Those Crazy Taiwanese Animators Pay A Surprisingly Classy Tribute To Steve [Video]


I wouldn’t have imagined that Next Media Animation (the guys behind all of those wacky Taiwanese animated news reports) would have had it in them to do a sweet and tasteful memorial to Steve Jobs, especially not within their Sims 3 animation studio, but they did a damned good job, I thought.

I love that St. Peter managed admissions into heaven on an iPad: that must really cut down on a lot of the paper work. Needless to say, in hell, they use Honeycomb tablets to manage all this stuff.

  • Shaunathan Sprocket

    Steve was Buddhist though, wasn’t he?   I don’t think they believe in Heaven.

  • Daibidh

    Errr…  Well, it could have been much more tacky.  I give them credit for that. 

  • Dominic

    Yes buddhist believe in a heaven, as well as a reincarnation. It’s more of a teaching, a way of life, Just like how the ten commandments apply to catholic/christianity’s way of life. Not one completely deals with the afterlife, but both acknowledge a heaven.

  • yopdesign

    Since Jobs are Buddhist, i dont think he will expect to meet Saint Peter…

  • prof_peabody

    Liked it until the religious junk.  

    IMO the worst thing about famous people dying is all the animalistic religious crap that otherwise intelligent people all of a sudden come out with.  

    The man is dead.  He isn’t living on a cloud or a star.  

    He lives on in his works, and in our memories of him, not in some magical fairy land in the clouds.  

  • Willie

    What’s your point?!  : /

  • iSamCode

    The St Peter’s part was the best indeed..

  • MacGoo

    Really Prof? I didn’t expect you to be trolling, today of all days. To those like myself who believe, religion is anything but crap. It is the most important part of our lives, and death is a pivotal part of it for every religion. I may not agree with these guys’ idea of where we go but I somewhat resent your implying that it’s unreasonable to think about “religious crap” at a time like this.

  • JohnJeser7656

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  • Shaunathan Sprocket

    Thanks for the clarification.  I did not know.

  • Maxie1978

    Kinda proud of how my people tribute to this remarkable man in technology development as a taiwanese and as a geek. but thats not the whole point! It is a day to forget anything but sorry for the loss.

  • iDaBoss

    Could have done without the snide remark about honeycomb

  • Barton

    it was gay…

  • Gabriel

    It makes me wanna cry … I really cant accept his gone….
    Id lime to think he somewhere , in another planet or plane of existence , preparing to release the iPad 3 or some new OS …. Steve , your memory will live forever in our hearts , and … Well in our iDevices wich are an extension of your genious :’)

  • Mhutch1393

    its a sad day all accrosed the world today, and there is definitely a hole in the floor of heaven.  Steves work will never be forgotten by his family or the millions of his fans.  and to quote the sticky on the apple store, “we’ll see you in the iCloud Steve” Rest in Peace

  • Josh Lim

    A crappy video for a tribute.

  • Millard Fillmore

    I’m sorry you felt the need to spoil the little joke at the end.

  • Jackson Myers

    Buddhists believe in reincarnation, so maybe Steve was reborn somewhere in the world today.

  • Jamison Matney

    I wonder what the people of Westboro would have to say about that… 

  • Lol

    So when you believe, it all becomes true? 
    “It is the most important part of our lives” So you waste your entire life over an ancient Middle Eastern mythology?
    “death is a pivotal part of it for every religion” Death is a scary concept to most, so  they, with one fell swoop of wishful thinking, believe there exists eternal paradise after death. They also use fear to make people believe it and not doubt it, claiming anyone who doesn’t believe this will experience eternal torment, and use fallacious logic such as Pascal’s Wager to persuade the gullible. Then, it becomes as though billions believe it. And with more fallacious logic including, but not limited to, appeal to authority, appeal to numbers, etc. they “justify” their far out hopes.
    Plus, SJ was a Buddhist. Most Buddhists don’t believe in an omnipotent, personal god, no eternal torment or eternal paradise. So your beliefs would be religious crap to Steve too.

  • MacGoo

    I didn’t say blind faith, I said belief. When I believe, I believe it’s true. Why would I believe in something I didn’t think was true? I didn’t just decide to believe and stop considering any alternative. For me, my faith is the best explanation I have found, and so I believe. And it is FAR from a wasted life.

    How do you even define a wasted life? How do I harm you by living a Christ-centered life? If I follow his teachings and set aside man-made prejudices, the worst you could expect from me is an invitation to church. And the best I can expect is an eternal life when this “waste” of time is over. And in the interim, perhaps I can even have a positive effect on this world. Even if you don’t like me, I like you. We both win. How is that a waste?

    Death holds no fear for me. Yes, some fear the unknown. Some may run to faith to escape it. But there is much more to Christianity than fear of death and retribution, if they take the time to look deeper.

    I am not looking to Steve Jobs to validate my faith. Yes, he was a Buddhist. That is beside the point. Many who are grieving also turn to faith to look for answers, and my original aim was to call Professor Peabody on the carpet for limiting that option, when it was a perfectly reasonable and natural one.

  • Lol

    Just because you believe it’s true doesn’t mean it’s true. That’s where wishful thinking gets you. The truth doesn’t require your approval.

  • MacGoo

    And just because you believe what you believe doesn’t make it true either – therein lies the fallacy of circular reasoning. “What I believe is true is REALLY true. What you believe isn’t what I believe, so your belief is false.” This assumes that what your stance has already been established as truth, which I reject.

    We each do the best we can to seek out the truth and if our conclusions happen to be at irreconcilable odds, the most mature thing we can do is agree to disagree and respect each others’ efforts to find our own answers.

  • Lol

    Oh just because I don’t believe it doesn’t make it true. Yet I can show that my stance is true by applying a reductio ad absurdum to the absurdities, contradictions and highly implausible claims in your beliefs, which will end up in proving your beliefs false.
    Also, didn’t you guys believe that anyone and everyone who doesn’t share your beliefs is bound to burn and suffer forever in extreme agony? Well then, I suppose Steve is going to have a tough time with his already highly damaged and weakened body dealing with burns and extreme agony, or “furnace of fire” with “weeping and gnashing of teeth” and with “fire and brimstone”, as the tale goes, don’t ya think? Thankfully I don’t need to deal with that horridness. Seriously, how do you sleep?

  • MacGoo

    Reducto ad absurdum is hardly an solid defense – in order for it to be applicable you would have to prove absolutely that it’s impossible for God to exist. Good luck. Also, reducto ad absurdum is the very basis for the Ontological argument, which is an argument FOR the existence of God.

    I’m not concerned about the judgement of others, because I’m not the one doing the judging. It is an individual decision whether to accept God’s offer of salvation, and the positive and negative consequences are made quite plain. You can hope to appeal to God’s mercy if you choose not to accept his terms, but for my part I’m going to do my best to live life by his rules. It’s the safer road by far.

    Steve’s body has nothing to do with this – you’re just trying to appeal to the earthly sympathies of those who may read this in the future. Don’t kid yourself that you don’t (or won’t) have to deal with how you’ve lived. If (as I believe) God exists, we’ll all give an account someday. For my part, I sleep well.

    This thread is becoming less of a productive discussion and more of an attack. I’ll let my part in this thread end here – please know that by not replying I’m not trying to ignore or provoke you, but to say my piece and let it stand on its own. I’ve said what I wanted to. Thanks for your time.

  • Lol

    “Reducto [sic] ad absurdum is hardly an solid defense – in order for it to be applicable you would have to prove absolutely that it’s impossible for God to exist.”
    No, I just need to show that your beliefs are absurd, implausible or contradictory, which seems very easy. For one, you believe that an all-loving god who is his own son burns and tortures innocent people for eternity, and this Middle Eastern illiterate son of a carpenter/magician who was his own father sacrificed himself to himself so he can save humanity from the curse he brought upon everyone because a rib-woman was persuaded by a talking snake to eat a forbidden fruit from a magic tree which makes you like gods. Completely absurd, contradictory, and implausible. Enter reductio ad absurdum.

    “redact [sic] ad absurdum is the very basis for the Ontological argument, which is an argument FOR the existence of God.”
    The ontological argument is a failure of a logical syllogism. See

    “I’m not concerned about the judgement of others, because I’m not the one doing the judging.”This is a completely moot point, and it is equivalent to stating”I’m not concerned about the relatives of the victims of 9/11, because I’m not one of the suicide bombers.”Not good.”Steve’s body has nothing to do with this – you’re just trying to appeal to the earthly sympathies of those who may read this in the future.”Which is equivalent to”9/11 has nothing to do with this – you’re just trying to appeal to the earthly sympathies of those who may read this in the future.”, and you might have actually used it, hadn’t I typed it.

    So bye, I will now return to my mathematical physics studies, and you return wallowing in your ignorance.