Apple Employees Created This Video for Steve Jobs’ 30th Birthday




This moving video was created by Apple employees for Steve Jobs’ 30th birthday on February 24, 1985. The five-minute movie contains a slew of images of Steve that we’ve never seen before — as a baby; as a toddler on his bike; with friends and colleagues — and is a fitting testament to the way in which Apple workers viewed their great leader.

The video was created at a time when Apple’s biggest rival was IBM, and it contains a number of humorous scenes in which frustrated users are struggling with confusing user manuals and syntax errors on their IBM machines.

The clip was discovered by Harry McCracken of Technologizer, who was tipped off by some early Apple employees. McCracken says:

“The tribute must have been deeply moving for Steve and his colleagues at the time it was made. And if you can watch it today without getting at least very slightly emotional–particularly as you listen to Dylan’s lyrics–you’re reading the wrong blog.”

The clip is littered with images of Steve as a child, fooling around with Ella Fitzgerald, and even dressing up with powdered hair to look like Franklin D. Roosevelt, and it couldn’t have been discovered at a more appropriate time.

[via Fortune]

  • prof_peabody

    Love it.  :-)

    Is he actually doing an FDR impression at the end?

  • Justin Tran

    As I watch this moving video, I couldn’t help but crying my heart inside out and I can’t believe how much I miss the man as though I knew him and grew up with him all my life, even though I’ve never met Steve himself. “Steve, Life is never the same again! We miss you enormously…”

  • Justin Tran

    Thanks Killian for posting this memorable video.

  • gareth edwards

    that shot on the motorbike is just a great. a man, on a wonderful journey. what a life.

  • gola


  • imikec

    Moving. It’s weird how people we don’t personally know touch us in different ways.  I’m still sad.

  • APPL13D5C13NC3

    Made me cry again, 4th time since Wednesday…… :-(

  • Frap1412

    Great, …..sad i’m still sad

  • Shaun

    Dylan + Jobs = Perfection

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    The video was fantastic.

  • Ytmobileme

    is that him in the end?

  • mactarkus

    Brought tears to my eyes (again).

  • Manishek

    there is a great depth in the voice of the singer…

  • HonoraryOrange

    The way they viewed their leader? You mean the guy who berated people, yelled at them, called them names and emotionally abused them? Jobs was an amazing innovator and we owe him much for that. But I don’t think he was ever known as a kind innocent man.

  • Mvirgin95

    Stars shine the brightest before they burst. As is the case with Steve Jobs. Sadly one of the 2-3 most important things he had done in his life sent him to his grave (taking LSD). It was the LSD that ignited his pancreatic cancer. And ultimately leading him to an early death.

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  • Jerry Mac

    This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. But I’m in the US you tools!