Chill, Jailbreakers! The Untethered iOS 5 Jailbreak Is Already Covered


Image courtesy of Christian Bryan on Flickr
Image courtesy of Christian Bryan on Flickr

If you thought untethered jailbreaking was dead, then think again. i0n1c, the jailbreaker behind the iOS 4.3.1, 4.3.2, and 4.3.3 untethered jailbreaks, reports that an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 is already “covered” — days before the release goes public.

Apple’s iOS 5 firmware is set to launch this Wednesday, October 12, and many thought an untethered jailbreak was no longer possible. According to a tweet from iOn1c, however, that’s not the case:

As far as I know iOS 5 untether is covered by other people already. Guess who :p

While it hasn’t yet been confirmed, iDB believes that the Chronic Dev Team, the group responsible for GreenPois0n, is most likely behind the iOS 5 hack.

A tethered jailbreak for iOS 5 betas has been available for some months, but using this method to jailbreak means that you must plug your device into a computer in order to reboot it. That’s no good if you’re battery dies or your device crashed while you’re out and about, because you won’t be able to use it. The advantage of a tethered jailbreak is that once you’ve performed the hack, you don’t ever have to tether your device to your computer again if you don’t want to.

Jailbreak developers are already pushing out updates to make their apps and tweaks run smoothly under iOS 5, and it looks as though jailbreaking under Apple’s next-generation firmware is still very much alive.

Will you be looking forward to an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5?

[via iDB]

  • Flaco1987

    Absolutely!! can’t wait.

  • Out5poken

    Oh hell yeah!!… bring it on dev team!

  • Neo Pingsta Ping


  • Tania Huiny

    i won’t chill till they have iOS5 jailbreak for iPad2.

  • Tron Caldwell

    I have no reason to jailbreak anymore. I don’t pirate apps, and they’ve fixed the notifications and a lot of other annoyances. I do wish there was a way to blacklist calls though

  • Pacman

    Don’t want to mock around, but…
    “The advantage of a tethered jailbreak is that once you’ve performed the hack, you don’t ever have to tether your device to your computer again if you don’t want to.”You mean “The advantage of an untethered jailbreak…”, don’t you?

    And yes, I really love the thought of jailbreaking iOS 5 :D

  • Jamie Bishop

    not been jailbroken since iOS4 – but if they get siri running on an iPhone4 I may well jailbreak again

  • rigby

    “The advantage of a tethered jailbreak is that once you’ve performed the hack, you don’t ever have to tether your device to your computer again if you don’t want to.”

    This is a mistake and should read ‘UNtethered’

  • Hampus

    it’ll most likely be as easy as change the word false on one line in a plist to true, that’s how easy it is to give for example the second gen iPod touch multitasking.
    If it’s more complicated I’d say some clever developer will give us a more advanced tweak in the first few weeks after the jailbreak is out.

  • Maxamiliun

    I cant wait!  I have the gold master already so it’s only time that I have to wait for.

  • Hampus

    Well the reasons has certainly gotten fewer but I’ll still probably do it just to get rid of the stupid limitation on the amount of tabs I can have.

    Also, as far as I can tell Apple has given us no new statusbar icons whatsoever making it difficult to actually know if you have anything in the notification list, it’s almost as stupid as the Android menu button (there is no way to tell if it will actually open a menu or not at any given place other than simply trying it)…

    And I’ll also probably go ahead and unlock Siri for good measure :p

  • Vagabond

    People have already tried that days ago, there seems to be a hardware requirement.
    Getting Siri on the 4 has proven to be difficult.

  • dagamer34

    I wouldn’t need to jailbreak if Apple had added options to enable/disable WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, and GPS to Notification Center. -_-

  • Darren Kent

    Check out iBlacklist from the Cydia store. Only $12 and works perfectly. It won’t work on iOS 5 GM however, so you’ll need to wait until the 12th October for the official iOS 5 release. It will work on that.

  • Anonymous

    Is ipad 2 included in the list?

  • iDaBoss

    OH YES! *tears of joy*

  • iDaBoss

    you speaketh the truth

  • John Mozelewski

    Change it the bottom sent. to untethered man its wrong

  • Chris Malone

    The advantage of a tethered jailbreak is that once you’ve performed the hack, you don’t ever have to tether your device to your computer again if you don’t want to.
    I think you mean “The advantage of an untethered jailbreak…”

  • Chris Malone

    Tap-to-Unlock (sliding is annoying), SBSettings (Really nice), Activator (Just nice. like holding home button for Vlingo), 3G Unrestrictor (3G Facetime, ftw!), Adblock (Self explanatory), f.lux (Turns the screen a warn color at night so it easier to fall asleep), WeatherIcon (Weather Icon is a widget to show temperature and weather) is all I need to jailbreak for! =P

  • Glich

    Great I am giving my 3gs to my sis overseas and i needed to unlock it for her..

  • Sam Baldassano

    ios 5 jailbreak: what happens when theres an ota update? does the jailbreak delete??

  • Armaanaki

    They should make a hack that changes the over-the-air update’s server to a cydia server. That also takes the accidental update problem away.

  • A Name

    agreed, that’s my big thing too. that, and i throw some custom sounds and fonts in there.

  • Ben Ragunton

    I had previously read that ota updates could be disabled. If so that is what I intend to do just to prevent any updates from happening which might delete the jailbreak.

  • Alksjfieh


    D000 it.. Why Did I Buy 2 instead of 1!! 

  • Zzz

    Why did you buy iPad? Enjoy your walled garden

  • All

    Cannot wait for a new instailous for newsstand… maybe instailous will even support it!

  • Sparkitekt

    I literally live off of iBlacklist. I have the cracked version.

  • cheah

    “you’re battery “?
    You stupid, ignorant, illiterate.

  • cheah

    Go write “installous” 10 times on the blackboard, retard.

  • Jack

    hell yea im looking forward to a unteathered jailbreak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brlo1973

    Oh God yeah. Can’t wait. Still holding off on installing iOS 5 coz I don’t wanna be without my tweaks and shortcuts. Hurry up guys. The waiting is agonizing.


    damn, do it fast im cant resist not downloading ios 5!!!

  • Infernova

    “The advantage of a tethered jailbreak is that once you’ve performed the
    hack, you don’t ever have to tether your device to your computer again
    if you don’t want to.”

    The advantage of an *untethered jailbreak…

  • loveMCR

    any news on this?

  • mutequacky

    lol i’m still on 4.2.1… hopefully they can get an untethered solution up soon!

  • Gemnilocs

    can’t wait! i don’t like the idea of being tethered.  i love the SBSettings, the font changes, bitesms and a few other tweaks that I have..but the new ios5 makes the phone better but its not perfect yet….

  • Brian Wingo

    You can download, just don’t install. That way when you are ready the process will be much quicker.

  • Venomhatch

    I had 4.3.1 untethered with redsn0w but I recently clicked by accident to update to 5 and now I cant figure out how to go back. So please I cant wait for the untethered jailbreak to come out again.

    Thank you developers, please hurry.

  • Anmol Jain
  • Rob Tomassetti

    Gotta use Tiny Umbrella to go back provided you saved your SHSH.

  • Venomhatch

    i just did a tethered ios 5 for now, then ill go and do an untethered when it becomes available.

  • Noah

    I feel the same way man. I think I’m just gonna go tethered for a while!!!

  • blue_knight108

    Things I jailbreak for:

    Custom iPad themes

    Hope they release the JB soon :-)

  • Phanboi

    I’m still on 4.0.1. But I’m in line right now for the 4s so I hope this untethered jailbreak comes out soon.

  • Kingmatthew

    ive jailbroken on tethered but it is soo fustrating … :/ i cant wait for an untethered and any way apple like us jailbreaking (AS LONG AS WE DONT USE INSTALOUS) so im sure they wont block the way for untethered

  • Cmillan599

    yes, I have a friend who is new to idevices and updated his firmware to iOS 5 and ima help him jailbreak his iPad, just waiting for the untehtered jailbreak, GEEZ UP!!! (G) is for GEEK;o)

  • Osmin75

    Is anyone having problems enabling the 5Icon Dock feature?

  • Venomhatch

    I did the tethered jailbreak with redsn0w on iOS 5 and my six icon dock on my iPad works just fine.

  • Killakez

    my phone4 keeps crashing/safe mode when i install winterboard via cydia. have to uninstall winterboard to get it back to normal, need winterboard or is there another way help

  • gts250

    you have to install winterfix after you install winterboard.

    then go into safe mode then exit it. it should work then

  • Eric Su

    it may not be ready for ios 5 yet- give it some time 

  • Trh2086

    Winterboard does work with iOS 5. Follow this link and follow the guide given there:

  • Trygve Walbø

    just youtube it like this :)

  • Sbsharpshooter

    Really? Why is everybody complaining about a tether jailbreak? Its just like any jailbreak all you got to do is install sbsettings and respring everytime you need to reboot!
    Seriously I jailbroke my iphone same day ios 5 came out 4 days and no problems and was jailbroken before on 4.3.5 for almost two months and no problems.

  • Sbsharpshooter

    Here is what you’ll have to do everytime you get asked to reboot.
    While in cydia some apps require a reboot, but this can be perform without doing an actual hard reboot wich is what you will do if you press reboot on cydia instead do this.
    First install sbsettings after installing you will be asked to respring, do it its safe
    Once you have sbsettings installed and on your notifications bar everything else its very simple
    Everytime cydia asks for a reboot, press the home button, wait for cydia to close.
    Open your notifications slide sbsettings to the right and tap on respring
    First time you respring might be on safe mode, if thats the case just hit restart, It’ll respring and you should be good to go. If it keeps on going back to safe mode your app or mod might not be ready for ios 5
    Hope this info help those in doubt of how a tether jailbreak can be use safely.

  • Sbsharpshooter

    Winterboard its ios 5 ready something else might be causing the crash.
    I have winterboard install on my iPhone 4. Good luck

  • guest

    untethered will not be comming….:(

  • funky

    where did you get your info ?

  • i-Tech

    hello dear i just wana say if you are using gevey sim using perserving base band on ios 5 please dont try to jail break becaue it is lot of pain to activate sim and cydia :) i have done that both bot it is not so simple you have to try more then 10 times and also guys if you have suddnly update new bb 4.11.08 then dont worry you can downgarde to lower bb 4.10.01 just use old version itune i mean 10.4 and tiny umbrela  shsh and ipsw 4.3.5:) thats it you can do it believe me please dont worry just do if you need any help let me know thanks !

  • M8R-wrlga

    by just pressing the home button to leave cydia i cant open the sbsettings menu on the bar and i get a msg that i cant use other apps while cydia is downloading something. what should i do there?

  • Sbsharpshooter

    First of you have to activate sbsettings on the notifications bar.
    And no need to press the home button after you’ve done that. That was on 4.3.5 and I forgot to skip that part

  • Amr_elamir55

    Is it available now????

  • Guest

    YESSSSSS Can’t wait over here in Amsterdam!!! Ready to I-Rock

  • Imnotgivingyoumyemail

    You’re wrong, apple do not like us jailbreaking.. Whether we use install0us or not, they want us to use their unmodified software and are completely against hacking  it.

  • Dan Heusburgh

    I honestly think Apple should enable the whole ‘jailbreak’ thing as a general setting in future iOS firmware, maybe like on android the ‘Allow 3rd party applications’ “Allow non-market apps” button/switch on Android OS, not like some fools think of jailbreaking as ‘so you can get free apps’ but rather allow freedom in your device, and allow you to control certain things in your device, Unix stuff, run shell commands, install 3rd party tweaks, etc. Not piracy, nor any type of carrier unlock, just freeing your device of Apples restraints as long as that switch stays on. Flipping it back would just remove the developer tools, but your tweaks that you already did would stay. This is a really great idea and I hope Apple follows the same ideas hopefully.

  • Officialcoreyrector

    install winter board ios 5 fix

  • mexican-blazer

    when does it come out to public 

  • Greenpirate7

    cydia does not show up on my ipod touch 4 tethered boot on iOS 5 Redsn0w 0.9.9b4

  • Noemail

    Iphones die and not everybody has a computer with them

  • Paddict

    To get Cydia to work you have to go to Reds0w, click Extras, and click Just Boot

  • USER

    Yeah, exactly what I was thinking too…

  • Marcelo Perez Casari

    redsn0w does not work, the program sudenly close… what it could be?

  • ONLY_WWFan

    go to the very left so it is a search and search for cydia

  • stlfan

    …blah, blah, blah…9 days after your article, and where is the frickin’ untethered jailbreak?

  • Sbsharpshooter

    I have an iPhone 4 thats probably why I dont really think about my phone dying

  • Titanpersaeus

    When I try to jailbreak with redsnow it goes through the exploiting with limerain process and reboots, after it reboots it says: the IPSW for the following build is needed: ipod4,1_5.0_9a334. I already have the ios5 firmware installed and I’m trying to do it without creating a custom firmware. Any help? 

  • Dan

    What a useless post! 

  • Benjamin

    Seriously? “chill jail breakers” and “its already covered”? what a joke.

  • Nth1080

    dude i was too, i wanted to try out ios 5 though so im going no jailbreak for a bit :)
    good thing i saved my shsh (downgraded to try it out, it worked)

  • Nth1080

    dude i was too, i wanted to try out ios 5 though so im going no jailbreak for a bit :)
    good thing i saved my shsh (downgraded to try it out, it worked)

  • Chaazam

    Heck ya. Can’t wait.

  • Bryan

    The App Store will make ZERO money that way.

  • Guest

    If an untethered JB was already available, it would have been released.  Everyone talking about it are quoting the same source.  It’s not available and it may not be coming soon.  It will be available when it’s available. And don’t expect iPhone 4S nor iPad 2.

  • PBKillerJB

    what you need to do is go into redsn0w got to: Extras/Select IPSW/browse(browse for your ipsw is located) then click back then click jailbvreak and go through the procces!

  • PBKillerJB

    also get the 0.9.9b6?…

  • PBKillerJB

    Dude just get infinidock lolz

  • Guest

    You have to download the specified Ipsw for your I device (eg type in google iPod touch 4g iOS 5 Ipsw download) it might take a while but you’ll need it then save it in some where you’ll remember (eg Desktop) and then go to select Ipsw on redSn0w it Should read it and confirm it then you do your jailbreak hope it works!

  • Will Smith


  • Kevin Pham… heres the ios5 firmware download it no viruses

  • i-Tech

    marcelo dont put in dfu mode before you running redsnow when redsnow will patch the kernal then puth in dfu mode it will help you :)

  • Sirianknight

    Seriously? Hopfully we arnt gonna get in a repetitive state like with ios 4.3.2 & 4.3.5…etc. Where things are promised and about 6 months down the line they eventually decide to release the hack. This rather a piss take. Going with what “misockets” said, he’s got a good point where if it’s available…it would be released. So it’s dumb to say:
    “…it’s covered.”

  • Slick2076

    Yup sound like a bunch of bullshit

  • Ggkkj

    ^^^ this douchebag ^^^

    dont listen to his nonsense shit tethered jb sucks Ive jailbroken tons of ipods and iphones and ipads for years

    Tethered sucks because if your decive has low memory it will be slow to the point it will crash or brick

  • Obama

    hahahahaha u guys r so un  updated go to… for the release and some other info

  • G Master

    the release is at

  • G Master

    i agree go to this post===

  • G Master

    stop your hating this post was a bit useful for those who are new to jailbreaking but for the real stuff go to

  • G Master

    okay heres the untethered info:

  • Justin-goulet

    you need to download redsnow 9.8b4

  • esteban

    if there is an untethered jb it would be release by now i dont think you have a clue what you are talking about

  • Jared

    I used redsn0w and after i did “just boot” It deleted almost all the preinstalled icons and ALL OF MY APPS! Thats why im waiting for untethered. Cause ive done it before and want it again… But anyway, SYNC BEFORE JAILBREAKING PEOPLE!!!!!

  • IceColdCholo

    Apple doesn’t like us jailbreaking. That’s why so many iOS updates happen. To patch holes used for jailbreaking. They even wanted to make it illegal but they couldn’t. That’s why they void your warranty if they find out you did a JB.

  • IceColdCholo

    If you have a 3GS with iOS 5 with the OLD boot rom, you can get it untethered. It’s only for 3GS OLD boot rom. Just use redsnow!

  • michael

    listen mother fucker stop lieing and feeding us shit there in no unthetherd jb for ios 5 at least not yeat cause if there is than it would have been out days agoo so shut the fuck up

  • michael

    listen mother fucker stop lieing and feeding us shit there in no unthetherd jb for ios 5 at least not yeat cause if there is than it would have been out days agoo so shut the fuck up

  • Najam

    Waiting for untethered, However I never got the hang of the concept of controlling what you do with your device. you *ing paid for it and own it, should be allowed to whatever to your property. nonsense by Apply, But we love iProducts :)

  • Chris

    Hmm, if it’s already covered, why don’t we have it yet?

  • Shamolll

    its like waiting for baseband 3.10 and above unlock.. some one did this someone did that, i did this but not gonna show you or ….. but the real things never come… its alrdy more thn 15 days..

  • Jason

    I herd somewhere that it’s coming out some time in November. And that’s what I’m hopping for. I really want it to comeout for but we can only keep are fingers cross and hope.

  • Jin

    i dont think they gonna release untethered jailbreak yet until november

  • Bunnylover60

    I cant wait, great work. Thank you very much for allowing me to use this hack to free my phone i spent 700 to make it do what ever i want it to do!

  • IOS5untethered

    Icant wait where is it? how to ? 

  • Troller

    Ur a dumb fuck any i am using my jb ios5 ut right now butch so suck my dick

  • makes

    its all lies,it seems nobody is working on a jailbreak,most of these guys were paid off,they release statements saying its covered and 5 exploits etc,we upgrade our jailbroken devices believing in these guys,the only winners is apple,we gonna wait long,if you upgraded pray some hackers will come along and take some interest,in the meantime software sites like “fastrain” will take advantage of this and make a quick buck

  • Sam Ruley

    Chill dude you have to be patient.

  • Hammad Ajmal Ajmal

    First off, a jailbreak program NEVER asks you for money, so if some program is asking you for money to jailbreak its obviously a scam, second give these guys a break, they’re trying to make the jailbreak process simple for the average man, unless you feel like running a bunch of complicated Command line statements, wait for them to develop debug and release a final version of a working Jailbreak program with a good GUI that won’t crash everyone’s iPhone, if you can do that in a matter of weeks to months, please go ahead and publish your own jailbreak program, if not then just wait patiently.

  • Bas

    Lets move on guys.
    jailbreaking was hot its not anymore

  • gravothermal

    I am ALMOST considering just going jailbreak-free. Things that are keeping me waiting:
    #1) Activator!!!!! I have gotten so used to it, especially w/LED flashlight
    #2) LockInfo—yes, I want to preview my emails on Lockscreen, which NC doesn’t
    #3) Possibility of Siri coming to i4

    I could do without SBSettings, Infini*, themes, etc…

  • Tegan :)

    @Troller.. I am afraid you are a dead-set fucktard! If you are using an untethered jailbroken iDevice with ios 5, then you are the only person in the world with an untethered jailbroken ios 5 device. How does that make you feel? Knowing you are the one and only? You are going to shoot right up the cyber space fame ladder pretty bloody quickly. I must admit though, i have not heard a damn thing about you, how long it took you, or even where you graciously posted a link for all of us that are anxious, but patiently waiting to legitimately jailbreak our ios 5 devices using the untethered hack! You must have the incorrect impression of yourself. You are not a software hacking god.. You are a shit talking wanker!

  • makes

    guys I think we should take a step back ,relax,take a deep breath,I  think people are starting to take note of all the anger out there regarding jailbreaking ios5 ,some news filtering regarding jailbreak for ipad2 and iphone 4s and I hope its genuine,I am really not interested in tethered or semi tethered,too much functional  problems ,for the moment I hang in there.

  • dan

    I can’t believe thirteen people actually goggle +1’ed this post. and whoever wrote this article should start responding to posts like this. What on earth inspired you to waste your time, and in the process waste the collective time of millions of people who read this? And yes, it bugs me that much….

  • Jackdsmith2327

    F**ck you

  • Bad_boy_12m

    I agree with you if they realy want to jailbreak it they wode have done that a long time ago that’s why there is no jailbreak for ios 4.3.3 ++

  • stlfan

    …what friggin’ planet do you live on?

  • Jimmy

    Seriously?? This douche can’t even spell.. What makes you think he can code a jailbreak solution?! ;)

  • ConnorHagen


  • Max Hops

    novenber first …soooo

  • Dhd

    Fucking retards there is a jailbreak but not released yet do to bugs if u want to jailbreak with bugs don’t fcking complain when ur phone gets fucked up and crashes every second

    Dev team works hard to perfect their jailbreak, if they say it’s not ready for public then it’s not just be patient or go buy a shitty android

  • Comeupwithsomethingnewazzez

    If I hear that “is already covered” part again I will smash something close by, preferably the person in charge of that editorial. It’s REALLY annoying seeing the SAME comment and information being discussed in sites


    I’m being unpatient for iOS 5.0-Jailbreak. Normaly for updates like 4.2.1 I weren’t unpatient. But I really really need this one.

  • Bad_boy_12m

    Are you sure with this information cause if thereis a jailbreak than i dont minf waiting but if there isnt they just have to tell us :/

  • Bmx_freak_4_u

    Either that or u just came out of the closet ima go wit that

  • Nicksavic

    it dint work 4 me i have iphone 4s and when i installed it cydia came up as a white app and it didnt let me access it. Then it went into recovery mode.:(

  • loolikilluuu

    what you have to do is once you have the jailbreak go onto the jail breaking program on your computer and do the jailbreak don’t worry this is a factual process

  • Ziggmaister

    COME ON ALREADY AND RELEASE IT!!! It’s in the middle of fucking november and still NOTHING!!!

  • boywizzer_thegreat

    Yeah i am using untethered which is not bad because throughout the day your phone does not cycle off and then i do my cydia update i do at home..IOS 5 jailbroken is awesome though..and yeah i dont think iphone 4s will work, i am using my iphone 4.

  • ericles1028

    Annnnddddd you got an untethered jailbreak where? BS

  • john1989

    now you can jailbreak your iOS5.0.1 untethered with following guide