The iPhone 4S Is Twice As Fast As The iPhone 4, And Siri Has Raise To Speak [Video]


We’d have been more interested in this a couple of weeks ago, but the guys over at AppV managed to get their hands on a new iPhone 4S and have done a short video walkthrough of the device, demonstrating the Siri settings interface which allows you to turn voice control on and off, change your Language Settings, adjust Voice Feedback and enable Raise to Speak mode. That’s a new revelation: although Apple’s Siri promo videos hinted at it, this is the first time I recall an accelerometer controlled “Raise to Speak” mode confirmed.

There’s also an early benchmark of Mobile Safari, which proves that the iPhone 4S renders pages about twice as fast as the iPhone 4, which was already pretty much the fastest web browsing experience on the block. The ‘S’ in iPhone 4S does stand for speed, after all.

[via MacRumors]