Jailbreakme.com Is Dead, Long Live Jailbreaks.me



Up until now, the only way to jailbreak an iPad 2 was to be running iOS 4.3.3 and use the JailbreakMe v3 hack, which was accomplished by going to jailbreakme.com with Mobile Safari and then letting it do its thing.

Well, no longer. The Dev Team’s MuscleNerd reports that Jailbreakme.com is dead. Don’t stress too much, though, because jailbreaks.me will be picking up the slack.

Here’s the deal. Although Comex (who is now working at Apple) was the one who created the jailbreakme.com exploit, he never owned the domain. Instead, it belonged to Twitter user ConceitedApps, who lent it to Comex for all of his three JailbreakMe userland hacks.

Well, ConceitedApps figured that now that Comex is gone, he may as well cash in on the domain, and a few months ago, put it up for sale on GoDaddy. Now it’s been purchased, which means Jailbreakme.com is no more. However, MuscleNerd promises that jailbreaks.com will soon host the JailbreakMe exploit, and that they will never sell the domain.

Still, it’s kind of sad. JailbreakMe.com is sort of an institution amongst jailbreakers, and Jailbreaks.me just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

[via CydiaHelp]

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15 responses to “Jailbreakme.com Is Dead, Long Live Jailbreaks.me”

  1. ahmedomarz94 says:

    Jailbreaks.me not Jailbreaks.com (that was a mistake by MuscleNerd then corrected)

  2. oakdesk23 says:

    Have you ever considered reading what you write before publishing it, Brownlee?

  3. neodoru says:

    Yo, Johnnie… it’s jailbreaks.me man!

  4. Djgarbis says:

    Good comment, however, could you be more specific. To which published artical (sp?) are you referring?

  5. oakdesk23 says:

    Most of them really. In this post for example the tweet pictured and linked to says jailbreaks.me but Brownlee says jailbreaks.com.

  6. oakdesk23 says:

    Most of them, really. In this post for example Brownlee gets the new URL wrong in his post, never once using the correct one from the tweet pictured and linked to.

  7. DuRoma says:

    How long time to DNS propagation ?

  8. Erik Maier says:

    The URL is actually jailbreaks.ME not .COM. Just so you know! :)

  9. Hampus says:

    As a matter of fact jailbreakme.com is not dead… Not any more.
    Go check Saurik’s (owner/creator of Cydia) twitter feed, the site has since been transfered to him, though the jailbreak isnt on there, at least not right now.

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