Leaked Packaging Bar Code Seemingly Confirms Next iPhone Is The iPhone 4S



We’re just putting this out there: a tipster just sent us a picture of what he claims is the packaging label barcode for the iPhone 4S, coming in white with 16GB of storage. According to the label, the part number will be MD239F/A. All other information that could be used to identify the device has been obscured.

Is it real? We don’t know. It would certainly be trivial to Photoshop. That said, if this is real, it confirms that the iPhone 4S is Apple’s official product name for the next iPhone, and unlike the iPhone 4, it’ll come in white from the get go.

  • H Bate

    Please be fake!!!

  • FriarNurgle

    iPhone 5… I want to believe.

  • _HROH

    and your tipster is Chr0nic right.

  • Nathan Myers

    Its fake, look at how the S is a different tone from the rest of the text.

  • Bluelou65

    me too; i held on to this 3G (not the 3GS) for an extra year in hopes of a lights out iphone.  i’ll still get it and it’ll be a great phone but i’ll be a little irritated when the iphone 5 comes out next year.

  • WardC

    This is a Photoshop, blow the photo up to 10x and look at the blur filter used around the text, which is actually a different font that Myriad Pro.

    I dub this a fake.

  • Thabo Zijlstra

    Apple model A1387 points toward a 4th gen. iPod Touch 8GB.

    I would say nice, but fake

  • dagamer34

    Apple using names the public has been floating around for the last 6 months is silly. Besides, Apple couldn’t call the iPhone 3GS “iPhone 3” because that would have been too confusing.

  • August Drilling

    not impressed

  • brownlee


  • Frank

    How does this mean that there won’t be an iPhone 5 as well? This isn’t proof at all. I can’t believe you guys are even publishing stuff like this.

  • Chris

    why not snap the whole packaging if it’s in front of you?

  • Fuzzy Wuggle

    The letter ‘S’ looks fudged to me. I think it’s BS tbh. My firm belief is that there will be an iPhone 5 released alongside iOS 5. Announced on October 4th and released to the wild on October 5th. iPhone 5, iOS 5, October 5th. 5, 5, 5. Just saying…

  • FJ

    Here you go again. This doesn’t disprove an iPhone 5 at all.

  • Adam

    No it doesn’t. iPod touch 8GB 4th Generation is A1367.

    Just sayin’

  • Moctavian

    Don’t care about 4S. Need 5.

  • 9to5Mac ?

    Debunked yesterday http://9to5mac.com/2011/09/28/

  • Tony C

    I want the latest, greatest if I’m going to spend my upgrade money not a bump in specs and shaved off old case of a previous design. I’ll look at other phones or wait till Apple earns my money.

  • _HROH

    i bet your iPhone is not Jailbroken because you dont know Chr0nic

  • Anipz Raymond

    That letter “S” is FAKE, ASS !!

  • Julio Mourão

    i think this is a fake one… How come Apple send a single iPhone tho this guy? In the other hand why can’t be 2 iPhones (4s and 5)? Does anyone remember what Al Gore said? 

  • Phillip Blanton

    I agree with those calling shenanigans. The “S” is much crisper than the rest of the text. Also, as Fuzzy Wuggle says, why would Apple create the “iOS5” for a 4* gen iPhone?

    It MUST be called iPhone 5. I’d bet real money on it. This has gotta be a fake.  

  • Andrew Johnson

    Who cares? It’s only an iPhone. Oh and it definitely seems fake.

  • Stuartos

    I guess my Wuggle sense was Fuzzy’er than normal :’-(  I can’t believe there is no iPhone 5!