Sprint Schedules Event For October 7th, Right Around The Time The iPhone 5 Will Be Released



Sprint has an utterly bizarre history of announcing media events around the same time as new iPhone announcements, which — of course — immediately overshadow whatever small thing they’re trying to get journalists jazzed about. Guess who’s up to their old tricks again?

It happened back in 2009, when Sprint launched the Palm Pre on their network only to immediately be forgotten by June’s iPhone 3GS frenzy; then it happened again earlier this year, when Sprint scheduled a media event around the same time as the Verizon iPhone 4 launch, causing everyone to expect their own CDMA iPhone 4. Instead, we just got lame David Blaine magic tricks.

So it’s hard to get to excited about Sprint’s Strategy Update presentation scheduled for Friday, October 7th… a date that is pretty darn close to the expected release date of the next iPhone.

When the iPhone 5 is released this year, it is widely expected it will launch on T-Mobile and Sprint alongside AT&T and Verizon, but if that happens, it’s unlikely that Sprint will be the ones to announce it: it’ll happen in the iPhone 5 keynote. Likely this is an unrelated event, continuing a long tradition of Sprint’s oddball event scheduling.