Check Out This Astonishing Portrait of Steve Jobs Made From MacBook Parts



I’ve never seen anything like it. This amazing tribute to Steve Jobs was assembled from the parts of a MacBook Pro. It’s truly an astonishing piece of work from the designers at Mint Digital.

Unfortunately, there’s no explanation of how it was done. I’ve sent an email asking how they did it. Here’s a large version.

  • MichaelTheGeek


  • Jose Sanchez


  • inspiringmylife

    That’s similar to doing an ART ATTACK, which is a show on Disney Channel. That’s hard to do. Take a lot of imagination knowing that which parts go to which. He must have a lot of time on his hands.

  • ndagi

    Excellent! Simply splendid!

  • Robert Daniels

    Can you say ‘ICONIC’

  • Thex1138

    I am Locutus of Apple,
    You will be assimilated,We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own,Resistance is futile.

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  • Michael Huff

    Ingenious. Really like this.

  • Shutterbug

    That’s really cool! 

  • erfon elijah

    i agree.  astonishing and beautiful.