AFTER the backup so repeating this loop can take a while if you have a bunch of stuff on your phone.

  46. sam_max says:

    There are sooo many people who have been inconvenienced by this update, not only so much time but it’s such a frustrating thing to experience. In fact you see this poll on http://bit.ly/opZJiH that tonnes are people have not managed to install the os successfully as yet!

  47. Bling18 says:

    has anybody been having 3014 erros?

  48. Abean1 says:

    Took me 34 tries and 15 calls to apple to get off the apple loading screen….. Still having problems updating

  49. Longfellow says:

    What on earth did Apple expect? That, having hyped up this release, people wouldn’t try to update? A little basic planning and increase of capacity on their verification servers would have been nice. Disappointed about iPhone 5 last week, disappointed about iOS5 now. What next?

  50. tekunoloji says:

    3200 error for me too

  51. tekunoloji says:

    I’ve got 32GB of data to back up. I tried 4x. FAIL.

  52. Jonathan de Winter says:

    It’s all Tim Cook’s fault yo

  53. Black Campbell says:

    It wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have to go through the bloody glacial backup of the device (ipad 2) before it could get to the “oh, we’re swamped” error code.

  54. mikkeee says:

    The 7th time was the charm for me.

  55. MikeP says:

    let’s be honest though, this simply isn’t good enough. Every time they do a major update it they know it’s going to happen. It should give you the option to backup once it has already made a backup that day… it’s crazy that it tries to validate AFTER the backup and extract. Echo Longfellow… it’s disappointing and poor from Apple again.

  56. Josh Hummel says:

    So 5 attempts, numerous error messages and thinking I had to restore my phone and start all over , the phone pops up with iOS 5.  Far from the cleanest install I’ve ever completed….but looks like it’s done.

  57. Kafilini says:

    I was up at 5:00am Australian time, worked a treat. I guess I’d rather be sleep deprived than not update my phone :)

  58. AnthonySmith says:

    my camera app did not appear on the lock screen after download and it said it was a sucessful upgrade….. any ideas?

  59. Gian Centeno says:

    Why is this happening to us?!

  60. ginkgo74 says:

    First try – worked flawlessly

  61. Hoho says:

    sigh. I got it too. It seems that as soon as Steve Jobs died, apples luck is running out.

  62. Bob BRent says:

    I too had the multiple corruption failures not only for iOS 5 but the latest Mac OS X updates to OX 10.6.8 Snow Leopard.
    After an hour or more of trying it dawned on me that BOTH were being corrupted so I tried them one at a time and voila… installed Mac OS X updates, then after restart installed iOS 5 update successfully too.
    That said this is a nuclear update, it backs up your iOS device, restores it to factory, then updates the firmware, OS software and restores your apps, music, photos, etc. so expect a long downtime unlike X.1 updates.

  63. ray says:

    You have to double click the home button at the lock screen for it to appear.  That’s the ONLY way.  

  64. Egg1 says:

    Wow, the restore (hold down power and home buttons until it resets) worked. I tried about 25 times and tried it and right after that it worked perfectly.

  65. Richard says:

    Took me over an hour to get the update to properly update.  If it fails try restarting itunes and restart your computer.  Make sure your iphone is connected to your usb then when computer starts just retry the update.  The process does take a while since it has to back up your apps, contacts and music.  I got it to work and the notification badges is currently my favorite feature of iOS 5.

  66. Iaian7 says:

    I had a fatal error the first time I tried updating, but rebooting the system fixed it. Still incredibly slow (reloading a 32Gb iPhone 4 is taking several hours), but working.

  67. JonathanM says:

    you’re an idiot…

  68. gasport says:

    Give them a break.   Took me three tries on the iPhone but successful.  iPad was one try.  Try again tomorrow.

  69. Erincaruthers says:


  70. Vince says:

    yeah.. havent found any solutions yet =/

    edit: 5 tries later it finally works

  71. Cardio says:

    try number 57. This is really bad……….

  72. ricsan50 says:

    Phone completely bricked.  Now I have nothing!!

  73. Guest says:

    Yes, got the same thing.  But finally was able to restore after about 8 attempts and now restoring from my backup.  Fingers crossed…

  74. ZappCatt says:

    “An error occured while trying to restore this phone”

    So, while I don’t have a brick, I have a stock Apple iPhone 4….
    No idea how “server load” would affect the local restore of my phone..

  75. prof_peabody says:

    Problems of this type are almost always the users fault or simply the reality of millions upon millions of users accessing the same server.  

    Case in point: You can back up your device any time you want any multiple number of times you want.  You just didn’t happen to know that.  

  76. Wes says:

    I got an Error Code 3014! After about my 17th try I finally got it! It’s just restoring from my backup! Hope this is it!

  77. Andrew says:

    Updated to the newest version of Lion but after iOS 5 downloaded and attempted to install I got a 3004 could not be restored error.  After another attempt it went into recovery mode and a factory restore led to error 3014.  So I can’t restore and the phone’s basically just sitting there with the plug in to iTunes picture.  Do I keep attempting restore?

  78. Jchristy27 says:

    “An error occured while trying to restore this phone” (-1) is what I get during the restore.

    My phone is just stuck with a dimly lit Apple symbol.

    Apple, it just works

  79. Cardio says:

    computer: updating to ios 5
    me: yes! it’s finally here!
    Computer: error 3200. unable to restore
    Me: DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Erincaruthers says:


  81. Srferg says:

    I’m getting error code 3400. What is it?

  82. Swati says:

    I am facing the same problem, not able to update to ios 5. Gives me error 3004.tried 4-5 times, no luck. Not able to use phone, now restoring back to 3.4.5 . Lets see if it works, will keep you guys posted.

  83. Gen Arron J Hunt says:

    I was able to update to iOS5 on my iPhone4, Wife’s iPhone4, iPad2, and both iPod Touch 4’s. Never ran into any snaggs, worked remarkably well. 

  84. Swati says:

    ***Correction ios version 4.3.5 .

  85. Alan Christensen says:

    This is why I’m not an early adopter on anything. Let all the impatient people discover the problems first while I wallow in my smugness.

  86. Jinxed says:

    lol. how many people are updating? about my hundredth try, and it’s still error3200

  87. Smellowship says:

    After 10 tries mine Just crashed and did a factory restore :-(

  88. Bitter Witch says:

    I’m getting the exact same error, not this error 3200 like everyone else.  What the crap?

  89. Scott Ronan says:

    This always happens when they do a major update,  I’ll stick with the 5.0 GM beta for now

  90. Germainjackson says:

    I am getting error 3194

  91. Sbmorar says:

    try millions.

  92. Hprater says:

    really? If it makes you this upset why do you even bother? At least they are giving the update to everyone besides the iPhone 4S and they aren’t making us pay for it. Go back to pc/android products if you are that angry. 

  93. Jinxed says:

    If you’re updating, like this comment

  94. DrBob69 says:

    I’ve had several different error messages including this. I think it all amounts to the same problem with apple servers. Hey, As I try for the 15th time, suddenly it is retoring and updating. Persevere, it will work!!! Good luck

  95. Srferg says:

    What is 3400?

  96. Ttlajfdnkjdf says:

    holy shit! It finally worked!

  97. Markcarroll says:

    Been at this for 2 hours and my phone is wiped and won’t restore. Ridiculous stuff from Apple. This should not be happening to anyone, if there are this many issues with the update Apple should pull the plug until they can’t provide a decent update process that won’t cost countless users hours of their time!!

  98. Ttlajfdnkjdf says:

    damn it didn’t work

  99. Koryukata says:

    Won’t even connect to the server???

  100. Jam says:

    Lucky you!

  101. DrBob69 says:

    oh dear! it looked so hopeful. 3/4 into finally updating firmware then froze and gave me 3194 error message!!!!!
    I will remain optimistic for another hour, then tomorrow I will grumpily remember I have no working phone!!!! AAAAaaaargh

  102. Gian Centeno says:

    OH MY GOD! It’s restoring!

  103. Adsad says:

    any1 else get stuck on “restoring iphone firmware” ?

  104. Black Campbell says:

    Missing the point. For the iPad you can’t NOT do a backup; it’s part of the process. Unfortunately, that means each time you try is 45 minutes to an hour just to get told there’s an issue.

    Yes, the servers are overloaded. Yes, you can wait a few days or weeks to upgrade. That’s not the point: you should not have to go through the same hoops just to hit a brick wall. Usually, Apple software’s a bit smarter than this; I would think it should be able to just ping another validation request.

  105. ttoony says:

    thanks for the post. I’ve been trying to figure out what’s the problem the last hour. I attempted on multiple computers to no avail. Apple should have been prepare for this onslaught of iOS 5 activation. Poor planning!

  106. Germainjackson says:

    I am thinking there’s something wrong with my Iphone.

  107. lrcarter says:

    I guess I was lucky.  I got it download after an hour and fifteen or so minutes (Started at 12:05 Central Time), it installed everything but wiped out my chit.  I had done a backup, but I had to manually pick and choose what I wanted synced on the phone (music, apps, etc.).  I think this is because I have an 8gig 3GS and the update is pretty big so there was not enough space to put everything back. I had 2.2 gigs free when I started the update.

  108. I Walker1175 says:

    I just done a full restore and it worked right away ! I hope that helps some of you I had been trying for about three hours doing this and just kept getting error 3200.

  109. Horcheta says:

    I would have to say iPads too…

  110. John Mozelewski says:

    I had to restore twice before it worked wow apple get ur servers working damn

  111. Jinxed says:

    shit! why can’t people get that stupid zune thingy:)

  112. Chris T says:

    I have the same problem.  Cant restore it at all.

    Does this mean we just have to wait till the servers can cope again

  113. Mitch Costa says:

    It tells me my iPad is “not eligible for the requested build”. Wtf? 

  114. Cardio says:

    cause the zune sucks monkey balls

  115. fatz says:

    i have the same problem completely wiped my phone and i cant get anythin back onto it not happy at all!!!!

  116. Jam says:

    Same here!!!

  117. W says:

    Scumbag iOS: Promises 5.0, says 3200

  118. Cardio says:


  119. fatz says:

    im getting that as well

  120. Cardio says:


  121. annoyingbird says:

    Man im glad its just not i have something wrong with my ipad and iphone! thanks for the informative post.

  122. Hampus says:

    You should have selected to set it up as the old device using that backup.

    If you connect to itunes and right-click the device you can select to restore from backup, that way you’ll get all your apps data back.

  123. Bitter Witch says:

    You would think Apple would be able to have working servers considering all of the money they make.  This is pissing me off. 

  124. Ed Huber says:

    On my third attempt my iPhone went into recovery mode. Now a useless phone, maybe for a week or so I am guessing with Apples track record as of late. I am pretty fed up with Apple these days!!!

  125. Simon David Michels says:

    I got the same error, i restored my iPad to Factory Settings and that got the job done. At first i thought maybe it might’ve been a problem with my latest software update, because i hadn’t updated to the latest 4.0 update for a while, and tried to go directly for the 5.0. Anyways, that might be a way out for those of you still trying.

  126. Hampus says:

    Yup pretty much

  127. Hampus says:

    Because you have to restore the a backup to it.
    Right-click the device in iTunes and select restore backup, choose the latest one and click OK.

  128. MikeP says:

    To get it to work, do a Restore to Factory Settings, select Do Not Backup and it’ll load iOS 5 on, then restore from the backups it’s been taking for the past few hours. It means you don’t have to back it up every time. I tried 14 times before reading about this, then it took 5 minutes…

  129. DrBob69 says:

    finally worked after another few tries. Such angst but for what I believe is the closest thing to a perfect phenominal bit of kit……all is forgiven!

  130. DrM47145 says:

    Hate U

  131. Hampus says:

    Unless the updated actually started (with a progressbar on the device) and you yanked the cable it isnt bricked. People use that term to lightly much.

    Just wait until the servers are up and working properly and you’ll be able to restore, don’t worry.

  132. Simon David Michels says:


  133. ttoony says:

    My iPhone 4 update was partially success talking to Apple’s server. During the restore process iTunes attempt to talk to Apple servers mutliple times. Due to Apple server overloaded the updates failed. My iPhone now thrown into endless boot (Apple logo and spinning wheel). Hopefully this did not fuck up my phone. I am so fucking piss right now, Apple.

  134. Ohnonono says:

    my phone is done for now. I’m a techie, followed the rules, and now my phone is broken? WHY!?!?!?

  135. RafaprimI says:

    I’m afraid I’m having too. A message like this appears: The [iphone’s name] cannot be restored. An internal error occurred.

    Someone save me, please!!

  136. Peteflanagan says:

    Why dont the fucksticks at Apple release their updates at about 3am in the US so now everyone in the world updates at the same time.

  137. Woody says:

    Just keep trying. The servers really are slammed.

  138. DrM47145 says:

    I H8 U

  139. DrBob69 says:

    oh dear! it looked so hopeful. 3/4 into finally updating firmware then froze and gave me 3194 error message!!!!!
    I will remain optimistic for another hour, then tomorrow I will grumpily remember I have no working phone!!!! AAAAaaaarghfinally worked after another few tries. Such angst but for what I believe is the closest thing to a perfect phenominal bit of kit……all is forgiven!

  140. J. Peterman says:

    i think i tried about 12 times. the last thing i did was close itunes, reset iphone (hold sleep + home button until apple logo shows), waited for iphone to be fully turned on, opened itunes and then hit update. i’m at the “Restoring iPhone software” stage.

  141. Jinxed says:


  142. DrM47145 says:

    The number between 3399 and 3401.

    Oh! You mean the Error #3400?

    Sorry dude… just bored while stuck restoring too… I share your pain. :-(

  143. Hampus says:

    Yea… right…
    You know, this happened with 4.0 too, and I’m pretty sure it did for 4.3 too and several earlier versions…
    Too many people trying to update all at once…

  144. DrBob69 says:

    especially as he invented the CAPs lock button!!

  145. suomynona says:

    i woke up at 4 in the morning for this?!

  146. John Branham says:

    My Problem. There’s about 9 gigs of OTHER on my iPhone supposedly, and I have it set to only upload CHECKED songs, but it appears it tries to load more than that…. 

    WTF is the OTHER stuff???

    it’s not even a server problem, it’s my iPhone/mac!!

    UPDATE: i unchecked “sync over wifi” even though i wasn’t syncing over wifi, and then all that OTHER storage went away… but i didn’t notice right away so that may not make the difference

  147. blehhhh says:

    well… well done you. you get to update about a thousand of your shit and i get to update absolutely nothing.

  148. Woody says:

    If your phone appears bricked, as long as you’re backed up, you’ll be able to do a full restore when the Apple servers ease up. It took me a long time on my iP4, other family members iPads (2), and (1) iPod Touch updated no problem. 

  149. Michael says:

    Scott, the download is the same build number as the GM.  Save yourself the time.  Wait for 5.0.1

  150. prof_peabody says:

    You *can* do a backup of any iOS device, any time you wish.  

    This includes iPads.  It’s a wise and very easy step to back the device up before you try updating it.  

  151. Gok says:

    Hi, I never used beta, I waited for iOs 5.

    first I lost my network, then I decided to do restore and  Now I face errors called 3004, 3014,  it is like a joke.

    I am so tired,

    Funny thing I can’t use my phone now. I have to solve this beforeI go to sleep

  152. Brad Jordan says:

    Bricked phone, at least for a while. Keep trying to restore the phone to factory settings, then it will restore from your last backup. It just takes a few tries to get connection to the very overloaded Apple servers! Keep at it!

  153. Hampus says:

    Seems my iPad isn’t an iPad then. It does a backup when I sync or manually tell it to but it didn’t do it at the beginning of the update/restore process.

    Also, have you got a filled 64gb version or what? I’ve filled most of my 16gbs and it doesn’t even take a minute to do a backup and I’m encrypting them…

  154. MarkoJ says:

    It gave me all kinds of errors,from 3200,3004,3014 to even 11 which cant be found in the support page of Apple.Just waiting :)Last one is 3014 :)

  155. DrM47145 says:

    I’m also stuck with a flashy paper weight too.

  156. MarkoJ says:

    same thing here,getting sleepy…

  157. Ihvifhrkjhfkee says:

    spent nearly five hours trying to download this shit. apple, right now.. you suck.

  158. Akiai says:

    Andy you should buy a lottery ticket….today is your lucky day:))

  159. DrM47145 says:

    You are indeed an idiot.

  160. DrM47145 says:

    You are indeed an idiot.

  161. Mako says:

     This is crazy Ive been trying to update since the release, now my phone is blank and I cant load ios 4 or 5 because the servers are overloaded nothing like having a phone that retails for $800+ that you cant use… right? lmao

  162. Hampus says:

    Just saying, but even after doing a full restore (which can be nice just to get a clean system) you can still restore a backup on there to keep all your app data.

  163. DrBob69 says:

    yeah I got that too!

  164. RafaprimI says:

    help usssss
    same exactly problem!!!

  165. Cnewmanx says:

    Took me 12 tries

  166. prof_peabody says:

    It worked for me without problems but I got my download early.  

    Some suggestions: 
    – Upgrade OS-X first (both versions, three files on two separate downloads if you are on Lion)
    – Upgrade iTunes
    – Back up all iOS devices (right click on the device in the iTunes sidebar and select “backup”)
    – Run Time Machine to back up the backups.
    – Do your iOS upgrades one device at a time.

    or you could be really smart and do it tomorrow instead when it won’t be such a big deal.

  167. J Harding95 says:

    tried to install iOS 4, failed. tried to restore, failed. now my iPhone isn’t even being recognised by iTunes, in such a bad mood its unreal 

  168. jbach67 says:

    I’ve been at it for at least 4 1/2 hours, but I upgraded my MacBook Pro, then my iPhone 4, and finally my iPad 2. The iPad 2 took the longest and gave me 3014 error at least 5 times. Finally its all working. I am downloading the iWork and iPhoto update. That download has taken about 2 hours.

  169. Ian1175 says:

    I hope this can help at least some of you ! the only way i could get it to work was by doing a full restore and the phone was put in airplane mode (got this from twitter) And it worked first time.
    But before this i was trying for at least three hours so frustrating i thought i had bricked the phone at one point :(

  170. waggle says:

    Anyone missing their MobileSync folders in Application Support? Cant find them either in main HD Library or user Library

  171. guest says:

    my iphone has the connect to itunes image on it and wont work…i get error 3400 when i try to restore and udpate, anyone know what this means or how to get around it because my phone is useless right now. I really dont want to call support either. 

  172. NL_84 says:

    That’s the problem, if the whole world weren’t trying at the same time it would be fine!

  173. the original iMac says:

    I’ve opted to download only for both iPhone (i have a 3gs but not for long!) and an iPad 1. will this cause the same problems than a download/update at the same time?

  174. iESmedia says:

    I’ve been at this for about 2 hours and I’ve tried updating 20-30 times. I still get the error message and it won’t restore afterwards. Hopefully it’ll work within the next hour or so.

  175. NL_84 says:

    Same, so frustrating.

  176. evm says:

    same problem and the apple store has no answers

  177. JR says:

    I’ve only been at this for one hour, but I’m starting to lose my mind…

  178. imani says:

    i keep getting error 3200, to make it worse i cant even use my phone as it is completely blank… how am i meant to solve this??

  179. baby_Twitty says:

    Users facing ‘error 3200’, please TRY AGAIN LATER.

    USERS WITH ERROR NUMBER SUCH AS 3002, 3004, 3013, 3014, 3015, 3194,9006, 9807, -9808, 9844, 4026xxxxx, Etc etc…. Please VISIT THIS LINK:


    GOOD LUCK!!!

  180. doucie1 says:

    You rang Apple 15 times – you must be retarded

  181. Guest says:

    I have the iOS 5 GM and am unable to download the final release because it says I’ve got the most up-to-date software already. I get the same message when from iTunes and she I try the OTA update. Anyone else getting this?

  182. Missy says:

    same :( stuck in recovery mode and can’t do anything. I want this working because I feel like my phone is bricked. Ahh and I need to go to sleep lol

  183. Guest says:

    Plug in your iphone.  Make sure iTunes is open.  Hold down the top and home button until it shuts off or restarts.  Release top button (continue holding home button).  iTunes should recognize it within a few seconds.  You’ll have to restore at that point.  

  184. Gyjgkjghjkjk says:

    I just updated my iPhone fine, but I keep getting this error on my iPad!! Ugh!!

  185. Shane Bryson says:

    Mine is now stuck in restore mode and I keep getting error 3014 nonstop. I can’t use my phone at all.

  186. Srferg says:

    SUCCESS!! It took about an hour and a half to connect to the server. It’s in the restoring apps phase. Just babysit it and ride it out.

  187. Alex Stewart says:


  188. Francisco J Leon says:

    yeah I know, but I prefer fresh new data to sync to the iCloud, besides I have a messy backup, all the data is as old as the iPhone 4, which is like what, like 15 months old, lol

    New iOS, New Data!!

  189. JR says:

    And if your firewall is and has been off??

  190. Chris ??? says:

    What about the error. This iPhone “Chris’ iPhone” could not be restored. This device isn’t eligible for the requested build

  191. Pvanross says:

    And your device works at the same speed as before or is it slower?

  192. Gok says:

    I finally did ‘restore’ . This time I see The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported  .

    so that means No Network !!!!
    and I never did jailbreak in my life

  193. Xx says:

    Apple SUCKS!!!

  194. Srferg says:

    I had the exact same issue. I just kept hitting restore in the iTunes window. After about two hours it finally connected to the server. Just be patient and keep trying. The servers are crippled right now.

  195. A6zj6 says:

    Same here…  Whatever happened to “it just works”???  Geez…

  196. Anthony M Perez says:

    Run the Software Update on your computer BEFORE doing anything.

    A. Start iTunes.
    B. Remove the checkmark for “Start iTunes when device connected…”
    C. Eject the iPhone
    D. Reconnect and retry

    Your iPhone may reboot 2 or 3 times, it’s okay.

    When it’s done, you are asked a few questions:
    1. Enable/Disable Location Services,
    2. Network (WiFi) Choice,
    3. Setup your iCloud account UN/PW,
    4. Backup all data now to the iCloud service,
    5. Activate “Find My iPhone”,
    6. Agree/Disagree to send random diagnostics to Apple.

    And a “Thank You”, and you’re setup on iOS5!

    Pretty cut and dry… also DO NOT remove the cable from your iPhone yet!

    (Check to see if the restore is STILL running in the background and wait till that is completed to remove the cable!!)

  197. Jpdids says:

    Keep trying guys, failed half way through the install and blanked my phone for me but have just managed to get it sorted after about 20 tries

  198. Alexander530 says:

    I’ve already updated both my ipad2 and ip4 to iOS5. It wasn’t smooth, but it’s done. My ipad2 updated after 2 tries. Got 1 “internal mesage” error, but was successful the 2nd try. Safari is significantly zippier. Although I notice a keyboard bug. It’s responsive, but it seems to not like typos. It gets frozen when you move the cursor to correct a typo. The easy fix is to hide the keyboard and turn it on again.

  199. suomynona says:

    …so…how’s life?

  200. Bitter Witch says:

    Doesn’t work.

  201. Longfellow says:

    Finally got my iPhone done! It only took 5.5 hours! Apple is not getting my iPad. I’m taking my life back.

  202. Mitch Costa says:

    It tells me my iPad is “not eligible for the requested build”. Help? 

  203. CharliK says:

    It’s day one and not even 12 hours in. WHY IS ANYONE SHOCKED BY THIS???

  204. CharliK says:

    Try backing up your iPhone’s data. make sure all purchases are transferred etc. and then do a factory restore. 

    but if your phone is actually working right now I would wait until much later today when the rush is quieter

  205. CharliK says:

    I’m sorry but if you were crazy enough to do this during the first 12 hours of a major software release you really have zero cause to be fed up with Apple. You basically set yourself up for disappointment.

  206. guest says:

    any work around for internal error? Also is it normal with that error to then have my phone just have that loading circle then i have to manually put it into restore mode to get the plug into itunes image.

  207. dbwie says:

    I turned off Little Snitch and my iPad 2 update went through.  Maybe just had luck validating on their server and it had nothing to do with Little Snitch… but something to try if you have Little Snitch and updating issues.

  208. CharliK says:

    They do have working servers but all the servers in the world will be overloaded when potentially millions of folks are hitting them at the same time. Remember every iPhone 3gs and 4 plus every iPad and iPod touch 4 is potentially wanting this software. 

  209. Goganon says:

    same problem, please say so if you find a solution!

  210. Goganon says:

    same problem, please say so if you find a solution!

  211. James says:

    Guys I just tried Ian’s suggestion and it worked first time, been trying to do this update for the last 3 hrs same error as most “internal error……”.
    if ur phone is blank and stuck you can potentially force it into recovery mode by powering off then power up whilst pressing both power and home button for about 20 seconds the phone should ask u to connect to itunes…(not g’teed to work but worth a shot)

    Method I used to bypass the error message..Thnx Ian

    I hope this can help at least some of you ! the only way i could
    get it to work was by doing a full restore and the phone was put in
    airplane mode (got this from twitter) And it worked first time.
    But before this i was trying for at least three hours so frustrating i thought i had bricked the phone at one point :(

  212. iESmedia says:

    Update: I was able to update after 2 hours and 30 minutes. This might help (probably won’t, but might): I did a backup on my iPad, then did a system restore (tried about 20 times), then finally worked. Afterwards, iTunes restored my iPad automatically. If you’re frustrated about the update, maybe this “might” work!

  213. Ron says:

    Yes, tried twice, same error on restore.  

  214. Ron says:

    What did you do differently to get the end result?

  215. CharliK says:

    as many as 100 million devices worldwide that can use the software. That’s why. 

    This is by far the one OS version that is a must have. And folks want it and want it now. Especially before the weekend when they figure all the iPhone 4s activations will clog up the system. 

    No server, no matter how awesome can handle the potential load. Hell even if the server can, there’s only so many connections the bandwidth can handle. 

    So some folks don’t get through, some get cut off in mid stream and so on 

  216. Danlif1 says:

    I have the same problem , it doesnt give me an error sign.. it just says connecting to iphone server and thats it

  217. Danlif1 says:

    cant even update my iphone 4.. all it says is contacting iphone download server, no error code nothing.. WHAT DO I DO? ive been waiting for ios 5 for soooooo long 

  218. Jakob Bakmann says:

    FML…….. this is ruining my evening… ill go to bed and solve it tomorrow :(

  219. Bitter Witch says:

    Putting the phone in Airplane Mode did nothing for me.

  220. Bitter Witch says:

    Because it never happened before.  THAT’S WHY WE’RE SO SHOCKED BY THIS.

  221. Bitter Witch says:

    And, actually, most people are just irritated, not shocked.

  222. Justin says:

    Done downloading the update now it says iPhone backing up…normal?

  223. Ryan says:

    It just (doesn’t) work(s)

  224. djs says:

    Steve wouldn’t like this. iMad

  225. Christian Radie says:

    got my ipad 2 on ios 5 it wasted my time trying so many times but it was worth it.

  226. Ohnonono says:

    no, just scheduled an appt. at the Genius Bar tonite. Sux royally!

  227. Lee Hankins says:

    I’d leave it until tomorrow.  Mine did that, all looked normal, iPhone screen changed to Apple logo with the loading icon then screen went blank.  iTunes continues to say ‘Verifying iPhone Restore with Apple’ and the iPhone screen has been stuck on the connect to iTunes icon for about 30 mins now.  I think it’s broken

  228. Gord111 says:

    I’ll do my part in relieving network congestion; I’m not downloading iOS 5.  I didn’t buy an Android.

  229. xentric says:

    help required , can’t get notifications on lockscreen, any ideas???

  230. suomynona says:

    itunes: verifying restore
    me: o_o…
    itunes: preparing for restore
    me: YEAAAAH!!! >:D
    itunes: verifying restore
    me: wait, wuh?! O_o
    itunes: error
    me: ._.
    at least i was close.

  231. Ghettoman says:

    If this shit happens tomorrow. Imma rage quit.

  232. Dominick says:

    Mine told me that I had to restore my ipod, then an “internal error” occurred. 

  233. JessetheBrain says:

    Well it is clear that Setve was the one keep these imbecils on check!  This NEVER happened before.  All my devices updates failed.  The system is so idiotic that it keeps backing up the devices even when it just completed a back up! 

  234. suomynona says:

    well, i’ve finally got it in after 3 and a half hours. i bid everyone good luck, and dont stop trying. :P

  235. Caseylott01 says:

    Ok, here is the story. I have the iphone 4. my computer broke a month ago. Did all this on my girlfriends computer.
    Went to download ios5 and it said to do it on my computer. I didnt. long story short, it basically went to me restoring my phone. It had been on “restoring iphone software” for hours. I called ATT and apple. They said just wait. I stopped it a few times by just unplugging it and plugging it back in ( I dont thinnk that was a good idea) At one point my screen went to a picture that I have never seen before(looked like a paused vhs tape with all sorts of colors). Got it back to restoring iphone software but again the bar is not moving past what it usually does.
     Help….. please and thank you

  236. Ghettoman says:

    You guys are probably pretty stressed right now, so I wanna relieve some stress

    SUCK IT     8========D

  237. Chris Alexander says:

    Top tech company in the world. Get your SH*T together 

  238. Cardio says:


  239. Penisman says:


  240. Thomas Shannon says:

    My install died half way into it and turned my iPod into a brick until I was able to get it to restore. And even that was a pain for the same reasons the update is.

  241. Wei Lik Lee says:

    Possible to get it back to iOS 4.3.5 so calls can be made and we can have a cup of java while waiting for iOS 5?

  242. Didile says:

    I haven’t had issue upgrading my iPhone 4 but my iPad 2 and iPod touch 4g were jail broken and had the internal error message 3200. If you have trouble, plug you I device to iTunes had put your I device in DFU mode And restore to factory default with the latest firmware aka iOS 5.

  243. brett says:

    well, my iphone 4 will not even turn on because apparently it is in recovery mode from having tried to update it multiple times and now it says that I must restore it but it will not allow me to restore because of this problem!!! furious right now.

  244. Didile says:

    Sorry for the typos…

  245. MacGoo says:

    Still, it doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in Apple and their capability to handle traffic (in situations like iCloud) when they can’t handle a launch without a lot of hiccups. That said, I will reserve judgement about this for a few days. It IS likely a majority of these problems are id10t errors.

  246. Wei Lik Lee says:

    YES!!! YES!!! Finally, I get it to work after the whole night toiling away, panicking, panting and wow! it’s so tiring. Damn, when you get it to work, it’s like getting a jackpot! Good luck guys!!

  247. elcapitainsengadget says:

    Steve’s gone and it’s all falling apart already. My iPad sat updating for about an hour, only to come up with ‘Internal error’, then iTunes on my Mac crashed. Restar did nothing, now it sits on ‘Backing up’ forever. Feels like we’re heading for MS experience here.

  248. lrcarter says:

    If your stuff is missing after the install it turns out that large block of “other” is reserved memory preventing your stuff from being synced after the upgrade.

    Do a sync to get your apps on. Get them in the folder they need to be in or the folders you had them in.

    Do another sync to get your music/videos/Podcasts back. All should be fixed.

  249. alexgsrubio says:

    iTunes did download the iOS 5, but didnt make the update due to error 3004. It say I need to restore, but it won´t let me. Now I am in recovery mode and neither can restore or update to iOS5… This “Just NOT works”… :(

  250. Philip Rodger says:

    Mine says that me device is not elegible for this build…. I have a first gen iPad. Anybody else having this issue or know how to fix it. I have tried to restore to factory settings and i get the same error message. Please help me!

  251. lrcarter says:

    You might not want to install on 1st gen iPad. It seems ios5 breaks multitouch gestures if you have it.

  252. zlatan v says:


    try this. solved mine, but still stuck in restore..

  253. payam says:

    After two hours of working on the iPhone 4 to make the upgrade, I eventually succeeded. I lost a few apps, which I had to install again manually. But a new problem has been showing up on my MBP. Since I updated my MBP as well, suddenly the screen goes black and nothing can be done. I have to restart the machine. anybody experiencing the same?

  254. zlatan v says:

    anyone stuck in ‘restoring iPhone software’ just at the end of iTunes progress bar for 20-30mins?

  255. Kilee Mchenry:) says:

    My iphone 4 has been syncing for 3 and a half hours… its been “backing up” the whole time with very little progress… WHAT DO I DO!?:(

  256. neorf matrix says:

    Me too now… :-(((

  257. knock knock says:

    ios 2.0

  258. N/ A says:

    been waiting almost 5 hours for it to download. tested today 25mbps down so apple’s definitiely overwhelmed. says it has anouther 63 minutes. 6 hours for a 762mb file? ridiculous!

  259. Bitter Witch says:

    Finally.  Just got it.

  260. Black Campbell says:

    Yeah, I’m quitting while I’m ahead. Don’t need this buggering up my machine, no matter how “awesome” it’s supposed to be. I just didn’t want to deal with that crappy iTunes for every little thng.

    iPad won me oner to Mac, but Lion’s heat problems and this fiasco are making me rethink Windows 7.

  261. osamaesso10 says:

    Found iOS 5 Jailbreak here

  262. Andrew says:

    took me awhile i finally got it
    my ipad  2 got it the first time
    and my 3gs took like 10 trys but it finally worked

  263. BIGMP says:

    me three this really blows

  264. Guest says:

    My iPad 2 updated very quickly and with no complications.  I am not going to press my luck with my phone since the new one will be here in a couple of days.

  265. Li says:

    I’ve been stuck in the verifying iPhone restore with Apple for over 2 hours.  Someone said it took them a long time too. 

  266. ftlld says:

    No problem with either iPhone4, but my wife’s iPad2 says it will take 4 hours to download.  Using that time to convert over my Mobile Me accounts to iCloud and update the music on my iPhone to the 128 kbps AAC

  267. Cmyeaw says:

    when i tried to update, it completely swiped my phone of everything and then told my that my SIm card was not valid, so i went and got a new phone today and just tried to update again and the same thing happened. 

  268. Dkettle says:

    Steve used to pedal the server gears.

  269. Archonx says:

    I’m getting this error

    An error occurred while restoring this iPhone (-50)

  270. Gursewak98 says:

    You can now successfully Start downloading ios5 without the interruptions of the error. Finally! Servers are probably recovering

  271. Jeff Mitchell says:

    I updated my MacBook Pro this morning around 10am PST and had zero issues.  I also had zero issues with my first gen iPad and 3rd gen iPod Touch.  I grabbed iOS 5 well before noon PST and saw nothing of these servers delays others are encountering. 

    Tomorrow I’ll probably try updating my wife’s iPad 2.  We’ll see how that goes, as I’ve been forbidden to do a clean install and must do an in-place upgrade. :) I wanted a clean start with iCloud, so I opted to clean my stuff off and start fresh.

  272. Jmagana88 says:

    It took met 4 tries to update my iPod touch. After the second try I deduced that Apple’s servers were probably being data-raped and took my time in trying a 3rd and 4th time. That is how popular iOS is.

  273. Renee Stromberg says:

    I’m getting stuck in the Backing up iphone stage. It just sits there forever. Should I just let it go over night?

  274. Pinilsfarina says:

    I suffered the same with my ipod Touch. I chose for a restore and the latest iOs was installed successfully!

  275. Lukas Winn says:

    I upgraded successfully to iOS5 but only issue I had was that App Store language was in German but pricing was in £’s (original Apple ID was registered in UK with UK based credit card).

    I know that I bought iMac from German Apple Store as i’m living abroad but strange that Apple now thinks i want to receive my App Store in German!  Currently going through Reset process…fingers crossed!

  276. Dennis says:

    My phone  failed to restore and now gives me  SIM not valid message –  never touched the SIM card since I bought the phone from ATT.   Apple could not fix it after an hour at the Genius bar… WTF Apple your update are usually smooth.  

  277. hausoftrinity says:

    It’s taken me hours to do all four of my devices and now my iPad (first gen) is stuck on the “waiting for sync” status after I’ve updated it and I’m all like “WHY?!”

  278. SevanGrim says:

    my ipod touch wouldnt update on myy new computer. I updated it to the first ios 5 beta way back when, and so i havent connected it to this computer until… today. The update wouldnt take, however, until i dug up my old broken laptop and updated all the apple software  (itunes and a then ios 5), AND THEN i had to factory restore my ipod touch before it would begin syncing properly with my new comp.
     bothersome to say the least. i was looking forward to having my phone AND my ipod again, but i had to spend the day with just my iphone….

  279. Anonymous says:

    I connected my iPhone to my iMac, opened iTunes and updated to iOS 5. Done. Suck my dick Martin.

  280. Waqas says:

    well i was having hard time to update my iphone 4 to ios 5 and didn’t work and then i tried to restore it again and error 3014 appeared on itunes,so i just left my phone alone for the day and when i got back from work i got another usb cable for my iphone and i clicked on restore button and it restored my iphone with out any errors and my iphone is update to ios 5 now……. if anyone has the same problem like i did, try using a usb cable and it should work cause it worked for me

  281. Peter Sanders says:

    After my initial difficulties, all was well with my iPad and the my iPod on my Lion Mac.
    With my wife’s iPhone I had to restore using a Guest + Admin account on her Vista pc and then return to her account to load her info / music etc to the iPhone.
    Have now activate my iCloud account and Calendars are syncing!

  282. Jimmy says:

    Updated to iOS5 Fine (Although in my iTunes it did initially say I was going up to iOS 4.3.5…)

    The ONLY problem I have is the book I was half way through reading (SoI&F4 a Dance with Dragons) is corrupted and I can’t get it back on my phone!

  283. Darrius Taylor says:

    I downloaded the iOS5 file from a ranom site. Shift restore in iTunes clicked on the file and bam. Insta iOS5. Worked like a charm. Round bout but I had it in under 30 mins unlike the 41 hours it was saying while trying to download it on iTunes.

  284. DocSio says:

    I spent more time updating the software on my MacBook than my iPhone.  Still was only a 2 hour process. 

  285. DocSio says:

    I spent more time updating the software on my MacBook than my iPhone.  Still was only a 2 hour process. 

  286. Hanoileroi says:

    I guess I’m lucky…no problems here for 3 devices…cheers…LR

  287. Allan Cook says:

    Took me quite a while last night, but I finally got it done on my iPhone 4 and my iPad 2. I’ll leave my partner’s for this weekend. 

  288. SteveS says:

    Why is the Notes.app not able to work in iCloud on an iPad 1? There is the button for turning it on, but the Notes doesn’t sync. Also in Settings.app>Notes it’s not possible to select “iCloud” as prefered for Notes.

  289. Blitz6635 says:

    All cover art on phone is now scrambled and does not match the music playing

  290. Jen Wade says:

    During my update, my iPhone went into recovery mode. I was devastated because I just got home from Australia and all of my photos were still on my iPhone. It wanted me to restore my iPhone to factory settings but there was NO WAY I was doing that. After scouring the internet– I found a program that will get you out of recovery mode. It is called ‘RecBoot’. IT WAS AMAZING! I still have everything on my iPhone, except for ios 5. I am going to wait a couple days before trying to update again.  If you get a bricked iPhone because of the update– download RecBoot!! It will save you!

  291. Jen Wade says:

    During my update, my iPhone went into recovery mode. I was devastated because I just got home from Australia and all of my photos were still on my iPhone. It wanted me to restore my iPhone to factory settings but there was NO WAY I was doing that. After scouring the internet– I found a program that will get you out of recovery mode. It is called ‘RecBoot’. IT WAS AMAZING! I still have everything on my iPhone, except for ios 5. I am going to wait a couple days before trying to update again.  If you get a bricked iPhone because of the update– download RecBoot!! It will save you!

  292. Gabe says:

    Update on my 3GS was a nightmare!  After I downloaded the update, it installed no problembut after that it was hell.  The phone went into restore but after that only 10 of my apps showed up & there was a 19gig OTHER file on the phone.  I tried to restore but got the same result.  I had to go and at least all my contacts were on the phone so I went out.  When I got back I tried to let it restore again but Itunes locked up during the night.  I then tried in the morning today and got that my phone was 9gigs overcapacity if I restored since the Other file was still there.  I then did 4 more restores with a data wipe before each and finally got all my apps back, but all the music & vids will not restore.  Sucks big time since I do have the music but I was selective on what I kept on the phone and used CopyTrans to transfer songs & vids from my laptop to my phone & now that doesn’t work (iOS 5 locks the program out to read only).

  293. Rodger Padgett says:

    Would Steve had allowed this to happen? Would he have increased the Servers in order to address the clearly anticipated up volume? Get a clue Apple before you make yourself irrelevant!

  294. Dtaylor920 says:

    What about a (-1) error. Upgrades to 5 and it will not allow me to restore from my backup

  295. Rycherjen says:

    Took forever. Lost all my apps, 314. And when I get them back, they all reset. so all previous scores on angry birds etc are gone. HELP!!!!!

  296. techeomania says:

    While the iOS 5 comes as a massive update to all the Apple users – bringing in more than 200 new feautures – resulting in web surge, what it ended up in was Error messages being reported by users while upgrading to iOS 5 with no solution available for the problem making most of the upgradation processes to fail. For a successful upgradation process you can read more at: http://techeomania.blogspot.co

  297. Pooch says:

    A complete load of crap! Started with a fully-working, iPhone 3GS; tried to perform the iOS 5 update, and now I’ve got a lovely expensive paperweight, because the stupid Apple Servers refuse to “activate” my installation! Pathetic! Worse still were Applecare, who just told me to keep re-installing the iOS 5 software onto my iPhone, until it worked! Now got to wait for a Genius Bar appointment on Sat 15th Oct! Worst. Update. In. Computing. History! Apple sucks!

  298. Phoneticirony says:

    to update, or not to update
    that is the question.
    Whether tis nobler in Apples mind
    To suffer the errors of software update problems
    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them?
    To die, to sleep, no more
    And by a sleep to say we end the battery life and the thousand natural shocks that electricity is heir to
    Tis a consummation, devoutly to be wished.
    To die, to sleep, to sleep per chance to dream, ay, there’s the rub.
    For in the sleep of death, what messages may come?
    When our phones have shuffled off this mortal coil.
    Must give us pause.
    there’s the respect, that makes calamity of so long contract.
    for who would bare the whips scorns of Apple?
    the programmers wrong
    the consumers contumely
    the pangs of despised love
    the laws delay
    the insolence of office
    and the spurns that patient merit of Apple takes, when they themselves might their quietus make.
    with and iPhone 4, who would Apple bare?
    to grunt and swear over a ‘simple’ update
    but that the dread of nothing after death.
    the undiscovered software, from whose phone, no travelers returns. puzzles the will and makes us rather bare the old programs we have, than fly to others that we know not of.
    thus conscience does make cowards of us all.
    and thus, the native hue of resolution, is sicklied over with a pale cast of thought and enterprises of great pith and moment.
    with this regard, their currents turn awry!
    and lose the name of action!

  299. guest says:

    Lost a TON of videos and photos of my children today with this stupid uprade even though I backed up.   Apple lets me down, yet again.

  300. guest says:

    Lost a TON of videos and photos of my children today with this stupid uprade even though I backed up.   Apple lets me down, yet again.

  301. Anon Y says:

    32G iPhone 4
    My “iPod” app now called “music” dumped
    I have about 2800 songs, 30+ playlists, all with cover art, track numbers, released year, etc…..
    it “looks” like all of the data, music, and playlists are there, but only certain songs will actually play.  I can select any of the 2800 songs, but only a couple will actually play.

    I bought the iPhone over the droid BECAUSE of it’s ability to sync with iTunes.

    Starting to regret.

  302. Gifster Sg says:

    Hi guys!

       I’ve finally found the solution to being stuck at “Restoring iPhone software” in iOS 5 update! The problem was the “WiFi Sync” app previously installed on your phone! Go here for the fix http://tinyurl.com/ipsw4-0g


  303. Dan Lund says:

    I have that exact same problem on my ipad 2.
    I’m sitting still for a bit (maybe a week) to let the dust settle, but after that if I’m still having the problem I’ll go to the Apple store.

  304. Mhwonton says:

    It said ios 5 successfully downloaded but now I cant use my apps on my itouch. Anybody know what to do?

  305. Tele Bleeder says:

    Upgrading my iPad 2 and iPod 4 to iOS 5.0 – both failed on the restore with ‘An error occurred while restoring this iPod (-34)’ – upgraded OS ok but all content lost – continue to get same error when trying to restore from backup – both devices. Resyncing extremely slow – over 12 hours to copy music to iPad – still trying to to videos – this upgrade had better be worth it!!!

  306. VM says:

    Hi Kilee, of all the posts on loads of sites, your’s is the only one that matches what I’m getting..did it stop backing up at some stage.or did you get a solution? I’m at just over 3 hours now…should I stop it?  thanks a million!

  307. Graham Fish says:

    phone will not turn on after ios5 upgrade!!!!

  308. G_dour79 says:

    3gs iphone ….restoring iphone from back up………..almost 2 hours, still needs 30min but the time is increasing…is this normal?

  309. LEV says:

    Same issue, but nothing plays on mine.  It simply shows that I can download from iTunes.  iTunes shows that my music is syncing, but nothing moves to the phone.  You find any solutions yet?

  310. Stephensgorman says:

    Version 5 update doesnt seem to work with previously bought apps on 3gs model

  311. NoiD says:

    Same thing with my iTouch 64gb! And not getting the error code mentioned , but several others in the -30 to -50 range..

  312. Lexie says:

    Can’t use any of my apps because it keeps telling me my apple id password is incorrect…ummmm no it’s not!  I’ve had it for years & it’s always been the same!!!  Seriously, it’s like they didn’t even test this update…it would have been so obvious what the issues are.

  313. Lexie says:

    I have a 3GS too…crashed during restore, only about 10 apps showed up, I cancelled & did it again & it told me it couldn’t restore but then brought all my apps back but I can’t use any of them because it’s telling me my apple id password is incorrect!  I’m pretty sure I know my password since I’ve had the same one for years so I know I didn’t forget it or type it wrong.  I want to revert my phone back by have no idea how to remove the 5.0.  Not happy!

  314. Nick Batey says:

    That’s a total bummer. Do you still have your videos and photos stored in iPhoto or on an HD?

  315. Nick Batey says:

    Got my iPod Touch 4G working like a charm after googling a lot. Too bad Apple didn’t post a ‘how to’ on their website.

  316. Darcy_heaney says:

    I have a 3gs and have tried to no avail to download the new ios 5, my phone gets stuck doing the backup everytime!!! i left it for 8 hrs today and still wasnt even a 1/4 of the way done. my husband has a 4g and it installed with no problems in about 15 min!!!!!

  317. HEESA says:

    I have an Iphone 4.  After updating to 5.0 software, my phones battery life does not go done at all during the day…at least that is what the % indicator is stating!

  318. Bozoguidroz says:

    Lost all my purchased iTunes ring tones on my phone. Warning message came up on my wifes phone all media files and photos will be lost. What’s up with this update.

  319. Wdohmen says:

    Same issue with IPAD, battery stuck at 100%

  320. FG Wrong says:

    Apple sucks. They have so costly products and they are pain in the ass when it comes to upgrading software. I have been trying it for over a week now but to no avail. Tried everything on their support page and still getting unknown error (3294). Had i not invested so much money on the iphone, I would have already dumped it.  

  321. FG Wrong says:

    Sorry I mean 3194

  322. FG Wrong says:

    Had i not invested so much money on this piece of shit, I would have already thrown it out of window………..

  323. Dislodge says:

    It wiped my iPod touch 4th Gen clean and now iTunes can’t seem to recognize it to restore it in any way … woot!

  324. Genghis2510 says:

    I think Apple died together with Steve Jobs. Android here I come.

  325. Kirstennwade says:

    what site did you use?

  326. Kirstennwade says:

    Everytime I try to push Update or Restore, it keeps popping up “error 3194 has occurred”
    This is making me so mad. What do I do??

  327. hanson-jobe says:

    is good for apple let dem die one by one!!! i hate dem for taking ppls money and the devices are not bombo clawt working great….

  328. Sharon Skinner-Stay says:

    I just upgraded to ios5, and am having the same issues. Did you find a way to resolve it?

  329. Jorge Cela says:

    I have the same problem, wiped my Iphone clean today and now iTunes can’t seem to recognize it to restore it, did you get any help from anyone?

  330. D Meron says:

    Why did my apple id show up on my wifes iphone, and she lost all her data, when updating her 5.0 software?

  331. Joemac638 says:

    Updated my ipad 2 with ios 5.0. My print app “print n’ share” no longer works. Thanks Apple, you suck!

  332. ringsgeek says:

    iOS5 problems thus far…anybody else experience these?

    1) Pictures register as “upside down” when taken using the volume up / shutter button
    2) Photos are all sorted alphanumerically, not by date – no option to resort
    3) Messages app crashes when trying to send a picture and text at the same time
    4) Calendar – still no “snooze” option

  333. Jamie Rose says:

    Hi got this update from iTunes from iPad version 4.3.5 to 5.0 updated I thought it was gonna work and be okay.when I looked after it was taking a long time from restoring from backup after it was completed.all my apps where still there my photos are still there and music and videos.but my artwork was missing.it was still synchronising artwork and the iTunes program just froze.hope this problem gets fixed soon as possible.all my videos are all messed up and the episodes seasons are in the wrong place.

  334. Paida04 says:

    Jus updated iOS 5 on iPhone 4 had to leave it overnight now my laptop Wont turn on saying software recently updated is causing problems have tried to restore to no avail…I don’t like where this is going..any ideas

  335. Nonrev321 says:

    Tried updating to 5.0, Frozen I-phone in restore mode,  trip to ATT store to get info on fix.  got fix but all the mucis I had is now gone from the i-phone and from my i-tunes. Thats IT!  Next phone is a Galaxy IIIS.  I’m sick of Apple trying to shovel everything and everyone into their mold

  336. Abdul_basith1 says:

    i have tried updating to the latest iphone software and it downloads up to about 600mb and then says 9006 error. what do i do? i really want the software update. is there any way of fixing this ?

  337. Qussay88 says:

    I tried to update my ipad2 from ios 4.3.3 to 5 and after about 30 to 60 mb small window open and says that you have error 9006. please any one help me fix this problem.

  338. Nico Nel says:

    how manny times must i try to download version 5,,??????????? i use a 3g dongle, dont think aple will pay my 3g account. Cheers aple

  339. Melly says:

    I was able to download the lastest version of 5.0, but when I synced it ,all my apps got erased.. So, I pushed restore, thinking that it would go back, and had created a new phone user.. Now I lost eveything… Is there some way to restore going into computar files.. anything to the version I started before this happen? please help… This is quite the nuisnace…

  340. HI says:

    friends i have problem after upgrade my iphone its asking sim card inserted in i phonr does not support  what can i do now  

  341. sovisal says:

    I’m trying to upgrade my iphone4 (4.3.3) to ios5.0.1
    using redsnow 0.9.10b4 and snowbreeze (preserve baseband), but it keeps error
    1601 and 1602 randomly. Before that, i got 3194; i passed it by editing host
    file (adding gs.apple.com). Whenever i put my idevice to
    Recovery mode (iTune logo), error 1904 appear. Whenever my phone is in DFU
    mode, 1600 appear. But when i pwned it to DFU (using redsnow, iReb), 1602 or
    1601 appear. I alr tried many solution from other blog (such as using iReb, uninstall
    and reinstall latest iTunes, change USB port, killi itunes during “prepare iphone for restore”), still not work. HELP!!!


    Note: my iphone4 was jailbroken and use Gavey sim to
    unlock. Now i can’t see my ios4 screen back :(   

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