HandStand Case for iPad 2 Is Fitting for Those on Their Feet [Review]



How many times have you been walking around you home or office using your iPad and it slips out of your hands? I did it a number of times with my first iPad — thankfully without causing too much damage — but with the HandStand 2 ($50) you can eliminate drops altogether.

The HandStand 2 is a case made from molded polyurethane that features a durable hand strap allowing you to use your device safely and securely while you’re on the move without having to risk those clumsy drops.

The ‘Safety-Grip HandPad’ is designed to conform to your fingers’ natural tendency to provide a comfortable grip, and rotates 360° so that you can switch your iPad between portrait and landscape mode without removing it from your hand. The grip also acts as a stand when you place it on a desk so that you can continue to type comfortably on your iPad.

Made from a tough, semi-flexible material, all of which is 100% recyclable, the HandStand is strong, durable, and shock-absorbing.

The Good

For those that are always on their feet, maybe because they work that way or they’re just frequently dashing around, the HandStand is an absolute must. There’s no better way to use your iPad while in transit and protect it from those inevitable drops.

It’s incredibly comfortable to use, and even after extended periods of time the strap won’t cause you any discomfort (though the weight of your iPad might). It’s easy to slip on and off your hands, and the rotating grip means you can use your iPad at any angle you wish. The HandStand also provides access to all of your buttons, your camera, and your dock connector.

It is a little bulky, but you’ve got to expect that with this kind of functionality, and it does a great job of keeping your iPad protected. The thick material is sure to protect it from scratched and scrapes, and will absorb a lot of the damage if you do drop your device — so long as it doesn’t land on its screen.

The Bad

Having your screen left exposed does mean that if your device lands the wrong way with a drop, there’s going to be damage. It’s a shame that the HandStand doesn’t offer any protection for your screen, or allow you to use a Smart Cover simultaneously, but there really isn’t any room for a front cover here — and it would take away some of the HandStand’s awesome flexibilities.

The first HandStand case we received did have an issue with the hand strap — it ripped away from the case after a few days of use. However, we received a replacement and I’ve been using the new one for a few weeks; it’s a whole lot sturdier and doesn’t feel like it’s going to tear anytime soon.


The HandStand is a great accessory if you often find yourself using the iPad while you’re on the move. It offers great protection, it looks good, and there’s no safer way of using your device in transit. The $50price tag is well worth it for eliminating clumsy drops.

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