Apple Announces Cards, A New App That Will Allow You To Physically Mail Letters From Your iOS Device



Apple just announced an all new app that they are working on, called Careds.

On the surface, it looks like just a silly postcards app, but the idea is that Apple will allow you to create cards and letters on your iPhone or iPad, and then they’ll physically mail out to you.

A card will send $2.99 to mail nationally, and $4.99 to mail anywhere in the world.

Cards will be a free app available on October 12th, directly from the App Store.

  • dannypolicarpo

    Possibile backdoor room deal done with USPS to keep them alive?

  • lkahney

    BTW. Cards sounds a lot like original Mac programmer Bill Atkinson’s PhotoCard app:

  • Bitter Witch

    $2.99?  I’ll make a freaking postcard and mail that out myself.

  • Brian0505

    reminds me a little bit of ‘iCards’

  • LukealiciousX

    OMG! That’s fantastic!

  • Fitz

    That was my first thought.  Apple saves USPS!