Steve Jobs Iconic Turtlenecks Sell Out


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If you want one of those iconic black mock turtlenecks made popular by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, you may have to wait a couple months.

Following Jobs’ death October 5, St. Croix Collections, maker of the mockneck, reported that it has sold out of the black version Jobs wore.

The St. Croix mockneck.

Retailing at $175, the company has decided to donate $20 of every turtleneck sold to the American Cancer Society in honor of Jobs and his battle with pancreatic cancer. Sales doubled overnight following his death and many retail stores have run out of them.

Because the made-in-U.S. machine washable togs are made-to-order, St. Croix stores won’t be able to get any more for another season – hence the waiting time of about two months.

Bernhard Brenner the founder of St. Croix parent company Knitcraft Corp, told the Business Journal that Jobs usually bought several dozen of the cotton/microfiber blend black turtlenecks a year and occasionally called to tell Brenner how much he liked them.

“Obviously we’re going to miss Steven Jobs as a customer,” Brennan said. “But the country will miss him period.”

Via Twin Cities Business Journal


  • vanmacguy

    Wow, a couple of dozen a year? He really must have worn them every day?

    I have had one for a year or so but I don’t have the chops to wear it. Maybe one day.

  • Bilbo

    did he wear these literally every day? 

  • BookStoreMomNC

    Pretty much any time he was in public, apparently…

  • Aaron

    Damn! $175 per shirt? I wonder if Steve had a closet full of them…

  • Allan Cook

    Black goes with everything and looks cool on any body. I have a closet full of black polos, short sleeves for summer and long sleeves for winter. Throw on some chinos and that’s my business casual uniform. Pretty much all I wear.

  • Scott Sorensen

    They are donating 20 bucks to the American Cancer Society for each shirt sold.  I just bought one last night before they sold out.

  • SteveBord

    There is less expensive way to spend your money for cancer research, see there:

  • SteveBord

    There is less expensive way to spend your money for cancer research, see there:

  • Thomas

    If you look closely, Steve wasn’t wearing the St. Croix turtlenecks since 1997. I have never understand why people believe that he wore them?! I actually own two of the St. Croix mock turtlenecks but Steve’s does not come close to the St.Croix ones! I don’t know if they had another line in the 90s but the current ones are not the ones Steve wore!!! 

    Just look at the neck. Steve’s is not ribbed and has a totally different fabric!

    Secondly, Steve’s has a seam going down on the front. You can clearly see that on all high res pics of him!

    See here:

    or here:

    There’s more evidence. In the last picture you can see that at Steve’s hand the cuff of the turtleneck is much more wide than the cuff of St. Croix’s turtleneck.

    So, unless I have confirmed that St. Croix ACTUALLY made THIS sort of pullovers, I cannot (and no one should) beliefe that Steve wore St. Croix! I actually thought he bought his turtlenecks from a company that went bankrupt in the 90s. As he liked them, he bought all the left stock.  

  • Ytmobileme

    I like steve, but never understood this. He wears this EVERYDAY?
    I knew people like some sort of clothing that they will wear a lot like at least once a week, or same but in different colors. But black turtle neck and jeans for 10 years?
    there must have been some kind of story behind this

  • doloreskeo

    A representative for St. Croix Collections, the manufacturer of the
    luxury knitwear turtlenecks worn by Jobs, said sales have doubled and
    are flying off the shelf since his passing Wednesday night.     

  • bootak

    Apparently Einstein did the same thing. It’s just one less thing to worry about when you are designing great products that require a lot of work.