How to Pause an App Download [iOS Tips]


pausing app


Did you know that you can pause an app download from your iDevice’s springboard? It’s incredibly easy, and we’ll show you how.

Once you start downloading an app from the App Store, you’ll notice that the progress bar begins on the desired app icon. While that progress bar loads, you can tap the icon at any time to pause and resume the download.

This tip is great for those with limited bandwidth access, or if you just need to pause an app mid-download for any reason. Hopefully you found this tip helpful.

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  • Kondziu Zdun

    Awesome… Could you tell me how to abort downloading?

  • Nick P

    Jesus, yet another pointless, vacuous article designed only to raise the click rate on this website. Pathetic.

  • King Black Bomb

    That was so obvious! What the heck! Everyone knows how todo this! Pointless post, how to pause a download.

  • Alex

    I think that feature is coming with iOS 5.

  • Kondziu Zdun

    I hope so ;)

  • GH

    Hey um, can you do a post on how I can turn my iPhone off? and how to play music?  thanks

  • Amardeep503

    LMFAO!!!!!!!!! I NEED THAT

  • Karl

    Ha – I really didn’t realize that you could pause a download. I guess I never had the need to do so. Thanks for tip anyway. 

  • Anipz Raymond

    what the F**K ?? 
    i know this since i got my first iPad last year…lol ?
    cult of mac need to show something more advace tips

  • leifnsn

    Sometimes, the applications do not download completely and it shows downloading for  a long time and because of this, the phone does not work smoothly. I have  faced a lot of problem and when I tried to delete that application, it can’t be deleted. What can be done in this situation?

  • Evan Murdock

    Some people already knew this, ergo it is worthless information. Please limit your future posts to things that nobody has ever heard about before.

  • lycop_tu

    Its not working in ios 6