iOS Hacker Comex Answers Questions About JailbreakMe and His New Internship at Apple


Allegra posses a very specific set of skills, and he knows how to use them.
Allegra posses a very specific set of skills, and he knows how to use them.

We recently told you that famous jailbreak hacker Comex had been hired by Apple. Comex, who’s real name is Nicholas Allegra, is known for creating the easiest and most user friendly jailbreak for iOS devices called JailbreakMe.

Comex was recently profiled by Forbes, but besides that one interview, he has declined to comment about the status of JailbreakMe and his new internship at Apple. Well, that is.. until now.

In an impromptu Q&A on Reddit, Comex answered many of the pressing questions from both the jailbreak community and those wondering about what he’ll be working on at Apple.

Here are some parts of the Q&A:

Question: After your internship with Apple and after iOS 5 is officially released, will you continue to support the jailbreak community by providing exploits?

Comex: No.

Edit: But I’ll want to jailbreak my phone, so I hope someone finds them :p

Q: Why an intern position though? It seems like you could carry a regular position at apple.
How has the core jailbreak dev teams responded to you going to work forapple?

Comex: I don’t know if I’d want to do that- I’ve never had a job before and I don’t know what it’s like- and I intend to go back to college soon.
Mostly with congratulations.

Have you made any money from the jb scene?

Comex: I’ve made a good amount of money through donations, which is mostly being used to help pay for college. JailbreakMe 2.0 was like $40,000; 3.0 was $15,000 (not quite sure why it decreased).

The jailbreak community took a huge hit when you left. Do you think the active players can outsmart you now that you’re playing for the other team, or are you Apple’s final solution to their jailbreak problem?

Comex: There are a lot of smart people working for Apple already; maybe I can help, but I doubt I can stop people from finding exploits.

Have you met Steve Jobs?

Comex: I wish.

Can you give any insight on how apple views the Jailbreak communities mods?

Comex: I have no idea.

As a huge open book for them to steal take ideas from.

Comex: I certainly don’t mind. Jailbreak community puts an idea in front of people with a crappy implemenation; Apple polishes it to the point where it can be an OS feature. I don’t know whether Apple actually pays attention to jailbreak apps, but see App Store, copy and paste, multitasking, etc…

What, besides money, made you flip to the other side?

Comex: It’s not about money. A large part of my motivation to jailbreak was always the challenge; the internship will be a new sort of challenge.

Will the current jailbreaks and/or the site disappear?

Comex: No, I’ll hand them over to MuscleNerd or chpwn or whoever will take care of them.

Sadly, Comex won’t be able to continue finding exploits in iOS to create awesome jailbreaks like the one available at If you’re on the correct version of iOS, you can visit on your iDevice and jailbreak with one swipe of your finger — no computer is required. If you haven’t already checked it out, read our tutorial.

JailbreakMe has been such a phenomena that Comex has been singlehandedly responsible for Apple releasing new versions of iOS to patch his exploits. You have to give Apple credit for hiring Comex. If you can’t beat ’em, hire ’em.

While he seems to have made quite the chunk of change from JailbreakMe, it looks like Comex is in the hacking game for thrills more than anything else. He clearly thrives on the challenge of it all, and we’re sure he’ll find plenty of that sort of thing at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino.

(via iDownloadBlog)

  • andya41

    Now see, this is the type of news I expect on this web site.  Not the garbage you dug up over the weekend about SJ or Tim Cook.  That was just irresponsible journalism.

  • Ed_Kel

    I wonder if the IRS will start hounding him for the donations.

    Good article.

  • AlterThending

    Unfortunately this is just a story copy and pasted from somewhere else. lol

  • Thanks for the breaks

    He got a part time job for a few months and an NDA for many years to come. If he ever breathes about jail breaking or internal iOS stuff, Apple will broil him. 

    I wish him luck and good fortunes in the future. But never, ever talk about Apple or the iOS once you walk in for your first day.

  • iDaBoss

    don’t get your hopes up.

  • andya41

    You got that right!

  • andya41

    You got that right!

  • simon othen

    sold out to big brother….sad that anybody can be so cheaply bought…I think he would have done better to go work for the feds

  • simon othen

    sold out to big brother….sad that anybody can be so cheaply bought…I think he would have done better to go work for the feds

  • keksznet

    $ 40.000 with KB 2.0? Nice!

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  • Golem

    Comex may be an IT technological genius but he’s dumb as a doorknob otherwise.  He sold out to Apple for far too little and deprived the IOS jailbreak community of a great deal.  He didn’t even get to meet Steve Jobs, that should have been his first condition to be met by Apple before he agreed to anything else.  To give up hacking the IOS, he should have received a huge incentive including Apple stock, a permanent position of his choice in the IOS defelopment team, and more.  It is obvious that Apple perceived him as a great and costly threat and also figured out that he’s mesmerized by Apple to the point of stupidity.