Bam! Kick it Up a Notch With These New iPad Kitchen Accessories from Belkin



There’s no space the iPad hasn’t invaded — the kitchen in particular seems a favorite for me place for me to plop it down in. I’ll look up recipes, stream live TV news in the background while I’m cooking or kick back with the Grey Lady over breakfast.

But Apple’s probably going to void your warranty if they find egg yolk in the iPad’s innards. Never fear — Belkin has just announced a whole aisle’s worth of iPad accessories for the kitchen that’ll keep the iPad mess-free.

That’s Belkin’s Kitchen Cabinet Mount ($50) above. Below is the Chef Stand + Stylus ($40), and they’ve also got a $40 magnetic fridge mount. No word on availability yet though.

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6 responses to “Bam! Kick it Up a Notch With These New iPad Kitchen Accessories from Belkin”

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