Some Lucky S.O.B.s Are Already Receiving Their iPhone 4Ses In The Mail



While Apple may not be all too happy about it, some German customers are ecstatic today having received their iPhone 4S pre-orders three days before the device is scheduled to launch.

Several customers in Germany have sent images of their devices to the blog, including a picture of the box that sports the new iPhone 4S moniker, and a screenshot of Siri in German.

The device isn’t set to launch until Friday, October 14, but as with the iPhone 4 which launched last summer, some customers are lucky enough to receive them early. In the U.S., many have already received shipping notifications, though we’re yet to hear U.S. customers are receiving their order.

Have you got your new iPhone yet?

[via MacRumors]

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64 responses to “Some Lucky S.O.B.s Are Already Receiving Their iPhone 4Ses In The Mail”

  1. berianlowe says:


  2. Chris says:

    german delivery is tooo fast ;)

  3. Domiinick_Crz12 says:

    i didnt receive mine yet…oh wait i didnt order one i already have an iPhone 4

  4. Bobby Scruggs says:

    mine says pending status and my email said 14-21 days shipping….. but i bought it on 7am friday morning!!!

  5. Stephen M Walls says:

    Mine just left Alaska.

  6. prof_peabody says:

    yeah, you have the slow one with the crappy camera. :)

  7. mikeyziel says:

    No, I don’t. I’m waiting for the launch in Poland, probably in December. :(

  8. Papito says:


  9. Genyus says:

    Vorsprung durch Technik

  10. nan says:

    Even though I preordered on the 7th – mine says “prepping for shipment” on the apple site.  So I still have no clue if I am getting it on the 14th even though it is supposed to arrive on the 14th. I just hope they are doing this so that US doesnt get the shipments earlier. IE – It REALLY is in transit and not just hanging out at a dock somewhere at Foxconn.  We can hope! Lucky person in Germany!

  11. Kim Billingsley says:

    Yea, mine says the same thing….ordered at 5am CST Friday morning.  Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  12. stlcajun says:

    AT&T is still telling me my order is processing. 

  13. want_it_now says:

    Same thing (although I ordered mine through my local ATT store at 1PM CDT on Friday

  14. Silverc says:

    You can look up in UPS reference tracking. Just use the phone number that you used on your billing address. Mine says the same on the apple website but when I looked up my phone number xxxxxxxxxx it showed in china.

  15. greenEL says:

    Me too.  It left alaska about 7 or 8 hrs. ago.

  16. Phil says:

    Yes I’m jealous, but do they deserve to be called sons of bitches for something that they have no control over? I think that is the real issue here… I’m leaning towards ‘yes.’

  17. Phil says:

    Es war gerade Glück, nichts anderes.

  18. Phil says:

    Prof. Peabody is right. Sorry man…

  19. Phil says:

    The BLITZ that phone right over! :D

  20. speedmaster says:

    I ordered 8:30 Friday morning. The email said 10/14 delivery. Fingers crossed.  ;-)

  21. jennygotagun says:

    i wish i have money

  22. LongJohnDavis says:

    yea mine still says processing…lucky S.O.B…..that shit better be here on friday….

  23. Tapownoi says:

    I wish you have too. be patient…

  24. Bobby Scruggs says:

    I ordered mine from att also.   HOPING it will get here in less than a week I already sold off my iPhone 4!

  25. Bobby Scruggs says:

    what? I ordered mine at 7am in the morning!!  And it says order pending and not shipped yet.  haha lucky!

  26. speedmaster says:

    Oh, yes. The original email said 10/14. The current order status on the web site says pending. So who knows.  ;-)

  27. Dwyroc says:

    Mines, in Kentucky!!!!

  28. BigAd813 says:

    Mine shipped on Monday!

  29. Calderd says:

    Can anyone buy me one?! I am a poor student from Ontario, Canada and in an unprecedented move, I am finally ready to make the switch from RIM to Apple. Although I study law, I am a huge technology enthusiast – especially mobile technology.

    So, any generous readers willing to help another poor avid reader out?!  ;)

  30. Chris Malone says:

    This title is the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m not coming back to this site. Just because you don’t have the phone yet doesn’t make these people “S.O.B.s”

  31. Martabnyc says:

    to se poczekasz hahaha 

  32. JP Jay says:

    LOL, loosen up. It’s just a figure of speech. He’s not meaning it in a literal sense. 

    Anyways, my iPhone 3gs broke last week so I REEEEAAAALLY need this 4s couple a days before the scheduled delivery date of the 14th…..So yeah, as far as Im concerned, they are luck S.O.B’s

  33. Rmoor says:

    Best title ever.

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