Griffin’s MultiDock Syncs and Charges 10 iPads At Once



The Griffin MultiDock aims to fix a problem that most of us never have to deal with: charging and syncing 10 iPads at once.

This $700 piece of technology calls itself, “the complex, flexible way to charge and store multiple iPads.” You can daisy chain three of these bad boys together to create a hub that can charge/sync 30 glorious iPads.

Each unit holds 10 iPads and features an LED indicator for individual battery status. Auto-off charging ensures that power won’t be sent to your iPad once its battery is full.

The MultiDock will sync all of your connected iPads to iTunes at once. The iPad inserts are large enough to accommodate many popular iPad cases, so you don’t have to take your case off to plug your iPad in.

This product is obviously geared toward the enterprise, education, and IT professional space. Hopefully most of us don’t have 10 iPads that need charging. If you do, get some help. You may have an addiction.

Check out more details on the Griffin MultiDock on the company’s website.

(via TUAW)

  • Mitch McKee

    That’s got to be for business use right? Nobody is going to have (or need) that in their home, I hope.

  • theoPhobia

    Just in time to be useful for a month before wireless sync in iOS5.

  • Josepml

    This would be very useful in an education setting

  • Tim Rosencrans

    Very overpriced and under featured for what is basically a 10 port usb hub with a little extra juice and a shelf. Really blew the education market with no form of securing the iPads or the cables. A simple cabinet door would have made it much more functional. As it is it will have to be kept in a locked room or another cabinet.

  • Tim Rosencrans

    Odd they limit themselves by only speaking of daisy chaining the hubs. You should be able to run 10 on one bus if you connect them to another pair of 7 port hubs. Thus connecting 100 iPads and 22 hubs (each of these is two hubs) for 122 devices which should just make USBs 127 device limit with a couple of devices to spare as long as none are connected internally in the host machine. One does wonder how many devices iTunes can recognize at once.

  • Daniel

    Because it’s obviously made of unobtanium and hence far too heavy to simply pick up.

  • AriRomano

    wait… a USB hub for $700?

  • CharliK

    They were trying to design something for charging. Not locking up. I’m sure your hub will include this feature and probably be half the price. Let us know when it is on the market. 

    Meanwhile, we have 5 of these in our production office for our vast iPad collection and so far they are working great. We use them mostly for charging since the batteries never last the 12-14 hours we are using them. They are a tad pricey but the boss says it is worth not having the CF of all the plugs and cables and he’s not fond of having the iPads scattered all over various trailers during the night when we are on location. 

  • CharliK

    Well I am from a good catholic family (11 kids)

    And then there’s the Duggars

  • Mystakill

    I’m surprised that they didn’t put a dock connector inside of each shelf, rather than the hokey USB-to-dock connector cables they’re using.  At then the price would’ve seemed somewhat more realistic than the $700 “hub” it actually is, and would be easier to use to boot.

  • Neo Pingsta Ping

    This is madness. Even business people will know that this is just overpriced crap.

  • Neo Pingsta Ping

    This is madness. Even business people will know that this is just overpriced crap.

  • Tim Broom

    Even worse than you could imagine.  I thought even though this is way over priced I would bite the bullet for convenience.  This is the deal.  USB 1.1 not 2.0 sync.  AND IT DOES NOT CHARGE WHILE CONNECTED TO USB ON COMPUTER TO SYNC??? you have to unplug the usb to the computer to get all the devices to charge!  I cannot freaking believe this… what a piece of crap, very disappointed and bitter… never again Griffin!