Acer Says iPads Are Like Netbooks: No One Will Want One In A Year



It’s a sickness, this desire for iPads. That’s the diagnosis of the head of Acer, the netbook maker that has had the stuffing kicked out of it by, um, the iPad. But don’t fret, the Acer chairman says this tablet “fever” consumers have contracted will break.

And that first-ever quarterly loss of 234 million Acer reported Tuesday? That was just a “correction period,” company chairman J.T. Wang told reporters. The loss – double the $3.3 million in Taiwan dollars financial experts expected – makes it “impossible” for Acer to break even, Wang said.

But back to that tablet diagnosis, which could be shaky, given Acer’s previous predictions. In 2010, Wang said the iPad’s market would fall to just 20 or 30 percent of tablet sales. However, the Apple devices maintains more than 50 percent of the market, with some predicting it will have 90 percent of tablet sales through 2017.

How much of Acer’s decline can be traced back to the iPad? That depends on when you ask the company. In April, when Acer’s CEO at the time Gianfranco Lanci resigned, the announcement mentioned Apple’s success as a “key reason” for his leaving. However, a month later, after Lanci said Acer was caught flat-footed by the iPad, Wang said he ex-head of the No. 2 PC maker was kicked to the curb because he was ineffective.

The problem may not be so much that consumers fell under the iPad “fever” but that PC makers makers had delusions that people would love the tiny, overhyped, underpowered netbooks.

  • Berian Lowe

    The reason why nobody wants a Netbook, is because of the iPad, So I’m presuming that Acer are going to bring something out to kill the iPad? Nah, thought not.

  • revivalasia

    Translation… No one will want Acer in a year. Lol

  • JOEY Alex

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  • FriarNurgle

    If CEOs make so much money, why do they constantly say the stupidest things?

  • Michael Griffin

    Its no wonder Acer sucks so much with thinking like this.

  • theoPhobia

    Netbooks are like the ex-girlfriend that you never want to see again. After I started using my iPad, just the thought of even turing on our Acer netbook annoys me. My wife and kids used to stop and look at all the netbooks every time we went into Best Buy, but now we all just walk right past them or glance at them shamefully.

    I’ve actually talked about this with several friends that own iPads and netbooks, and they feel exactly the same way. So yeah, no netbook love anymore, and tablets are here to stay… at least until some sexy new alternative wins over our hearts and makes our iPads or other tablets feel like an annoying ex. 

  • crateish


  • Brandon

    This has got to be the most stupid comment I have ever heard. Grow up ACER!

  • Tony C

    It sounds more like sour grapes to me. Fade or not Apple has made Billions on their iPad/iPad2 and that translates to real profits and more R&D for the next generation of innovative products or Steve’s new black turtlenecks.

  • theguycalledtom

    If you want a keyboard, you’ll want a MacBook Air. If you don’t care about that , you’ll want a iPad. I’m suprised that Netbooks have dropped off so fast considering that people still buy Windows PCs, but you really can’t help the Microsoft diehards.

  • Marcelo Bernardo

    Stupid Acer people.. I own my iPad since day one and I think it’s been waaay more than a year, so their theory didn’t work.. They should keep their mouth shut and try to be a better company, cause they suck bad!!


    I just p a i d $21.87 for an i P a d 2-64GB and my boyfriend loves his Panasonîc Lumîx GF 1 Camera that we got for $38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS.I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $657 which only cost me $62.81 to buy.
    Here is the website we use to get it all from, http://BídsFírst.Com

  • Wayne_Luke

    Every time I’ve looked at Acer products they were display units. These units were falling apart on the shelves. If a display unit can’t physically hold up to handling, I don’t want to spend money on it. Build quality products and people will buy them. People are getting tired of things breaking the day after the warranty expires.

  • gareth edwards

    A guy in my office just bought an iPad. He was toying with a new laptop (pc) but decided he’d get more out of owning an iPad. He sits on the bus and uses Evernote in and out of town to catch up on stuff and the syncs through dropbox. This guy is an average PC user. He’s got a Samsung Galaxy phone, a PC laptop which has now gone out to pasture and an iPad with a b/tooth keyboard for home typing – he’s never been happier and he saw it as the perfect bit of kit to let him do want he needed to do. I think he’s probably a typical iPad owner. No fanboyism, not a preachy machead, just a chap that wanted a bit of kit to do mobile work on and the iPad fitted the bill.  No sickness, just a happy consumer.

  • simon othen

    james but a macbookair costs £999 most people canta afford that !!!!

  • simon othen

    ceo are reponsable for share holders and the stock price…..he wasnt talking to you 

  • kcopen

    He’ll be lucky if Acer is in business in a year

  • CharliK

    Not to mention that Acers are crap. Both of my roommates had them. One for a week and the new MacBookAir came out and he swapped machines. The other had gotten his a couple of months before so he could’t return it. Made it another month before the dog knocked it off the coffee table onto carpet perhaps a foot. Dang thing broke at the hinge. And yes he got a MBA to replace it.

    That is a concern this gent doesn’t address. Sure folks might go back to notebooks over tablets. But that doesn’t equal them buying acer

  • CharliK

    Can you afford the time lost over virus scans, etc. Not to mention the way slower processor in a netbook. Or replacing it in six months cause it breaks if you sneeze on it

  • Jay Floyd

    Confession:  I barely use my iPad anymore.  I don’t consider it a tool for real work, just a consumption device.  

  • Iphoneication

    Acer is just spewing the same old corporate scripted response to apple… its as if the blackberry CEO and Acer are sharing reading material. The dinosaur CEO”S of the past still believe they can tell consumers what to do,, they say jump, consumers respond with “how hi” Those days are way past us all, as this generation has real innovators. the real reason no one wants a netbook is because of the iPad,,, no one wants those other crappy tablets,, because,, well there crappy! smarten up get a decent product to market,, and then I’m sure consumers will respond, till then, i say Acer restructure, find a smart young tech CEO with a vision…. just some friendly advice

  • simon othen

    lol mac fanboy then how predictable :)

  • simon othen

    I have 4 macs and around 5 pc’s dont have any virus or Trojans on any of them !

  • baby_Twitty


    Nobody would want an iPad or iPad 2 in a year’s time.

    Coz by then, everybody would be buying the iPad 3.

  • simon othen

    maybe this is why acer are priming the market

  • ErinsDad

    I wonder if all the people who want netbooks have already purchased them?  Looking around the local Starbucks and Panera, I see netbooks people who have switched over. I’m the old fart still lugging the Dell E6410, but only for work.

  • lb51

    Too bad. I use mine for design review (AutoDesk products), notes (EverNote), presentation (AirPlay and sometimes cables), quick mockups (iMockUp, AutoDesk and several other drawing and paint tools). There’s more: in sync with iPhone and Square do process transactions at clients office, job site or where ever we meet. This is the biggest; being paid anywhere and at anytime.

    Now using it for film production onsite scene management and script changes. I have used the iPad for photo sessions, but video review at the scene with a portable device gets everyone involved. We are researching a whiteboard app to allow realtime commenting and drawing on production files and strips.

    Good luck in finding your next production tool.

  • Vladyslav Lissovenko

    if the share-holders and CEOs weren’t so full of grid for money, they would probably come up with an killer idea by now. 

  • Daniel Velazquez

    Now this is plain whining. No other way to call it. There should be something like a “CEO’s Who Blamed Apple and Now Are Out of A Job” Club.

  • Daniel Velazquez

    Now this is plain whining. No other way to call it. There should be something like a “CEO’s Who Blamed Apple and Now Are Out of A Job” Club.

  • GDal

    Is Mr. Acer at it again? What has Acer done in the last 15 years? Now it’s dying, and has no influence at all. Yet, Mr. Acer keep trying to get people to believe his fantasy. Funny..

  • poppa1138

    it seems everyone wants a ipad not other tablets,it will be the same in twelve months..

  • Scott Duval

    this is sad that ACER is this delusional that the iPad is a passing trend… DUDE… ITS THE FUTURE. I almost never use my PC now.. i watch tv, listen to music. write letters and emails… i do everything on my ipad… its in my hands lap and car all the time… its used more than my cell phone… seriously its the future. Acer made the first computer i owned… I loved it… but windows was a beast with its problems.. I went to Mac… Acer needs to figure it out fast and denying the downfall of the PC as the way people function is not how to do it… I dont even think Cells are the way its going… tablets about the size of the ipad or slightly smaller will have us all video chatting in a few years.

  • Gregintosh

    Im not surprised they died off fast. People were attracted to them because they were $200-$300 portable computers at a time when laptops generally were $500+ even for crappy ones.

    It was the price that created the netbook market, not the utility of the machine itself. Now that there’s a lot of bigger laptops also selling near the $300 price point, sales of netbooks are being diluted.

    And of course now with tablets being the ultimate consumption devices (instant on, fast, long battery life, great quality screens, and feel solid – basically all the things most netbooks don’t have), the netbooks are suffering further.

  • Steven Chaffer

    Sounds a little …..Michael Dell…ish. But I guess someone has to be the town idiot.

  • minimalist1969

    I love watching overpaid CEO’s squirm and come up with BS excuses
    for their failures.    It’s as if they think if they say this crap
    enough their stockholders and their boards won’t notice bad quarter after bad
    quarter.  It’s all just smack talk
    designed to save their own asses.


    That’s right… tablets are a fad.  And they are only bought by the “Apple
    faithful” or delusional fanboys.   Uh- huh. 
     There are 29 million of those
    people out there.  When are these people
    going to get their heads out of their asses and realize that Apple is a
    mainstream company now with mainstream customers… customers Acer COULD be
    servicing if they stopped thinking everyone who buys computing devices is an
    engineer obsessed with numbers of USB ports and graphics RAM.

  • SbMobile

    They’re usually right! The majority of investors view the tech-industry as foreign. They have NO clue what’s going within these companies, so most of the time the CEO’s CAN blow smoke up their investors a**%s & get away with it.

  • SbMobile

    Acer represents the “bottom of the barrel”. They’ve never changed positions, so these statements are meaningless!

  • minimalist1969

    The majority of iPad owners I know are normal people.  They are not fanboys or the “Apple Faithful”.  They wouldn;t even know what those terms mean.   They are mainstream consumers who have always had an antognisitc relationship with computers and are thrilled to have a device that gets rid of all the crap they don’t care about (ram, ports, malware, graphics cards, etc) and lets them focus on the few simple tasks they want to accomplish.

    The old canard about Apple only selling to the Apple faithful was put to rest a decade ago. Only anti-hating fanboys and  tech pundits with their heads up their butts still think its true.  29 million ipads don’t sell themselves to fanboys.

  • pangeomedia

    Here’s how I can tell the iPad is no fad. My wife stole my iPad. She uses it every night; email, browsing, searching, a few apps here and there, iCal, Address Book, and a new game now and then. Every night. Sometimes during the day on weekends.

    This is no fad, ladies and gentlemen. This is the future of computing. Handheld, easy, inexpensive, wireless.

    Goodbye PC. We hardly knew ye.

  • minimalist1969

    They can get away with diversionary tactics like this for a while but after enough quarterly losses the board will stop listing to their excuses and give them the boot.   it will happen to this guy and its going to happen to the two buffons that run RIM.  They are just staying around long enough to stuff their golden parachutes with as much money as possible.  And hat’s the real travesty… that these failed CEO’s still get to leave with more money than 100 normal Americans make in a year.

  • minimalist1969

    That’s correct.   He was blowing smoke up the board members and stockholders @sses to keep them from firing him after his failure to lead the company to profitability.

  • Karras

    I think one of the problems with netbooks is simply that it is easy to outgrow them. I was quite happy with mine at first (Asus 1005HA, iirc) but came up against more and more frustrations as it failed to perform the tasks I asked of it without serious lag. It is certainly possible that an OS reinstall will help and I may have myself to blame for not being as careful as I should with what I installed (though I do not believe it has any malware infection). But then the iPad removes problems like background apps and malware. This is of course double edged as primitive “multi-tasking does limit what the iPad can do to some extent, but then I would rather have the limited but smooth functionality of an iPad for many tasks than the overambitions of a netbook running a full blown OS. The netbook proved to be a real false economy. An iPad does not take care of all of my mobile computing needs and I find myself wanting a real laptop as well. Besides battery life on some models, I would say netbooks have little to recommend other than low price.

  • winski

    Man would I like to get some of the stuff he’s been taking…!!! Must be a new treatment for early-onset dementia! OR, FULL BLOWN dementia just manifesting itself as delusion.

  • gareth edwards

    I agree.

  • W.T.Effyall

    J.T. Wang reminds me of Baghdad Bob, the former Iraqi Information Minister.

  • ctt1wbw

    What?  There’s no bombing in Baghdad!  I remember that.  I laughed every day at that joker.

  • W.T.Effyall

    “Their stomachs will roast in hell!”

  • Dahlijo

    Yeah right Acer! hahahahahahaha… is all I have to say to you. You’ll eat that up soon enough.

  • SbMobile

    It’s a shame. They get rewarded for being a failure!

  • TheHammerMan

    Who know he maybe right. At the very least he also has the right to sour grape. Loser.

  • Dilbert A

    Look up “sour grapes” in the dictionary and it will read “see Acer”.

  • Dilbert A

    High five.

  • Dilbert A

    Cool story bro. Want to sell it to me?

  • Dilbert A

    Are you lost?

  • Dilbert A

    And Lucas is a “fanboy”?

    Cool story.

  • Dilbert A

    Thanks Captain O. 

    That does not invalidate his comment.

  • Zulvianes Budiman

    Wow… Does Acer taking a crack when they said that?