Samsung Gets its ChatOn with iOS, Android and BlackBerry Messaging



In one of those rare Cumbaya moments in the wild-and-wooly wireless industry, Samsung wants all Apple, Android, and BlackBerry to join hands in messaging togetherness. Okay, moment’s over. Samsung, which is locked in a legal mud-wrestling match with Apple and eyes BlackBerry-maker RIM the way a hungry tiger looks at a wounded gazelle, plans to announce “ChatON”, a messaging service compatible with all major mobile handsets.

Like Apple’s iMessage planned for iOS 5 and RIM’s BlackBerry Messaging, ChatON will allow users to communicate one-on-one, or in a group. Along with voice messaging, the service, also available through Samsung’s Bada OS, will support photo and video sharing.

Samsung calls “ChatON” a “true global mobile communication service” available in 120 countries and 62 languages. If a cell phone isn’t available, the service is also available on the Web.

Although the messaging app doesn’t support HP’s webOS, Samsung is reportedly interesting in acquiring the software as a way to match Apple’s existing software and hardware ecosystem. HP recently announced it was giving up on webOS, changing its focus to business-oriented services.