Apple Could Be Set to Axe the iPod Classic & iPod Shuffle By The End of The Year



Looking to replace your aging iPod classic or iPod shuffle? Then it might be best to make a trip to your local Apple store sooner rather than later, because Apple could be about to axe these two devices by the end of this year.

A source for TUAW claims that those iPod lines without touch screens will soon meet their demise, as Apple looks to make that “product transition” that the company mentioned during its last quarterly earnings call:

It seems that the “product transition” Apple mentioned on the last earnings call could very well be within the iPod line. Specifically, if you want to buy an iPod shuffle or iPod classic from Apple, you should do it sooner rather than later. We’ve heard those two iPods are getting the axe this year.

TUAW doesn’t disclose its source, but it does state implicitly that “it is NOT an analyst.” The report mentions that discontinuing the iPod classic and the iPod shuffle seems to make sense, with the shuffle now very similar to the iPod nano — only without the screen — and the classic being left behind as Apple makes its transition to flash-based memory. (The classic still uses a platter-based hard drive.)

There’s also some mention of the iPod touch. You’ll be pleased to hear that this device isn’t expected to die out as well, however, there will be “few changes” to the device in the foreseeable future — apart from the introduction of a white model.

Would you be disappointed to see the iPod classic and the iPod shuffle discontinued?