Here’s What Apple Retail Employees Will Tell You About iOS 5 & iCloud



Want to know what Apple retail employees can tell you about iOS 5 and iCloud? These images are of leaked internal Apple documents which are provided to retail store employees to help them sell iOS 5 and iCloud.

The documents were obtained by 9to5Mac, and describe all of the major new features in iOS 5, such as Notification Center, iMessage, and Twitter integration; in addition to the key features of iCloud, such as Photo Stream, iTunes in the Cloud, iTunes Match, and Documents in the Cloud.

This is reportedly the information given to Apple retail employees to help them sell these new products. Now you don’t need to ask an Apple employee to tell you about iOS 5 and iCloud — everything they know is here!

  • TowerTone

    I hope they’re lyin’……

  • macflyer

    ” These images are of leaked internal Apple documents which are provided to retail store employees to help them sell iOS 5 and iCloud.”  Isn’t iCloud (not iTunes match of course) and iOS 5 free so they aren’t selling iOS5 and iCloud – they are selling the iPhone, iMacs, MacBooks etc.

    Also isn’t this just a list of iOS5 and iCloud features? Available at

  • Ernesto

    How could you sell iCloud when it’s free?

  • Chris

    nothing we don’t know really

  • Samoofish

    Disappointed to see that it requires Lion.

  • Ronteras

    How come that it supports only Lion on mac and win 7 and vista on PC? 

  • Wayne_Luke

    Sell or promote it is the same thing. If someone buys all the “essential addons” and iTunes Match, they have just spent close to $200 over the cost of their iDevice.

  • loveMCR

    Same I am dissappoint is needs Lion, I didn’t want to update yet :(

  • Snoboarder13x

    just spend the 29.99.  i made the upgrade to lion about a week ago…worth every penny

  • Steve J.

    First of all it’s not only about the suport
    Second it’s also for the money!!!!!
    Think people!!!!

  • Kayneeezy

    actually Lion is awesome.. Dont know why u haven’t upgraded.. 

  • Kayneeezy

    Its only $30.. Mac users have no excuse to be cheap.. if you could buy a mac last thing u should be worried about it $30.. this is assuming the reason you havent upgraded was a monetary thing.. cause i cant find any other reason.. 

  • Samoofish

    Until I get confirmation that Adobe products run well in it, there’s no reason.

  • Tigz

    It’s easy to say “spend the 29.99” but for some of us, myself included, the cost of upgrading will be a lot more than that as I’ll need to upgrade my Adobe CS to the new version, and Parallels Desktop too, so the cost of upgrade is far, far more than 29.99. 

  • Drchrista

    I too upgraded to Lion about a week ago in anticipation of the release of iCloud and iOS 5. Was a bit nervous at first because of all the bad reviews, but I’ve had zero problems with it. I bought my first Mac almost a year ago, so perhaps the fact that I started with Snow Leopard and didn’t have a lot of accumulated applications from the pre-Intel days made it easier for me. At any rate, the download was super simple and everything worked just like a Mac should. I don’t think I could have ever accomplished an operating system upgrade on a Windows machine. In fact, its so funny, if I have to go back and use a Windows machine now, I get so frustrated that things don’t make any sense- and I pretty much learned computing on Windows machines!!!

  • Don Pope

    My company’s IT department is scared of Lion. They won’t allow us to upgrade our laptops yet.

  • Crazyguy

    And what about the Nvidia driver problem in Lion. Has it been solved?

  • crateish

    Why will you have to upgrade Adobe CS? I’m running v5 and have had no issues. I won’t pay Adobe for a ‘half upgrade.’ Waiting for v6.

  • CharliK

    As odd as it sounds, some folks won’t sign up for something that is free unless they really feel like it is worth bothering with. Which is the ‘selling’ that Apple will be doing. 

  • Ramonsterrr

    Adobe products do run well in it…

  • Ramonsterrr

    Indeed, CS5 runs just fine. 

  • Pietyhill

    I can’t upgrade to Lion, because I work in rural areas and the Apple external modem is absolutely necessary in some places. It is 32 bit and will not run on Lion. I also have the Adobe CS Suite I use pretty often and can’t afford to lose that right now.