Bloomberg BusinessWeek Announces Steve Jobs Tribute Issue



Bloomberg just announced that it will publish a 64-page, ad-free Steve Jobs tribute issue of BusinessWeek. The articles will be available online on Thursday, the issue will be sent out to magazine and iPad subscribers Friday, and it will hit newsstands the same day. Since the buyout, Bloomberg has done some gorgeous graphic design work with BusinessWeek, so I’m anxious to see the result.  The contributor list is impressive:

Pieces will be written by Steve Jurvetson, John Sculley, Sean Wilsey and William Gibson, as well as Bloomberg News and Bloomberg Businessweek reporters and editors Jim Aley, Brad Stone and Peter Burrows.

  • TerryMajamaki

    Here is to the crazy one, Steve you will forever live in our thoughts, hearts, and your vision will always be under our fingertips.  Read more @

  • Luke Lefneski

    Can’t wait to read this and get my hands on a copy! Miss you Steve and want to learn from you.

  • Blake Beavers

    By Thursday does that mean today 10/6/11? or next week?

  • ABSjazz

    Has anyone had any luck finding a physical copy?  Can’t seem to find this issue but last week’s is still out on newsstands.  

  • Yosemitesamiam

    I still can’t find it….10/10/11  What gives?

  • Maccam