The Death of the iPod Classic Might Be Imminent As Shipping Times In Europe Slip



Apple’s been keeping the venerable iPod Classic on life support for years without changing a thing, but now, Apple Bitch says shipping times are starting to slip in Europe, implying a very uncharacteristic lack of availability for a very out-of-demand product.

Does that mean Apple’s about to kill off the Classic once and for all? At the Classic’s current capacity, there’d be no reason to keep it around anymore if Apple just doubles the maximum capacity of the next-gen iPod Touch.

That said, I suppose Apple could always surprise us and cram a 320GB or 500GB drive into the Classic for the customers who just have to walk around with a hundred years’ worth of CD quality music in their jeans pocket.

We’ll have to wait and see, but if I had to guess, I’d say the Classic dies and a 128GB iPod Touch takes its place.