Early iOS 5 Installation Problems Surface As Upgraders Cannot Restore/Update Their iPhones [Updated]



Users are reporting problems when they try to update their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to iOs 5 today. A plethora of reports are popping up about the problem this afternoon as many users complain about the problem they are encountering.

The problem according to reports is during the process wherein iTunes contacts Apple’s server to verify and activate the iOS 5 update process. It appears that the main problem is due to Apple’s servers being overwhelmed by the number of requests being made at the same time. Apparently some users are reporting successful updates while others are not, but only after trying 10 or more times.

If you are getting “An internal error occurred” along with a code of (3200) while upgrading to iOS 5.0 it is because Apple’s servers are getting slammed and you’ll either have to wait until later or keep trying to update your iPhone.

If you haven’t already started to update your iPhone you might want to wait until either tomorrow or later this week. If you decide to wait why not sit down with your favorite beverage, browse through our iOS 5 coverage and read our iOS 5 review.

Updated 10/12/2011 at 5:52 PM PDT: It looks like Apple TV users trying to update to the latest version of iOS for their devices are looking at download times of up to seven or eight hours. In my case the last time I checked my Apple TV stated the restore would take eight hours. What an incredibly insane week it has been for Apple and its customers.