Windows of San Francisco Apple Store Covered in Fan Tributes



This is what the San Francisco Apple Store looks like tonight. Fans have plastered the windows in sticky-note tributes. Here’s a Twitter search listing some of the other store memorials popping up all over the world.

Photo by patr1ck.

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13 responses to “Windows of San Francisco Apple Store Covered in Fan Tributes”

  1. Mathieu CAILLABET says:

    RIP Steve Jobs.

  2. TerryMajamaki says:

    Here is to the crazy one, Steve you will forever live in our thoughts, hearts, and your vision will always be under our fingertips.  Read more of my tribute to Steve Jobs @

  3. Seven Dreads says:

    iSad 2

  4. Laz says:

    I’m quite shocked at what an effect this has had on me. I’m just a normal guy from London who likes Apple products – but when I heard this news I felt sad like it was news of a long lost friend passing.

    Rip Steve.

  5. bonjouryall says:

    Anyone heard what they’re doing for the Apple store windows? Here’s my suggestion.
    Shine on. 0:) —— http://bonjour-yall.blogspot.c

  6. Marcus O'Donnell says:

    My little blog for Steve Jobs

  7. Amelia says:

    Definitely a little bit of every Apple aficionado died along with Steve

  8. THR_Iceman says:

    Sad news this morning when I knew the death of the best industry captain ever. Rest in peace Steve. You’ll be in our hearts forever.

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