Acer: Ultrabooks Will Start Destroying iPad In 2012



Acer, the company that saw the iPad devour its Netbook market, is whistling past the graveyard again. This time, the Taiwan-based PC maker forecasts consumers will turn from tablets to Ultrabooks in 2012. Such talk could go into the same category of the Mayan calendar foreshadowing the end of the world.

Ultrabooks, a fledgling category of PCs pushed by Intel designed to compete with the $999 lightweight MacBook Air, will comprise 30 percent of global notebook sales by the end of 2012, according to Acer vice president Scott Lin. Tablets – dominated by the iPad – will be the netbooks’, er, Ultrabooks’, first victim, he tells industry publication DigiTimes.

According to Lin, when notebooks can offer the same features, “while still maintaining battery longevity, consumer’s purchasing behavior will reverse as consumers would rather choose a machine that can satisfy their demand for both entertainment and work, instead of carrying a tablet PC and notebook around,” the publication writes.

Hands up for everyone who carries both their iPad and MacBook around? Not many. The idea of tablets isn’t to replicate the functionality of notebooks, only in a slimmer footprint, but a recognition that consumers have two modes: work and play. Study and study finds people tend to use their iPad in the evening and weekends, times when we are off the clock. This notion that a personal computer needs to be all things to everyone is outdated. Hence, the reason PC makers are scrambling for a reason to exist.

As for Ultrabooks “achieving the same features, while maintaining battery longevity,” this might be a long wait for consumers, as well as Intel, Acer and others. Again, this is why consumers have a phone for communication, a tablet for games and a PC for work. Like everywhere else, this is the age of specialization.

What seals the deal on the DigiTimes article is its reference to a JPMorgan analyst note surmising a 25 percent fall-off in iPad orders is linked to less demand for tablets. A slew of analysts punched hole after hole in this theory.

  • myz06vette

    Dear Acer,

    I don’t know what you’re smoking, but will you pass some over here?

    If you think your Ultrabook is going to destroy the iPad, why hasn’t Apple cannibalized itself by selling the MBAir? 

    Not gonna happen.

    What you fail to realize is that people don’t buy tablets (read: iPad) just because their laptops are too big. They (we) buy tablets because of the convenience, the portability, the overall experience and ease of use, and the design. The screen is the screen, but also the input device. 

    If you think the Ultrabook concept is going to compete directly with the tablet concept, you’re clearly misunderstanding the purpose, the benefits and the selling points of the latter. 

    Good luck to you. I’m betting you won’t even move the needle on iPad sales.


    A Realist

  • FriarNurgle

    *insert executive* from *insert company* has just said that *insert their product* will be defeat *insert competitor’s product*. 

  • Jdsonice

    LOL – I guess the weed over there must be really good. 

  • MacGoo

    hahahahahhaaaa….ok, serioHAHHAHAHAHAAAAA….whew, ok I’m doHAHWHOOOHOAHAHAHAAAAAA…ok, seriously Acer, that was awesome. I needed a good belly laugh.

  • Chris

    those ultrabooks will never look like in that picture anyway…those PC manufacturers always find a way to make it look bulky and crappy…

  • SurferDude123

    Why Acer keeps insisting their products that are so junk to the consumers? Don’t they understand that consumers turn to Apple because of the brand? And quality is the main reason why the brand is so f****ng popular.

    Hey Acer no matter how hard you try, your brand sucks big time. Whoever owns Acer product has no self-respect. You should know that already. LOL !!!

  • RodTog


  • Honey Badger

    Uhm. No. No they won’t.

  • Abram Lloyd Siegel

    I must be one of the few who would like to work and play on the ipad. That being said, no way I would ever by an Acer.


    Acer’s ultrabooks are supposed to start at $899 and be among, if not the, cheapest ultrabook.  How is that supposed to compete with an iPad almost half its price?  Other PC manufacturers are having a hard time matching the MacBook Air price, so this is just salt in an open wound.  Meanwhile, the Mac/iOS crowd will still be lured to the MacBook Air, because no matter how close they come to copying the MBA, the majority of ultrabooks will still be running Windows.

    More false bravado/industry-targeted PR B.S. from Acer.

  • Clinton Hayes

    I would like to disagree. I think an Ipad is a waste of time. It cannot do anything really. Everything has to be downloaded, a schlep. Difficult to type on. Only a gmail account seems to work with any degree of competency.
    I would much rather have a PC that does everything. Almost evry adult I have spoken to have regretted buying the Ipad. They all end up with the kids.

  • imajoebob

    Acer strikes me as another late 80’s version of Apple. They had a well-deserved reputation for building very nice products – their c.1995 desktops were the cleanest, best designed boxes around, and sold at a very competitive price.  They were the king of the Asian market.  But then they decided that the best way to take on the US and European markets was to join the race to the bottom, capped by their purchase of Gateway, as a quick and dirty way to establish a notebook presence.

    They’re run by bottom-line bean counters who have no vision beyond leveraging every last nickel, instead of leveraging technology, expertise, or reputation.  Now they’re trying to be the 1990s Microsoft, where you compete with press releases instead of product.

  • Ytmobileme

    utlrabooks are competing with macbook air not ipad

  • itsme nyc

    Really? That must be why I see more and more iPads at all my business meetings…

  • So sick of it

    Funny, every single person I know who has an iPad loves it.

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    It cannot do anything? It plays music, doesn’t it? It can type up word documents can it not? It play movies, right? Surfs the Internet? So, it does do things. Everything has to be downloaded? ITS A FUCKING COMPUTER!!!! When you buy a fresh PC, does it have games on it, your favorite word processor, all you movies and music? NO, YOU have to buy and download all that stuff yourself. My mom always uses her iPad and I typed this out with my 64Gb 3G iPad 2, while at school.

    You need to think outside of the box, bro.

  • GQB

    Acer’s president is starting to sound like Baghad Bob.

  • Ian1175

    Hahaha i like it ;) And totally agree with ya buddy.

  • Ian1175

    Yeah agree !! Me and my junior managers all use ipads. So do many of the sales reps that come to visit me.

  • Matthew Snider

    Acer smokes the good stuff.

  • Diego

    I think what you meant to say is “I cannot do anything really.”  There..that’s fixed. While you may not find any value or have the wherewithal to put it to good use…that doesn’t mean millions haven’t.  

  • Mark

    … and losing!   ;-D

  • AvoidDroid

    He’s a PC. What do you expect ? Neanderthal computing still reigns….yeah…right.

  • Robyn

    Never really used one before, have you?  If you had, you wouldn’t be posting such drivel.   Whenever one reads sweeping, pejorative (look it up) comments, one knows it’s a partisan, unthinking post.  
    “waste of time” — define “waste”!  :-)   Great fun, good for reading, surfin’, movie watching, star gazing, emailing, weather checking, reading the news and national opinion pieces, etc.  “cannot do anything really”  — That must be exactly what tens of millions of happy users think.”Everything has to be downloaded”–100% untrue.

    “Difficult to type on.”  Well, perhaps for Kelly Girls, but for regular folks, not bad at all.

    “Only a gmail account seems to work with any degree of competency.”  Hmm… I have 3 different e-mail accounts, none are gmail, and all work great.  “competency” is the wrong here, in any event!

    “Almost evry adult I have spoken to have regretted buying the Ipad.’–say that’s easy.  You’ve talked to two people, one of whom said they regretted it because their kids took it over!  :-)    Laugh riot!  iPad buyers report one of the highest levels of product satisfaction of any computer, hi-tech device; second only to the iPhone!

    Oh, well!  Love reading posts by unthinking Apple bashers.  Their comments are so easy to refute!

  • mjtomlin

    What they’re really saying is, “Since we cannot compete with the iPad by producing a compelling tablet that people actually buy and use, we are going to say that the tablet market will dry up once we attempt to produce a compelling ultrabook that people will want to buy instead of a MacBook Air (or an iPad).”

  • Joel Angert

    Isn’t this exactly what they said, in 2010, about how android tablets would destroy the iPad by next year?

  • Nathan Navarro

    Yeah okay thats why more people buy iPhones and iPads versus PC products.  PC is so non innovative all their stuff is crap.  Acer will take over!?…HA!