Sony Pictures Working on a Movie About Steve Jobs



According to Deadline, Sony Pictures is working on a “hefty deal” to secure the rights to Walter Isaacson’s official Steve Jobs biography for a major feature film.

The movie will allegedly detail the story of how Jobs built Apple from the ground up in the heart of Silicon Valley. The biography that the movie will be based on features over 40 official interviews with Jobs, as well as hundreds of personal anecdotes from his friends and competitors.

Sony Pictures knows a thing or two about compelling technology stories. The studio has created Oscar-nominated titles like The Social Network.

CNET speculates that Noah Wyle is being considered for playing the role of Jobs in the upcoming biopic. Wyle played Jobs in the 1999 made-for-TV film called Pirates of Silicon Valley.

Hopefully Sony Pictures can get the ball rolling on a Steve Jobs biopic soon. Are you excited about a Steve Jobs movie coming to a theatre near you?

  • TylerHoj

    I’m excited, but get a different lead actor. That guy only looks like Steve Jobs once every few scenes when the lighting is right. 

  • Tom

    If its anything like Social Network then yes. All depends who they get to direct it. It might end up doing more harm then good.

  • Jacksdad7

    Yes. I’m excited, but I think Ashton Kitcher should play the young Steve Jobs in the 70’s

  • cashx3r0

    Tom cruise.

  • adampfoster

    Ashton Kutcher for sure!

  • dpilk

    As a previous commenter noted, this could be a disaster if they get the wrong director or if they rush production. If they get someone like Aronofsky or Fincher, then it has a chance, but it’s doomed without a big name.
    As far as who plays Steve, I think Wyle has to be the front-runner. It would be cool to see them do several different people as Jobs like they did in the Dylan biopic “I’m Not There.” That won’t happen, though. If Ashton Kutcher gets the role then it will an absolute, unmitigated disaster, and Steve will come back to haunt every single ass clown who goes to see said movie.

    Ultimately, F Hollywood. They ruin everything that is sacred or has been sacred.

  • farislp

    I’m very excited

  • Connor deGuehery

    Am I the only one who thinks it should be a Pixar film? 

  • Bruce Miller

    I do like the idea of multiple Steve’s.  Noticed that Daniel Radcliffe looks a lot like young Steve.

  • APPL13D5C13NC3

    It should be a great actor but not someone we know… whoever said ashton kutcher…. ROFL FUCK NO!

  • Nick P

     Ashton Kutcher should play young Steve, Billy bob adult steve.

  • Eddy Suwito

    steve job is very handsome

  • Ibekida

    The actor that plays Steve must be Daniel Day Lewis. Anyone else would be a huge mistake. Just think of his previous character’s intensity, rage, drive, and intelligence.

  • Chris

    he’s at scientology…he couldn’t identify himself with Steve’s way of thinking

  • vesko_kateliev

    Come on.. have you really seen Pirates of Silicon Valley? It was amasing how Noah looked exactly like Jobs… And I should say he did a great job performing.. I am confident he can provide.. :).. nothing against Daniel.. he is one of my favorite.. but Noah is just a reborn Steve.. :)

  • vesko_kateliev

    I tried to press Like like at least 10 times,, :).. totally saying NOOO to Ashton.. 

  • vesko_kateliev

    I don’t know.. I would say that Noah Wyle the best actor is but he can quite persuasive.. But come on.. the  resemblance extreme !!! I don’t think they can find someone looking so much like Steve.. 

  • USA

    John Sculey should be played by

    John Sculey

  • Stephan Le

    as much as i would love a steve jobs biopic i think it’s too soon. give his family and teenage kids some time to get use to him being gone.

    then i would only really trust pixar to do a good script that respects steve coz they knew him. any other writers or studios might be tempted to change the story or make it more controversial or dramatic for entertainment value just to sell more tickets.

  • shaun_wilkinson

    There is only one Actor that can play Steve Jobs for me and that’s this one –

  • Almeidafim

    I hope they do do a great freaking movie. out of respect of Steve’s life and accomplishment. I am really excited. I will obviously buy the blue ray dvd!!!!! 

  • Trrosen

    Sony? No. Pixar? Yes.

  • Martijn Janssen

    Here’s a great clip of Noah Wyle imitating Steve Jobs at Mac World 1999:

    Jobs appeared afterwards to do the real keynote. I bet some on the audience thought “Steve looks really young” when Wyle appeared.

    So yes he would be a great choice, he was great in Pirates. The only concern is that he has aged a bit so it would be more difficult for him to play the younger Jobs.

  • Guest

    Maybe Jason Schwartzman should play him!

  • RegRowell