Sad Goodbyes To Steve At The San Francisco Apple Store [Gallery]



I went to the downtown Apple store this morning.

It was raining. Sort of fitting for the mood at the store.

Several people braved the downpour to pay tribute to Steve. Messages on Post-it notes were covering the front window. It was quite moving actually. Candles were lit and flowers were scattered on the ground.

When it started to hail briefly, I went inside. The mood was somber. The usual high-fiving employees were quiet. One of the employees told me that when they arrived at the store this morning the notes were covering the door. They carefully removed them one by one and placed the notes in rows at the bottom of the window.

While in the store, the David Bowie song Changes started playing. It was sad to hear but fitting. Apple has changed, at least how we know it.

Please check out the rest of the pictures and their captions below. This isn’t a sight exclusive to the San Francisco Apple Store. Similar tributes are happening at Apple Stores all around the world. If Steve was the heart and soul of Apple, even Apple’s fingertips are in mourning today.

A small crowd gathered outside in the rain to pay their respects.

view from inside the store looking out.

An impressive makeshift shrine with notes, flowers, candles and a single teddy.

The notes were on both sides of the door. I’m sure by the end of today there will be even more goodbyes. A couple of employees on the far right had just finished a hug.

Post-it notes waiting to be written on.

A wonderful one of a kind Steve Jobs graphic made by Slvstr Design. This print of Steve Jobs was made on a Mac, within two hours after it was announced that he had died.  

These four young men are graduates of the San Francisco Academy of Art University. The guy that designed the print of Slvstr Design
is in the picture but didn’t want to be acknowledged. Sort of like a Banksy. They used part of their rent money to print the Steve Jobs graphic at Kinkos.

The rain dripping down the window made it seem like the apple really was crying.

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  • Bernardo Siqueira

    at least i wish i were there to write something on a post-it. luck yours. :(

  • odA

    want to post something,
    don´t kow what!

    Think You´re home in the cloud, Steve :-)

  • 4am

    Thank you Mr Jobs-the Wizard of the Silicon Valley for bringing us the rainbow.

  • Pelu

    I’m sure he already started to revolutionize heaven!
    We miss you! You really changed the world!

  • Pelu

    I’m sure he already started to revolutionize heaven!
    We miss you! You really changed the world!

  • Jessica

    reading that def. pulled a few tears. 

    Steve Jobs has given the world the greatest intangible gifts: possibility, inspiration, and self empowerment.

  • Simon Cooper

    i real loss to the world, i true innovator sorely missed by us all!!
    love always!!

  • Anipz Raymond

    I miss one more thing…

    i realized that i will never hear it anymore :'(

  • ADimensionOfMind

    Feel like I’ve lost a dear friend, rather than someone I admired from afar.  The brightest lights burn fastest they say, and dammit Steve lit up the 21st century….

  • elimilchman

    me 2.

  • elimilchman

    what’s the message? we’ll post it for you.

  • Surilcamil

    Steve thank you for being here as long as you could

  • Henry Varley

    I can’t believe he’s actually gone. At least it’s nice to see that he has so many loving supporters. Of which, I am obviously one of! RIP Steve. :(

  • J2darob

    iMiss you although iNever actually met you personally! iThank for leading the industry of technology.  See you in the iClouds! R.I.P Steve Jobs

  • Kourosh Karimkhany

    Lovely post. Thanks.

  • Martin Thomas

    I think, therefore I am.

    Thank you Steve.

  • Paolo Briones

    Hi can you post “Maraming Salamat Ginoong Steve Jobs, mula sa amin sa Pilipinas” for me and my family here in Manila, Philippines.

    Thanks :(

  • michelle

    This was amazing.  Thank you for sharing.

  • Wheresyourgodnow

    I wish i learned how to rip people off too. Maybe someday I will because it really is not hard. The equation dumb people + outrageous prices = profit

  • Ozzie

    That’s so kind of you to do that. I’m in MIami and was in San Francisco recently. This is one moment that I wish I were there again. I had the pleasure and good fortune of standing over the mountains with a clear view of Cupertino and the valley. A moment I will never forget.

  • Paulochea

    the artist name is Slvstr Design not Slustr

  • Traci

    Thanks. Updated and included a link. Sorry about that. 

  • Zulvianes Budiman

    From Indonesia, thank you Steve for the best user experience of computer and portable devices you made. 

  • Alanchcc2000

    I beat cancer just over 2 years ago. Shame Steve couldn’t. Condolences to family both here and in the cloud

  • KauriO

    The fact that we will never watch Steve give another Keynote still hasn’t sunk in…You will be missed greatly!

  • Aufdenschlips

    geez, I´m a 38 year old father of two kids. never would have thought to have such a strong emotional reaction to the passing of someone I never met…to shed tears over this tragedy…the world is a sadder, dimmer place now
    It´s so sad. The future looked again like a place where marvels were possible, even likely, again. Steve gave us back our childhood sense of wonder about all the things that might be around the corner, over the horizon…

    Steve, thank you! You have touched the lifes of millions and may your family and friends find some consolation in that

  • J Kimber

    RIP Steve you were a visonery well ahead of your time in a time well behind the times! 

  • A Almassih

    ISTEVE …………..

  • Apteryx05

    Peace out Steve…

  • Syedfh

    We miss you Steve Jobs..sad but true the Greats they die young.

  • Macfordummies

    You will never be forgotten… R.I.P.

  • Philippe Francois

    Damn it! When you announced iCloud, I never thought you were that close to it.
    Thanks for the wondeful journey

  • GingerNinja

    Spent yesterday feeling that I had lost a friend which is mental considering he’s a corporate leader who I never met.  I think that the grief stems from the fact that Steve was and is such an iconic figure with such presence and vision, that you cannot help but think of him when you use your Apple kit.  My iPhone and iPad are ubiquitous parts of my life with my MacBook
    not far behind.

    Thank you Steve for making that technology.  I cannot imagine my life in a non-Apple world.  May the people you mentored & put in place continue to do great things and continue your legacy for a long time to come.

  • Gabriel Oetjens

    R.I.P Steve
    You changed the world

  • Joey Camp

    I know. I don’t know how many times I’ve opened because I can’t believe what I’m seeing “Steve Jobs (1955-2011)” I am damn glad though he is pain free now though. The man did everything for Apple and he deserves to be pain free. I hope to see him in the iCloud one day.

  • WhiteHat

    What did they do with all of the post-it notes?