The Death of the iPod Classic Might Be Imminent As Shipping Times In Europe Slip



Apple’s been keeping the venerable iPod Classic on life support for years without changing a thing, but now, Apple Bitch says shipping times are starting to slip in Europe, implying a very uncharacteristic lack of availability for a very out-of-demand product.

Does that mean Apple’s about to kill off the Classic once and for all? At the Classic’s current capacity, there’d be no reason to keep it around anymore if Apple just doubles the maximum capacity of the next-gen iPod Touch.

That said, I suppose Apple could always surprise us and cram a 320GB or 500GB drive into the Classic for the customers who just have to walk around with a hundred years’ worth of CD quality music in their jeans pocket.

We’ll have to wait and see, but if I had to guess, I’d say the Classic dies and a 128GB iPod Touch takes its place.

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  • TylerHoj

    The day the click wheel officially dies, will be a sad one. 

  • Rich Berger

    I don’t mind having to buy the Touch, if it’s at an iPod price point. If it’s some hyper inflated crap like the touch, apple can shove it.

  • Alexitan

    still can’t believe it I just got a $829.99 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prices at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for. I use BidsNé

  • prof_peabody

    I hope they make a “classic” iOS app (if they do discontinue it) with a virtual click wheel etc.  

    I wonder if they will rename the remaining iPods as something else? It would make sense to do so.

  • James Powell

    there is one. iclassic. u need to be jailbroken tho

  • Barry Johnson

    You know what a Classic is great for? Your car. Use the Sony Ipod kit and take your entire itunes on the road. Love it.

  • firesign

    I should probably buy one before they go away. My 60g 5g is almost full and the screen is becoming a mess.

  • C Benjamin

    I figured this was coming sooner or later.  I gave my $.02 about this on my blog a few days ago.  Apple no longer believes in the spinning plates of “old school” hard drives.  With iCloud you don’t need to have everything right there with you.  Although for that 14 road trip and there is no 3G connection, having 60GB of music sure does help.

  • Jonscothern

    it would be amazing if they kept the wheel but used flash storage to make an ultra thin classic probably won’t happen but imagine a 128 / 256 classic thinner then an iPod touch but still with click wheel by not including the extra tech needed in a touch would help keep costs down…. for those who just want music just a thought but i like the idea

  • TylerHoj

    Or buy one when after they “go away” and save yourself some dough. If Apple discontinues this product, expect a price drop. 

  • aardman

    This I like.

  • Matt

    all i want is for this to be wrong and have apple just roll out a new classic with the iphone camera and a larger harddrive or switch to flash memory and make it able to store allot more. some of us could use something like that because currently my itunes library can fit on any model of any ipod:( 

  • John McLachlan

    60gig?   Amateur  ;-)

  • appliance5000

    By definition it’s at an ipod price because it’s an ipod.

  • knock knock

    how much would a 160gb touch cost? $1100? get real.

  • HenryMcNinja

    The thought of this made me feel dirty, and I liked it!

  • CharliK

    If they roll out a new classic it won’t have a camera. You want that you get a touch or an iPhone. 

    They might switch to flash memory because of the stability issue but either you’ll lose a chunk of data storage this year or they will wait and do that next year

    that said, honestly I think a 128 GB touch with perhaps a 256 GB next year is more likely. 

    you better get ready to get your classic when they go End of Life this year it is probably the last chance

  • CharliK

    why do they need to rename the others. they are all iPods. So they stay iPods. 

  • redrocklobster

    No reason?  There are many more people than you think whose music collection is far larger than even the max capacity iPod Classic, let alone even a doubled capacity iPod touch.

    Of course, most wouldn’t want or need to take their entire collection in their pocket, but 250 GB would actually be quite nice.  

    Your calculations, though meant probably to be facetious, are so far off that they wind up being misleading.

    One year’s worth of reasonably high quality MP3s (encoded around 160-320 kbps) would be somewhere on the order of 750 GB. (A rough estimate.) That’s 24 hours/day.  Let’s say by one year, you mean just 8 hours of listening per day.  Well, then that would need somewhere around 250 GB to store.

    How much would 100 year’s worth of CD-quality music take to store?  Let’s again assume by one year you mean 24 hours of music per day for the year.  Using the highest capacity CD (80 mins for 700 MB), a year would need 6570 CDs. Again at 700 MB per CD, that’s roughly 4,500 GB.  So for 100 years, that’s 450,000 GB, or about 430 terrabytes.  Seagate announced a 4 TB home desktop drive recently.  so you’d need more than 100 of those to store a 100 years of music.

  • VW77

    “the customers who just have to walk around with a hundred years’ worth of CD quality music in their jeans pocket” It’s so far off that it can’t even be treated as sarcasm. 24hrs of mixed Lossless/256k iTunes downloads take up about 1G of space. “100 Years worth” would take 36,500 Gigs. 

    Even if we assume everyone encodes in 96kbps MP3s (and not lossless CD .wav rips as per the other comment) and only buy $300++ headphones for looks and not sound quality (there THAT is an acceptable sarcasm), it still will NOT even remotely come close to 500Gigs.

  • redrocklobster

    wait, I pretty much just said that yesterday. :)

  • tozzophoto

    I hope it does not ever go away.  This is the only iPod variant that I will ever purchase.  They should always keep at least one version of the original music-centric ipod around, as there are some people who would never have a need for any apps…

  • Mike

    This dudes a pretty enormous faggot that cannot take sacasm

  • JoeMomma

    “That said, I suppose Apple could always surprise us and cram a 320GB or 500GB drive into the Classic for the customers who just have to walk around with a hundred years’ worth of CD quality music in their jeans pocket.”

    The iPod was invented for REAL music fans, remember?

    If Apple discontinues the iPod Classic, the hope here is that they at least offer a larger Touch (256, 320, etc.). Those of us with wide-ranging and high-quality tastes own A LOT of music.

    The day that the singles-buyer Taylor Swift/Kesha/Kenny Chesney/Britney Spears fans dictate Apple’s strategy is the day that Idiocracy is upon us, musically speaking.