• Frap1412

    Really fantastic, great 

  • Chris

    there was something similar in a Wetten Dass…? show, where the artist painted with glue, so that you couldn’t see what it was supposed to be… in the end he threw golden sand over his painting and you could see that it was a portrait of Thomas Gottschalk – quite a good effect!

  • Damian M.

    Really amazing. 

  • adam

    Nice Work, but bad music…

  • iDaBoss

    nothing bad about it

  • Dustmc2

    Cool, check out this original song commemorating Steve’s life.


  • Tapownoi

    Really like that. Thank you forr sharing and anyone who making.

  • GrimWit

    Wow, I’m really impressed.  Very nice.

  • Kendall Tawes

    Very nice and appropriate considering he was a Buddhist. The Tibetan Buddhists create Sand Mandalas which are artworks of sand that are destroyed symbolising the transitory nature of  material possessions and one’s need not to be unnecessarily attached to those possessions. His push for moving forwards and his keen ability to toss out technology long before others were ready probably stemmed from this belief and helped make Apple a leader instead of a follower.

    I’m not a Buddhist but I always liked and lived by this idea.

  • Andy Shaw

    Don’t Sneeze !