Instagram 2.0 Is An Absolutely Awesome Update To The App Store’s Best Photo Sharing App


Screen Shot 2011-09-20 at 1.08.48 PM

Great news, photo bugs! Instagram has finally released the official 2.0 version of their social networking photo app, and it adds some seriously rad enhancements to what is already one of the greatest apps on the iOS platform. Here’s what is news.

• Live filters: See what a filter will look like when it’s applied even before you snap the shutter. According to Instragram, since they’ve rewritten the app to be over 200 times faster, switching between filters in live view takes almost no time at all.

• Four new filters: Amaro, Rise, Hudson, and Valencia, created in partnership with extremely popular Instragrammer @colerise.

•Instant tilt-shift: Selective blur over 100X faster than before. Pinch, pan and rotate tilt-shift to give your photos unparalleled depth of field with live preview included.

• High-res photos: Instagram finally takes full advantage of your iPhone 4’s camera sensor, and photos have now been increased from 612×612 to 1936×1936 on the iPhone 4 (1536×1536 on the iPhone3GS.

• Borders are now optional: turn them off!

• One-click rotation

• New icon, same look but new depth and dimension.

Looks like an incredible update. Instagram v2.0 is supported on iOS 4.2.1 and above, and works on any iOS device with a camera. You can grab the new update for free here.

  • andymcclung

    I kind of wish it had better iPad2 support.  I hate using x2!

  • DaniCroitor

    where is the “Apolo“ Effect? That`s sucks. And I thing some of the previews effects are now a bit different.

  • Schuyler

    Images aren’t being saved to my iPhone’s photo reel anymore.

  • myglasseye

    Yeah, the effects are all quite different now, it just doesn’t feel like the same app any more. They also took out a bunch of good filters including the only other B&W one (which it needs), and removed the transition feathering tool in the tilt shift screen, and now all the transitions are too hard and noticeable.

    If anyone wants to see the differences in the filters for themselves I posted comparison shots in a review of the update here.