Why You Should Never Buy an iPad in a McDonald’s Parking Lot [Scams]



McDonalds. One goes there for burgers, french fries, and occasionally a tasty McFlurry. One should not go there to buy an iPad, however. A young woman has learned that lesson the hard way.

Matt Burns of TechCrunch:

“Per a police report, Ms. Ashley McDowell, age 22, was approached by two black males in a McDonald’s parking offering to sell her an iPad for $300. They said they purchased said devices in bulk and were passing the savings onto consumers. How nice. McDowell explained that all she had was $180, which the kind gentlemen accepted anyway.”

Turns out that Ashely had been one-upped by the two men.

“You see, Ashley then exchanges her money for the iPad and drives home where she then opens up the FedEX container, for the first time, to find that *shock* it was a scam. She had purchased nothing more than a rather strange and surprisingly elaborately decorated wooden block, framed with black tape and sporting a replica Apple logo and iOS icons. The police report also describe a sort of “Best Buy sales ticket.”

The most amazing thing about this whole story is that the crooks took the time to create an “elaborate” wooden iPad replica in the first place. Perhaps it was a safety precaution in case Ms. McDowell had asked to see the device? We’ve heard that McDonalds can have dim parking lot lighting.