Still Waiting for Speech-to-Text in iOS 5? Your Carrier Already Has It



A number of major carriers all over the globe have begun receiving a near-final build of Apple’s upcoming iOS 5 software for testing, according to one report. The software is said to be a newer than the beta recently seeded to developers, and includes a number of features that we’re still yet to see in previous betas, including that much-rumored speech-to-text technology.

According to a source for 9to5 Mac, who is currently testing this “newer” build of iOS 5, FaceTime over 3G has been enabled and testers are being instructed that this feature is a “high priority” for testing. And that’s not the only thing that registered developers are still yet to see from iOS 5:


In addition, this near-final iOS 5 build in late carrier testing includes the Nuance Dictation speech-to-text feature we first revealed screenshots of and detailed. According to a source testing the feature, it works almost identically (video above) to the Android operating system’s speech-to-text feature.

The speech-to-text feature is said to be fast and highly polished, indicating it may already be ready for release and could appear for the first time ever in the public release of iOS 5 this Fall. However, it’s worth noting that although these features are currently present in this build of iOS 5 for testing purposes, neither of them are guaranteed to make it into the first public release.

In addition to the this, the report claims that carriers have also begun training that will teach staff everything there is to know about iOS 5 and iCloud ready for their release. The training is said to be identical to that which took place before the release of iOS 4, and follows the news that Apple itself has begun training staff for these new products.

  • oakdesk23

    Which is it? Text-to-speech or Speech-to-text?

  • KillianBell

    Speech-to-text. My apologies. I’m a bit backwards like that.

    Now amended.

  • Jessie Yelle

    I already have Speech-To-Text voicemail service, but I think that’s provided by a third party through my provider. 

  • MedicMPH

    iOS 5 must be releasing very soon, The Sonos controller app update is for iOS 5 support!

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  • CharliK

    “and follows the news that Apple itself has begun training stafffor these new products.”

    Don’t get too excited. I checked with my sources and the internal training just says “go to and read the information posted after WWDC”. And that’s all. No actual lessons, no insider details. 

  • CharliK

    Doesn’t really mean anything other than Sonos wanted their app to be ready whenever iOS 5 hits so they bothered to use their developer resources to get it ready.