Verizon and AT&T Both Announced Prepaid Plans Perfect For The iPhone 4S



As rumored yesterday, Verizon has just announced that they are going to go head-to-head with the likes of Virgin Mobile for the contract-free, prepaid market… just a month before Apple is widely rumored to release a low cost iPhone of their own in the so-called iPhone 4S.

The bigger surprise? AT&T’s joined them and will be offering prepaid plans too.

AT&T’s plan is called “GoPhone.” It’ll be available to customers starting September 18th, and will cost $25 per month. For this, customers get 240 nationwide voice minutes and unlimited nationwide messaging; an extra $10 buys them the ability to use those minutes to make calls to fifty countries.

Not really a good deal compared to the competition: for $35, Virgin Mobile subscribers get 300 minutes, unlimited data and unlimited texting. But Verizon’s going to do a lot better.

Verizon’s unlimited plan, available on Thursday, costs $50 a month and it is unlimited in minutes, text messages and data. The data plan will be sold via Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Target, alongside Verizon Stores.

Really interesting. The big question is if we’ll see the iPhone 4S available for these prepaid plans. If so, the likes of Virgin Mobile may have a hard time competing.

  • FriarNurgle

    So the AT&T and Verizon prepaid iPhone plans will be cheaper than the regular plan? I’m confused and very doubtful.  

  • Iphoneication

    i think the timing of these changes fall in line with a prepaid iphone,,, we are only weeks away now from the apple fall event. i expect apple to send invites within the next couple of weeks, i think oct1,, event october 11th,, or the 18th,, a tuesday,,, expect the phone to be available that day,, i think,, 

  • dagamer34

    My guess is no.

  • Alen Teplitsky

    no, all the prepaid plans have old phones because they know how much data each phone uses. that’s why it’s unlimited data. unlimited on an old phone that is too slow to process a lot of data

  • Fiker

    What does it mean, “The data plan will be sold via Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Target, alongside Verizon Stores” ? 

  • aramishero

    This plan is not for iPhone but iPod 3G.

  • Ed_Kel

    AT&T had the GoPhone for awhile now, didn’t they? Unlimited data? Have you seen the phones that qualify for those types of plans? No way in hell would the iPhone be on that plan. Otherwise, I’m moving to Verizon prepaid because it’ll cost about as much as I’m paying for just messaging alone!

  • FriarNurgle

    I’ve been talking about a 3G iPod for a while now. It would be a true game changer. Why in the heck do most kids need a phone when all they do is text and data, which could be handled with a simple data plan.

  • Dunnion

    This sounds way too good to be true.  I don’t see Verizon or AT&T allowing a cheaper version of an iPhone to get unlimited data for such a low price.

  • Josh

    These plans will NOT be for the iPhone…doesn’t make a bit of sense…they’d have mass movement over to the prepaid plans…it’s for the “dumb” phones or clunkier smartphones.

  • os2guy

    The bigger question is: those of us who grandfathered in with unlimited data service pay $30 a month while new customers will get the same service for $25.  Is AT&T going to lower our monthly fee to $25 or face another class action lawsuit?

  • Christian Boutin1

    why wouldn’t these plan be for the new iphone 4s. If they’re to be sold at a cheaper price with no subsidy from the carriers then it only becomes which carrier will be able to attrack this new market. All current iphone 4 owners are most propably on contract so with no possible ways to move to these plans. I can see Apple having discussion with these carriers in the best strategy to welcome new prepaid device and the targeted audience.

    interesting to see how this falls out.

  • Mtz

    i don’t know what happens but ,the reality it’s the prepaid it’ll take
    over ,because is cheaper.. anyone hear about h2o wireless ,well i have
    my iphone 4 locked talk tex data unlimited for $60 this company use a
    AT&T network ,so u don’t need unlock the iphone maybe jailbreak for
    MMS but works like regular AT&T iphone ..

  • Joel Tague

    Ummm att has the same plan as verizon for prepaid.  $50/month for unlimited talk text and web on basic and messaging phone.  Do you homework cult of mac.

  • dsjr2006

    That Verizon $50 plan you speak of does not include unlimited Data for smartphones. Dumbphones only, same as AT&Ts current $50 unlimited everything plan…..

  • Guest

    where do you get the h2o wireless at??

  • April Roberts

    Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile have provided the most advanced Androids in the prepaid market. And, some people prefer a QWERTY keyboard. The iPhone is more expensive and doesn’t have QWERTY. Boost and Virgin have Unlimited talk, text and web for $50-55.  Boost offers they ontime payment incentive, “Shrinkage”, that reduces a customers monthly payment to $40. Unless ATT and Verizon plans on doing the same Boost and Virgin don’t have too much to worry about.

  • Willpower101

    Yep, this story is bunk. Verizon does not allow smartphones on their unlimited prepaid plan. They only have an 80$ plan that works with one smartphone as of 5.20.12

  • ApplePr0n

    I really think that it goes
    iPhone 3GS – prepaid AT&T
    Iphone 4 – $1 on contract
    iPhone 4S – $99 on contract
    6th gen iPhone – $199/$299/$399 on contract